A Visit to Serious Male Bondage

By Mikey

They freed me from the neoprene sack, after struggling so much, I was covered in sweat and drool from the gag, but very happy and turned on. Mark had set up a standing metal cage in the corner closet, so Dalton grabbed a Mr. S leather straightjacket, and they put me in it, wearing nothing by my Wescos. Daddy Tony strapped it up nice and tight too, making sure the sleeve buckles went underneath the loops on the side of the jacket, and cinching up the strap on the forearms nice and tight!

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A skirmish


With his hands tied well and his undies down, Brandon gets rudely deflowered. He is fucked in several positions, has to suck cock, gets spanked and humiliated before they lead him away to continue with their evil plan.

The Rebels bring Brandon to the top of the watchtower. The tied US soldier gets his undies torn down. He feels the rock-hard cock of a Rebel. The smaller but fit guy pushes his prick deep inside the virgin hole. A few seconds later, Brando gets fucked the first time in his life.

He moans and groans, but still he is paralyzed by pain. The Tchukistani guy grabs him by the ass and waist and fiercely moves the body. Then they drag the foreign lad yet to the other side of the tower. There the second Rebel gets his dick out. Brandon has to suck it hard while at the same time he gets fucked again. Spit runs down his gagged mouth, and he is about to choke several times.

They fuck him hard and doggy-style. He shall never forget this lesson nor dare to return to Tchukistan once they are finished with him. The taller guy shouts and swears at Brandon. They call him names and spank him. This torment seems to go on for hours. Then suddenly they grab him again and lead him down the ladder back to the alley. They have some more evil ideas about how to humiliate their trophy.

skirmish_i2-(6) skirmish_i2-(7) skirmish_s2-(41)


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College jock gets a crash course in edging while bound to the urinals

At Men On Edge, Rod Peterson gets an intensive male anatomy lesson from Sebastian, edged and fucked with a plunger in the library bathroom.



Rod Peterson may look like your typical straight jock, but he still takes his education seriously. As Rod pours through his anatomy homework, Sebastian comes by the reading room and starts perving on him. Annoyed by Sebastian’s advances, Rod retreats to a secluded bathroom. Just when Rod thinks he’s finally alone, Sebastian tackles the stud and binds him in the center of the room. Rod is jerked, blown, massaged by hitachis and fucked with a plunger, but never allowed to cum. His muscles bulge under the ropes, moaning louder with each successive edge. Sebastian moves Rod over to the urinals as Rod’s boner rages. Rod has his feet worshipped and cock worked with a vibrating cock sleeve, making a mess all over himself as he drools from the ball gag. Sebastian finally feels generous enough to let the stud blow his load, but not without having the straight man taste his own cum.

37893_6 37893_10 37893_11 37893_13


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Number 6 – Part 4

By Mister-X / Spartan

Finally that day’s class was ended. He told everyone to come back the next day for the second day of class. He said that there would be a chance to get some hands-on experience by practicing some of the techniques he’d taught on a volunteer. He didn’t say who the volunteer was, but I knew. It was me.

I stuck around while the students filed out. Number 7 could see me and came up to me. I had several questions I wanted to ask him. He started by quizzing me. “Were you here for the whole session?”


“So you know some of the torture that you will be experiencing?”


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Video: Zipped inside a body bag while locked in five-ways

Chained at the neck, wrists and ankles, prisoner #12282010 is zipped inside a body bag. This confinement is intense. At long last the prisoner’s cock is exposed, and he is rewarded with a quick ball squeezing.


full_28 full_33


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