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Straight scally bastard Lee gets tied up and abused

At BreederFuckers, straight scally bastard Lee is like a Stafford terrier chained up, frothing at the mouth and angrily barking at his captors. Dave wraps his stupid mouth with thick tape to silence him and covers his face with spit. Adrian takes a flogger to his spread arse and the big meaty bulge of his trackie bottoms. Dave goes at Lee’s bare feet lightly tickling the sensitive soles. Not being able to stop this is absolutely agony and every muscle in his body strains against his binds. The pair give him a wicked choice of receiving one punishment or the other. This impossible situation totally fucks with Lee’s tiny brain.

gay_bondage_metalbond_01 gay_bondage_metalbond_02 gay_bondage_metalbond_03 gay_bondage_metalbond_04 gay_bondage_metalbond_05 gay_bondage_metalbond_06

A nozzle filled with freezing water is inserted up his rectum, filling him with liquid. He tightens his sphincter, struggling to hold it in because Lee knows there will be a wicked punishment if he releases the water. Before he knows what’s happening his arse is filled with a butt plug so he must hold it all in. His arse is caned causing him absolute agony until he can’t hold it in any more and release a stream of filthy water. Now that he’s been freshened he’s primed and ready for a fucking. Lee can only squeeze his eyes shut and brace his body as his arse is relentlessly plowed and covered with cum.


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One of my favorite pictures of all time

If you are locked in a cock cage you can still fuck



There is so much to admire about this picture: the subject’s muscular physique, his rubber shirt, the fact that he is locked in a HEAVY DUTY metal chastity cage — not to mention the humiliation of wearing that strap-on rubber dildo.

I somehow lost track of this guy, but day-um! What a hottie! This is one of my favorite images of all time.

Update on the Metalbond site

Hey prisoners, I recently moved the Metalbond site to a new, dedicated server, so this site should be loading faster and better now without that “resource limit reached” white screen that had been coming up occasionally.

The actual move took place on Feb 10. Since the site has been moved, though, a few have reported to me that images have not been loading. What are you seeing?

My site host tells me this is an ISP issue and that if you empty your cache and restart you should be able to see the pictures, but if you still don’t please let me know via email or you can hit me up on Twitter or Recon.

The more details you can provide about problems you might be having (if any) the better. Or if you just want to leave a general comment about the site you can do so as well.

I would like to hear from you.