Chiseled guy begs to cum under intense edging

At Men On Edge, Rex Cameron’s dick gets put to the test


Lean, cut Rex Cameron arrives at the Armory to see if he can make it though an edging session with Sebastian and Jessie. Rex gets hard as soon as the ropes secure his body to the chair, where he’ll sit and try to deal with an onslaught of pleasure. Sebastian fits Rex with a blindfold to center the stud’s mind on the sensation of Jessie’s blowjob. He moans eagerly as Sebastian gags him with his precum-stained underwear. The two take a pair of hitachis and run it up and down Rex’s shaft, edging him repeatedly. Sebastian switches the vibration for a fleshjack, driving Rex wild as he bucks his hips against his restraints. Rex takes a rough tickling before Jessie and Sebastian move him to the center of the room. With his arms and legs stretched from wall to wall, Sebastian adorns Rex’s throbbing dick in rope while Jessie worships his balls. They move their attention to the stud’s ass and plunge a dildo deep inside his hole. Edged over and over, Rex can’t take any more of the treatment and begs to cum. The two finally let him blow a load as Sebastian handgags his face. Jessie gives Rex a handful of his thick load before he and Sebastian tickle his body all over.

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Locking buttplug harness

Locking buttplug harnessButt Plug harnessMr S leather buttplug harness


These harnesses are made out of a soft garment leather. They have an adjustable locking waistband and a locking butt strap that buckles up to the waistband in the back. A sliding neoprene base plate secures the butt plug firmly in place. The front of the harness holds a cock ring that is riveted on for extra security. The harness and plug can easily be worn under regular street clothes.

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Football Season

By Mister-X/Spartan

My partner and I are both fans of professional football. We share a house. We are also both bondage switches, about the same size. We both played football in high school but were not good enough to be on our college team, and have kept in shape since. A few years ago we hit upon the idea of using fantasy football in combination with our bondage desires. This worked sort of okay, but was difficult, due to the unpredictability of the various players and the various games. We would need some way to add or subtract players during the season, and what with our work, this got to be time consuming. But during the drafting of the players it became clear that I was a fan of National Football Conference teams, whereas my partner was a fan of American Football Conference teams.

One thing led to another, and we decided a couple of years ago to change from fantasy football to inter-conference games to decide who won each week’s match between us to decide who would restrain the other.

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