Tormented in tight metal bondage

Connor Patricks suffers cane and cock before receiving a mouthful of cum from Adam Herst


Connor Patricks has been locked away for days in Adam Herst’s workshop, stripped of his clothes and dignity. Adam rouses Connor from sleep in a cramped cage and face fucks the prisoner through the bars. Harder thrusts answer Connor’s pleas for release. Adam binds Connor upright, blindfolding the captive with arms outstretched to hold heavy weights. Connor’s tormentor warns him against dropping the load as he licks Connor’s torso and legs with a riding crop. Adam raises the stakes with a clothespin zipper on both sides of Connor’s body, tying the line to the weights. He puts Connor’s nerves to the limit with the threat of a cattle prod and finally sticks his plaything.

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Gravity wins. The falling weights tear the clothespins from Connor’s body. Legs dangling overhead, Adam next traps Connor under piping, contorting the boy into an inverted spread eagle. Adam delivers a caning and foot torment before a rough fucking. He continues the fucking into the night, splitting Connor’s legs wide apart with belts on a platorform. Connor has the cum worked from his balls as Adam rams his giant cock deep into the captive’s hole. By now, Connor’s spirit has totally broken, and he accepts Adam’s cum with a willing mouthful.

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New stories by Kevin’s Path, slavebladeboi and others

Hey fellas, time for another STORY WEEK here on Metalbond.

Starting tomorrow, there will be a new addition to the Metalbond Prison Library each day for the whole week. For those of you who like to play solo, the author who goes by Kevin’s Path has something that is going to be a real game-changer, when it comes to self-bondage. There will also be a new work by slavebladeboi, and yet another chapter of the popular “New Year’s Resolution” series by lthr_jock. So come back every day this week, and let everybody know. Tell your bondage buddy friends. Post it on Twitter and Tumblr. And feel free to copy this banner to your own social media channels, all over the internet:



NOTE: It’s always best, if you are going to read gay male bondage stories in the Metalbond Prison Library, for you to be in some form of physical restraint yourself. Collars, leg cuffs, gags or chastity devices are all acceptable. For more details on this policy, click here.


Speaking of the Metalbond Prison Library, we are fast coming up on what will be the 500th story posted. I’m going to have to think of a special gift or honor for the author who sends in the 500th story.


More details soon.


A plumber gets tied up and abused

A hot plumber who has a raging sex drive and a perpetually hard dickTerry is like some walking porn fantasy. A hot plumber who has a raging sex drive and a perpetually hard dick. The only problem is that he’s one hundred percent hetero and ignores any man who makes a sexual pass at him.

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At BreederFuckers he’s turned into the fuck toy and cock sucking slave he ought to be. Stripped, tied and gagged his body is put on display and his arsehole is roughly fingered till he squirms desperately to get away.

gagged with a ball gag



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