Serious indeed

Mark of Serious Male Bondage writes,

Metal spread-eagle bondage is a pleasure to experience, but when we add a stainless steel helmet we can take the experience over the top. Comfort combined with complete helplessness allows us time to fully experience our bizarre predicament. Then, like a surfer, we can ride the powerful feeling of adrenalin and sexual arousal which ignites our body and mind.

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Christian Wilde breaks in Adam Ramzi

Meanwhile at Bound Gods, Adam Ramzi is a hot stud, and Christian Wilde is eager to break him in.


Adam is chained to the wall while Mr. Wilde feeds him his cock and beats on the stud’s hairy chest. With a raging hard cock, Adam’s balls are stretched to his limit followed by a hard flogging. Mr. Wilde is eager to fuck Adam’s ass and does so with Adam in a one-legged suspension, his ever-hard cock still swinging above the dungeon floor. In the dungeon bed Christian fucks a load out of the new sub and chokes him while he covers him with a load of his own.

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Tied naked, virtually hanged and fucked right up his tight ass for the first time

It’s what happens to Kasper at BreederFuckers:


City banker Kasper has the tables turned on him good and proper. Adrian convinces him to come to his lair for a chat about insurance. Unbeknown to Kasper, a hoodlum is waiting to do him over. Kasper is grabbed and later opens his eyes to find himself tied spread-eagled, unable to move or fight off Adrian’s lusty advances.

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MCP Treatment Facility

By MarkNorth

The following is a fictional tale centered on an actual stay at “Men’s Central Prison” in Southern California in early July. The storyline is part of the fantasy role-play that encompassed the visit; but all of the bondage scenes described are real. The Officers at MCP are well-versed and well-equipped in bondage and role-play, which allowed me to drift into the desired “headspace” rather easily. Thank you to Bind, Hawk, and Rob for a great trip!

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