Just in case you are open to tricking someone in to restraints as well as forcing them

By Mark

1. If you go in to the restraints, we’ll let you cum (and of course don’t).
2. We just need to get you checked out, bud (orderlies strapping you down).
3. Telling the owner of a straitjacket that his jacket looks shoddy and would never hold him (the owner then has to prove it is good by going in it).
4. Try on this straitjacket and I’ll show you a neat magic trick on how to get out! (and of course there isn’t one).
5. If you are good and go in to your restraints, we’ll be able to recommend your release for good behavior (and of course the paperwork is never filed).

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Screw your dick into one of these, if you dare …

Check out these electro-compression toys available from E-Stim Systems, a British manufacturer of quality electro stimulation (e-stim) equipment and accessories for the adult market, established in 2004. All E-Stim Systems power boxes and premium electrodes come with a lifetime guarantee.


The next-generation Vyper 2 is the successor to the original Vyper. Featuring an additional pair of compression adjustments, it gives the user three-dimensional control of the angle of the compression panel. The clear acrylic housing, polished edges and precision laser etching combine to give the Vyper 2 a more refined appearance than its predecessor.

The Vyper XL was designed with the larger gentleman in mind. With a base plate a full 235mm (9.25 in) long, it has two independent compression plates, with a total of eight adjustment points and eight individual electrical contact pads. There’s even a suspension hole to add an extra element to playtime.

Finally, E-Stim Systems has moved into new territory with the Python, their first production testicular electro-compression system. With the same refinements as its Vyper cousins, the Python was also born out of customer demand.

“It’s been three years since we launched our first electro cock compression system, the Vyper. In that time we’ve seen its popularity rise steadily, and we’ve sought the feedback of customers and retailers alike. You could say these new products came about as a result of those discussions,” said Wayne Allen, founder of E-Stim Systems, when these items were unveiled over the summer.

For more information, go to E-Stim Systems.



His arsehole is displayed and his genitals are hanging vulnerable


At BreederFuckers, toned and muscular Kasper has been bound and put on exhibition. Those big powerful legs and arms are rendered useless as they are spread in the air. Adrian feels the circumference of his tight rubbery sphincter muscle and then slides his fingers up his arse. He finger fucks him till his hole goes sloppy. Pegs are attached to his balls to make them become extremely sensitive. Then they are tied up and attached to the leg-spreader so they are tight and plump. Kasper seizes up with fear as a cane is trailed around his body giving him lashings here and there making red stripes on his muscular form. The sensitive soles of his feet are caned causing him unimaginable agony. With his arsehole nicely widened, a vibrator is inserted up his bum and jammed in place so he has the sensation of being constantly fucked. That fleshy foreskin of Kasper’s is too tempting to not enjoy. It’s clipped and attached to his feet so his glans are exposed. This makes it all the more terrifying for this fucker when a burning candle is hovered over his body. Searing hot wax spills down onto his punished thighs, his big plump balls and onto the sensitive flesh of his piss slit. The wax slowly cools to form a mold over his bulbous testicles and shrunken terrified cock. Adrian kindly begins loosening his binds and takes the gag out. Rather than thank his superior, the tearful Kasper unleashes a torrent of nasty words. Boys with filthy mouths need to learn respect. A bar of soap is jammed in the fucker’s gob as a final act of humiliation.

0031 0057

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‘Haunted Dungeon Party’ this Sunday at New York Bondage Club!



New York Bondage Club

Haunted Dungeon Party

7 – 10 p.m.

AFTER PARTY 10 p.m. – 1 a.m.


NYBC says:

We’ve transformed Paddles into our own unique Dungeon with tricks and treats all night long. We will have a giant spider web, a mummy’s coffin, fluorescent body painting, a spanking bench, dripping candles and much more.

Arrive early and in costume, a mask or full leather, rubber or fetish gear, and you get into the club for only $10. Invite your friends and enjoy the night.

This party is a great way to experience a little bit of everything. Our guys are here to cater to your likes. Spend a few minutes tied up in the web, get a glowing design on your chest, ass or wherever, feel hot wax on your abs, get yourself wrapped up, mummified, and placed in a coffin. Wander behind the maze and get surprised. Lots more stuff to try too.

Or just come and enjoy the decor. BYOB if you want, or we have a soda bar. Free munchies and treats, or is it tricks you want

Stay for the After Party until 1 a.m. for free.

Don’t miss out on this party. We have lots of new guys that have been invited and we hope you are there to enjoy the party and Experience IT!


For the New York Bondage Club, click HERE




Some of the latest updates in gay bondage porn (pictures and links)

Click below for some of the latest offerings in the world of gay bondage porn:


At 30 Minutes of Torment:

Seth Santoro – Beaten, Fucked and Beaten again


Seth Santoro thinks he has what it takes to make it through 30 Minutes of Torment, so he starts off with his hands bound above his head while Van pulls down on his balls.

Free video preview of Seth Santoro at 30 Minutes of Torment here.

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Bound Gods:

Officer Connor Maguire beats and fucks Alexander Gustavo


Bent over the desk, Alexander Gustavo is stripped naked for a full inspection before he’s made to swallow the Connor Maguire’s hard cock.

Free video preview of Bound Gods shoot here.

Information on upcoming Bound Gods LIVE SHOOTS here.


Bound In Public:

Hot art thief with a big cock beaten and fucked into submission


Eli Hunter attempts to sneak a painting out of the gallery when no one’s paying attention to him.

Free video preview of Eli Hunter available HERE.

Information on upcoming Bound In Public LIVE SHOOTS here


Men On Edge:

Doug Acre gets taken down by Sebastian Keys and Branden Forrest


Tied down on the bed, Doug Acre begs his captors to let him cum, but they just shut him up with Branden’s uncut cock down his throat.

Free video preview of Doug Acre at Men On Edge here.

Information on upcoming Men On Edge LIVE SHOWS here