Rubber Meets the Road – Part 2

By ty dehner

i was jolted awake, as the big rig crashed into something. Then i realized, we must be in the freight yard, and Tony was picking up the trailer. i had fallen asleep, being in the rubber cocoon that i was in. When i get into bondage, i get so relaxed.

Oh sure, i was sweating like a pig and had to piss something awful, but i was enjoying this bondage. Tony was certainly showing me the rubber lover that i am! i wonder how he is feeling, knowing that he has me in the back of his cab, totally encased in rubber. His helpless rubber slave, wearing a full rubber suit, rubber hood, in a rubber sleep sack. Just as i wondered, that damn shocking butt plug was activated again! i know he must have heard the noise that shot from the piss gag in my mouth. He was adding juice to the voltage and the shocks were getting intense. As the shocks occurred, my crotch seemed to arch off the bed. It was almost painful, because my full kidneys wanted to release. Shock after shock, finally i could hold back no more and i let the piss flow. He must have positioned my dick towards my chest, for i felt the warmth of the piss flowing over my stomach and chest, then running down my sides. It puddled under my back, joining the small pool of sweat that was forming.

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Video: One fierce sting after another at Iron Lockup

Sir restrains his prisoner and gives him hell with one fierce sting after another. Puppy’s playful attitude and unrelenting cuteness doesn’t save him from Sir’s swift hand as welt after welt is painted onto his body in fluid strokes.


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10 Days in Detention – Part 13

By socalbd

I’m not sure how long I was asleep. I woke up suddenly to the sound of banging on the cage bars. It was loud and irritating and immediately took me out of my slumber.

When my eyes adjusted I saw Dan standing outside the cage with a thick wooden dowel in his hand. He was using it to bang on the bars.

“Wake up slave. Your service is far from complete. Get on your knees,” Dan commanded. I managed to roll over so that I was on my knees and facing the end of the cage.

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