Pvt Spencer Reed is doing cleanup at Fort Cox when lt Vince Ferelli walks in


In this vintage shoot from Bound Gods, two bodybuilder soldiers tie up, flog and beat each other. One fucks the other in bondage.


Beefy boys are rare on base, and Vince is checking Spencer out. Using his military rank to harass the stud, Vince makes Spencer do push-ups and sit-ups. Vince ties up his innocent victim and sucks his hard cock. Confused, Spencer begs his lieutenant to stop. Vince gets carried away and tries to fuck the helpless stud. Spencer breaks free and gives the bad lieutenant a taste of his own medicine.

MetalbondNYC_03_11234_p_16 MetalbondNYC_04_11234_p_11 MetalbondNYC_05_11234_p_08 MetalbondNYC_06_11234_p_10 MetalbondNYC_07_11234_p_01


These pictures are from the Bound Gods vault, a shoot called “The Bad Lieutenant.


If anyone knows Nick Capra, please give him my phone number

Nick Capra is a “muscle hookup gone wrong” in this new shoot from Bound Gods


Muscled hunk Nick Capra has been checking out the boy bar in town and noticed a hot stud from out of town, Conner Halsted. He brings Conner back to his place, and when Nick gets a little aggressive, Conner suddenly remembers he has somewhere else to be. But before he can make it to the door, Nick binds his hands behind his back and shuts him up with a gag in his mouth. Helpless, Conner begs for someone to come to his rescue, but no one can hear his screams as Nick whips out the captive’s uncut cock. Conner is then tormented with the paddle on his ass before being covered with hot wax. Unable to wait any longer, Nick rams his fat cock up the stud’s ass and covers his face with a load of cum before having him suck every drop off.

36837_2 36837_10


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Here are a couple more shots of chastity device wearer Thumper, a bi stud whose dick is locked up by his wife but whose ass is under the control of DualDrew:

Thumper Thumper

You can read more about these guys by clicking for their respective blogs, Denying Thumper and The Drew Duality.  These guys are the real deal — both of them tough guys indeed, and I am adding both of their sites to my sidebar to the left. I understand that DualDrew can be a real hard-ass. At least that’s what I gather.





Meanwhile at Men At Play, XL hung straight stud Ronnie Bonanova has a brand new catch for his rough and twisted sex games — 25-year-old, blue-eyed Malek Tobias. But as you will see Ronnie doesn’t play the regular way, instead he prefers to tie up his men and fuck them in the back of his van. With Malek all tied up, Ronnie can be dominate completely and make him do whatever he likes — firstly he fucks his mouth with his massive 10-inch uncut cock until Malek gags from the sheer size of it. And when he’s had enough he will tear open his suit and fuck his tight hole like the straight thug that he is.



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Lockup, Cell Extraction & Prison Gang Fuck

Here’s another one from Bound In Public: Jeremy Stevens is locked up, beaten and gang fucked by armored prison guards.


In this epic Bound In Public episode, the cells are full of loud, horny prisoners and every officer is keeping watch. A new troublesome inmate, Jeremy Stevens, is brought in. Jeremy is told to remove his clothes and spread his legs for the strip search. The officers check his hairy hole for any contraband or weapons. Once he is cleared, the warden informs the officers that Jeremy is a “high-risk” offender and should be held in solitary confinement. Jeremy becomes enraged, stripping down to his underwear, tearing apart his cell and when the guards yell at him he throws his bucket of piss right in their faces. Immediately the officers put on their riot gear and prepare for cell extraction. Jeremy is wrestled down and made to suck cock, gasping for air from one cock to the next. Jeremy is fucked by one of his fellow inmates while the officers pin him down. Cocks are lined up the stairway as the guards each fuck the prisoner’s mouth all the way down his throat. The guards then take turns fucking his tight hole one more time before blowing their loads all over his face and muscled body.

29924_7 29924_8 29924_11 29924_14

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