Bound and suspended from the ceiling

BreederFuckersParty rock star Wayne is shown the BreederFuckers idea of a good time. Bound and suspended from the ceiling, his smooth, muscular body makes an inviting target for Dave to thrash as he slowly turns midair. His pale ass burns red. Every wallop causes the straight fucker to moan piteously through his ball gag.

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Adrian pries open his ass using a fucking machine’s thick dildo. Wayne fights the onslaught with every fiber of his being but his defenses are steadily broken down, leaving his hole loose and sloppy for a real fucking. His bum cheeks are split open as both men’s stiff dicks are then shoved up his sore hole. Adrian slides under the suspended man and pegs his nipples. With one swift motion they are ripped off, making him wail with pain as his entire body and all his senses are simultaneously and mercilessly assaulted.


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