Billy and Me – Parts 4 to 6

By Tommy Guns

Part 4

I think Billy needed to be completely in charge of my life, and wanted to expand my experiences to the maximum. He once told me a story of a prisoner he had abused in the Brig. The guy was awaiting a General Court Martial for desertion, and was being held in maximum security with little or no contact with other prisoners. Billy took advantage of the situation by offering favors and extra privileges in exchange for sexual activity that included bondage, toys and, eventually, a gang rape involving other guards and prisoners.

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Billy and Me – Parts 1 to 3

By Tommy Guns

Part 1

I was on my daily run, wearing nothing but a pair of red nylon jogging shorts and tennis shoes, when a panel van first passed me and then turned abruptly to block my path. Two guys jumped out of the side door and tackled me. They forced me to the ground and handcuffed my wrists behind my back. I tried to kick out at them, but they quickly snapped a set of short chain leg irons on my ankles.

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