One of my favorite pictures of all time

If you are locked in a cock cage you can still fuck



There is so much to admire about this picture: the subject’s muscular physique, his rubber shirt, the fact that he is locked in a HEAVY DUTY metal chastity cage — not to mention the humiliation of wearing that strap-on rubber dildo.

I somehow lost track of this guy, but day-um! What a hottie! This is one of my favorite images of all time.

Frat Boy’s Bitch Boy – Part 03

By Greg Alexander

Unsurprisingly, I didn’t sleep well that night.

For one thing, since I had now been tied in a spread eagle position, my hands bound behind my back and my torso pressed down onto the coffee table because the dog collar around my neck was connected by a tight leash to my balls underneath the table, it’s small wonder that I wasn’t very comfortable. Just try leaning all the way forward, with your ass sticking out in the air and your legs tied apart in a spread eagle position. It hurts like hell — all your calf muscles are burning with pain and your lower back kills. Then imagine the pain of having a taut rope looped securely around your balls, which is pulled on whenever you try to raise your head. Then imagine sleeping that way.

What was worse, my ass was still on fire from the 64 plus fierce, all out spankings Trevor had sadistically delivered to me with his paddle before climbing into bed.

But most urgently, I desperately needed to cum, and my inability to do so — to even so much as stroke my cock — was preventing me from sleeping a wink.

Trevor, on the other hand, slept like a log, as was evident from the sound of his heavy breathing throughout the night. Of course, all I could really see throughout the entire night were the massive soles of Trevor’s feet, which dominated my field of vision — they still had a strong manly smell, which in any event I couldn’t get away from, as my face was completely immobilized. The smell of his feet only served to make me hornier than ever.

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Update on the Metalbond site

Hey prisoners, I recently moved the Metalbond site to a new, dedicated server, so this site should be loading faster and better now without that “resource limit reached” white screen that had been coming up occasionally.

The actual move took place on Feb 10. Since the site has been moved, though, a few have reported to me that images have not been loading. What are you seeing?

My site host tells me this is an ISP issue and that if you empty your cache and restart you should be able to see the pictures, but if you still don’t please let me know via email or you can hit me up on Twitter or Recon.

The more details you can provide about problems you might be having (if any) the better. Or if you just want to leave a general comment about the site you can do so as well.

I would like to hear from you.

Josh West, Cameron Adams, Nick Moretti at Bound In Public


A slutty back-talker gets used and abused in front of a crowd at Steamworks bathhouse


This is a vintage shoot from Bound In Public. Cameron Adams goes to Steamworks at Berkeley for some R and R. Not long before horny Josh West and Nick Moretti jump on the unsuspecting dude and take him down in front of everyone. Fighting hard against it, Cameron is made to suck cock and lick feet. The guys make him crawl around the bathhouse for cocks. He gets a hard flogging at the hot tub and the back-talker finally gives in. Everyone drags Cameron into an empty room and fucks the daylights out of him. He receives load after load of cum.


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