Got rope?

At Men On Edge, muscled stud Coby Mitchell takes a break from working on the farm to enjoy his first time in bondage as he’s relentlessly edged all day:


Sebastian Keys just got a job working as a farmhand under a lean country stud, Coby Mitchell. As they move bales of hay into the barn, Sebastian discovers a pile of rope and decides to introduce Coby to bondage and edging. Coby, curious and turned on by the new farmhand, agrees to let Sebastian tie him up. With arms stretched across a horizontal beam, Coby gets his first lesson in edging — you’re not in control. Sebastian blindfolds Coby to heighten the sensation of touch and tears the clothing from his tight body. Coby is already rock hard as Sebastian cuts away his underwear and starts jacking him off. Sebastian brings out his trusted hitachis, running them over Coby’s cock head as Coby thrusts his body into them, trying to get himself to cum. The bound cowboy gets tickled and edged once more before Sebastian leaves him on the beam to wait for the next phase of the lesson.

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Next, Coby’s bound to a hay bale, Sebastian continuing to play with the stud’s painfully sensitive cock. Sucking on Coby’s toes and feet Sebastian works out another edge on the stud. Sebastian moves onto Coby’s tight hole, introducing it to dildos and prostate massagers, all the while Coby begs to cum under the treatment. After an entire afternoon of edging, Sebastian feels generous enough to conclude the lesson and has Coby bust a thick load and even shoots himself in the face!



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Video: Garrett is abducted, tied down and ball gagged

Garrett is a tall, lean college stud out for a jog when muscle-stud Jared grabs him and throws him in the dungeon. This hot captive is strapped down on the bondage table, stripped, gagged, kept hard and whipped.

Be sure to watch this one in full-screen mode:


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Training Property – Part 2

By ty dehner

The cop car came to a halt and I heard the Cop exit out of the car with the door slamming shut. I could hear a garage door closing and then the door open above my leather bagged head. He cut the cable ties that held my feet and cuffed hands together. Grabbing me by the shoulder of the jacket he slid me across the seat. He was strong as he held me off the ground until my feet could make contact with the concrete floor. I struggled to gain some balance as he quickly turned me and marched me quickly out of the garage and up a flight of stairs.

A door was opened before me and I was dragged into a room. I couldn’t see a thing but I just cooperated with whatever he wanted me to do. He stopped quickly and both hands grabbed my shoulders as if to place me. He let go and I could hear him move about the room. It was faint with the leather bag increasing the sound of my breathing.

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Check out Jessie Colter and Jackson Fillmore at Bound Jocks

Bound jock Jessie Colter is tied on his back with his legs stretched high in the air and his ass completely exposed to the room.


Studly Jackson Fillmore takes advantage of the helpless muscled captive by rimming and eating Jessie’s plump butt.  This makes the jock all hot and bothered, and Jackson starts to plow Jessie with his rock hard boner.

02_BJ0141_X_6450 03_BJ0141_X_6459

Jessie loves having his ass pounded and takes Jackson’s load — he’s a real team player!


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Group Torture Trap

By Jamie and Dean

When Jamie arrives he is to sign the contract within 5 minutes of arriving.

As soon as he has finished signing the contract he must be picked up and put face down on the bondage table. Ensure he is in the correct position. Place his neck in the neck stock and padlock closed. Now fasten his wrists to each leg of the table using the padded metal manacles that are bolted to the front two legs, and padlock securely closed. Then place his ankles in the stocks bolted to the end of the bondage table, and padlock closed. You must now start to strap his legs, arms and body securely down to the table using the metal straps and secure each one with a padlock.

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