Video: The Experiment

The guys at Serious Male Bondage love testing new gear – here is smokin’ hot Bruin in the awesome new GA-4 full-enclosure rubber suit from StudioGum. He wears a gas mask inside the hood of the suit, which has a pass-through fitting allowing him to breathe outside air. Once he is fully sealed into the suit, they suck all the air out. Further experimentation is required to achieve total immobilization, but hey, they’ve got the time.


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Riley spends the night in a tiny cell

In the morning he is bolted to an X-cross and bullwhipped. At Dream Boy Bondage.


Instead of being freed after sucking off his captor, Riley is chained in a tiny prison cell for the night, naked and completely alone. In the morning, Jared appears and bolts his prize to an X-cross. Riley’s smooth body retains the scars from his numerous beatings. Little does he know that those earlier whippings were a mere preview. Jared will now lash him with a six-foot bullwhip, up and down his chest and stomach, leaving the prisoner gasping and sputtering in pain, his pink, hairless torso covered with lash marks.

Dream_Boy_Bondage_Riley_03 Dream_Boy_Bondage_Riley_04 Dream_Boy_Bondage_Riley_05


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Busman’s Holiday – Part 05

By lthr_jock

Clark drove home, his persistently hard cock a distraction as he drove. As he drove, his free hand wandered down to caress his cock and he could feel it leaking, and the need to cum became more and more urgent. He pulled over into a handy layby and nipped out of the car into the bushes. Pulling his cock out, he only had to jerk it 3 or 4 times before exploding all over the leaves of the bush. Blushing furiously, he tucked his cock away and returned to his car for the drive home.

Once back, he quickly grabbed a shower and changed into some sweats, then logged onto his computer. The first thing he did was send Vickers a message. “Hey, great bit of kit again. Thanks. Hope to see those pics soon.”   He then started to browse some of the sites he had found previously and soon found himself stroking his cock again.

After a couple of days, Vickers sent him an email. “Pics have been posted on my site. I have a ton more here, but too large to send by email.” He had added a URL and Clark clicked on it. Vickers’ site was all to sell his bespoke metal bondage gear. He checked around it, and under the heading “Yoke” he found a set of pictures in an album entitled “Samuel.” Vickers had photo-shopped a generic looking head onto Clarks shoulders and then blurred it slightly. He had also photo-shopped several backgrounds in. The photos looked amazing, and Clark tried to make copies but the site wouldn’t let him. He snarled in frustration and fired an email off to Vickers about it.

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NYC Gay Pride 2016

I watched almost all of the Gay Pride parade this year from Madison Square Park. I got tons of pictures and videos, and I posted a whole bunch to my Metalbond Twitter feed and to my personal (non-kinky) Facebook page. Here are a few shots I took of the guys from the NYC Eagle, the leather contingent with the leather pride flag, as well as a guy from the rock climbing club in harness and ropes:

Eagle_00_fm Eagle_02_fm eagle_03_fm Eagle_04_fm LeatherPride_00_fm LeatherPride_02 LeatherPride_03_fm Rock_climber_01 Rock_Climber_03 Rock_Climber_fm



Today, I attended the official dedication ceremony for the Stonewall National Monument, where representatives from all levels of government offered remarks. It was a memorable occasion, and I was so proud to be there. Pictured below is NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio, one of many elected officials who spoke:



Return to Green Bay – A real-life experience

By ty dehner

They say that when opportunity comes knocking you better answer, or it might never return. Well, for me it knocked and i wasn’t ready. Thankfully, it has returned!

MasterJ and i started talking regularly again, he had grown over the years to create a persona and play space that I nicknamed “Dungeon on the Bay.” His photos had started to fill the internet as more boys and Masters discovered this talented Master. He had become to be known as SirN and in time he would become an internet legend. We started discussing a visit to discover each other again. In the meantime, i had introduced a military friend to SirN and he wanted to be Sir’s slave. They had worked on visiting each other during the Labor Day weekend. It was at the last minute that i was also invited and arranged a return to Green Bay. The army boy that i was traveling with was to be referred to as my brother. For if this family comes together, he will be my little brother.

We arrived in Appleton, Wisconsin, in the evening. i was very glad to see SirN again, as we loaded into the van. brother got into the back seat, as we headed out of the airport. As we pulled out of the parking area, SirN realized he forgot his wallet at home, thankfully there wasn’t a fee for parking at this small airport. A short distance down the road, SirN pulls off the freeway and into a parking lot. Soon, SirN put brother into a full leather hood and leather wrist restraints that were locked behind his back. Now he was set for his ride to Green Bay. i am sure he was thrilled, for he loves leather hoods. As we drove down the highway, brother sat high in his seat, the windows tinted so few could see this late in the evening.


We got into Green Bay after about a half hour’s drive and headed towards SirN’s home and the Dungeon on the Bay. Suddenly, SirN yelled for brother to drop to the floor right away. “Shit.” said SirN as alongside the van came a police officer. We pulled into a driveway and waited. The officer came up to Sir’s window and questioned Sir, who stated he didn’t have his license when asked. The officer said that since Sir didn’t have a license and that he sounded nervous, he would search the van. SirN and i sat still as the officer walked around to the sliding door and was about to find brother on the floor, his head hiding between the seats.

Officer opened the door and found brother’s booted feet sticking out at him. The officer tapped brother’s foot, questioning him. He ordered brother up and found him with the full hood on his head. Brother had to be nervous, not knowing what was really happening. But when the officer pulled down the zipper on the face of the hood and let brother actually see him, with a call coming across his radio at the same time, brother knew this was real. The officer certainly had some questions. He zipped the hood back up and walked brother to a nearby brick wall to stand against. The officer came back to SirN and i, who were out of the van. It was great to see our officer friend again. i had met him during my very first visit to SirN over a year ago. He is a real police officer, and when i found out he was visiting during our stay i asked Sir if they’d like to give my brother an experience that many only fantasize about.

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