Jared promises to free Riley if he’ll deliver another load of cum


Jared, as we all know, is both a sadist and a liar. He could, of course, order his slave to pump out a load of cum – and beat him until he complied – but Jared revels in telling a young innocent like Riley that all he has to do is jerk off for his new master and he’ll finally be set free – then instantly renege on the promise. There is something about the slave’s crestfallen disappointment, the shattered hope, that makes Jared crazy. Riley has never been more desirable as he works his impressive cock to a raging hard on and delivers another load of cum, only to be dragged back to his cell.

Dream_Boy_Bondage_Riley_Jared_03 Dream_Boy_Bondage_Riley_Jared_04


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The Convict – Part 07

By Joshua Ryan

I had to get in to work really early that day, because I was the person who was supposed to handle the year-end calls from the branches in other time zones. When I finally got to the lounge at 9 for coffee, the first thing I did was go to the deck and look at the convicts. I wanted to see if one of them was standing by the fence.

“Whatcha lookin for, Jason?” It was somebody’s voice. I remembered. It was Peter Tomlinson’s.

“Uh . . . nothing. . . . I . . . uh . . . Great day, huh?” It was another one of those days we have in winter when the sun is so bright you’d almost think it was spring already. At 9 o’clock in the morning, it must have been 55 degrees on that deck. It was sort of like the first day when I met the convict.

“Not really. Channel 10 says it’s gonna snow tonight.”

“That true? We almost never have snow in December.” What are you talking about? I asked myself. My eyes were searching the fence, searching . . .

“It’s true. Look at those clouds. Cirrus. We’ll have snow all right. Lotta snow.”

“Too bad. I wanted to wash the car.”


“Nothing.” I couldn’t believe I was making jokes.

“What are you looking at, Jason?”

“Just watching the convicts.”


“The convicts. Down in the field.”

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Two slaves face extreme torment as the viewers at home decide their fate


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In this shoot from Bound Gods:

This special Bound Gods Event hosted by Van Darkholme and Trenton Ducati is an anything goes extravaganza of brutal sex, and extreme torment. The sexy straight fuck slut Zane Anders teams up with with bearded sub Adam Ramzi as they take on special torments created by their ruthless masters. Van and Trenton teach their knew slaves how to be proper subs before tying them together on a wedge and covering their bodies in clothespins. The dominant duo then unleash the double flogging across the bodies of their helpless slaves. The slaves are given a short chance to rest as Van and Trenton tie them up and suspend them in the air, so they may receive Trenton’s massive cock. The true masters are the fans though, as they vote to have Trenton mercilessly flogged by Van. The final challenge gives the viewers all the power, as they decide who among the masters and slaves will take the full blast of a bukkake

Trenton_Ducati_and_Adam_Ramzi_gay_bondage_03 Trenton_Ducati_and_Adam_Ramzi_gay_bondage_04 Trenton_Ducati_and_Adam_Ramzi_gay_bondage_05 Trenton_Ducati_and_Adam_Ramzi_gay_bondage_06


Models in this shoot: Van Darkholme, Zane Anders, Trenton Ducati, Adam Ramzi

Title: Bukkake Galore – Bound Gods Live Show

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The Sex Addict fucks with an innocent security guard

Here’s another vintage shoot from Bound Gods:


It’s the usual middle of the night in the psych ward and Josh West is the new security guard. CJ the sex addict is all chained up for the public’s safety. Josh reads CJ’s file and he’s extremely curious about the strange prisoner. He approaches the stud in bondage. It’s not long before CJ uses his sick psychic power and makes Josh pull out his raging hard 10-inch cock. Josh resists sucking CJ’s nine-inch cock and hits him repeatedly, but it’s fruitless. Josh puts the psycho in the electric chair and uses electricity on him. He beats CJ with a belt and fucks him like an animal in bondage.

Josh_West_gay_bondage_02 Josh_West_gay_bondage_03 Josh_West_gay_bondage_04 Josh_West_gay_bondage_05 Josh_West_gay_bondage_06 Josh_West_gay_bondage_07


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A bold Peeping Tom breaks into a stud’s apartment and ends up as the bondage victim

It’s Chloroform, Duct tape and Nipple Torment in this vintage shoot from Bound Gods


Patrick Hunt is a perv and he’s peeping through studly Parker London’s window. Patrick breaks in while Parker is in deep sleep. He chloroforms the stud, duct tapes and ties him to his bed. The perv torments the stud’s chest and cock.


Pissed, Parker breaks free from the bondage and completely dominates Patrick. He gets his bondage toys from his bedside drawers and beats the living hell out of the intruder. He fucks Patrick suspended in bondage and showers him with his load.

Patrick_Hunt_and_Parker_London_gay_bondage_03 Patrick_Hunt_and_Parker_London_gay_bondage_04 Patrick_Hunt_and_Parker_London_gay_bondage_05 Patrick_Hunt_and_Parker_London_gay_bondage_06 Patrick_Hunt_and_Parker_London_gay_bondage_07


A short video preview of this update at Bound Gods is here

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