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Frat Boy’s Bitch Boy – Part 03

By Greg Alexander

Unsurprisingly, I didn’t sleep well that night.

For one thing, since I had now been tied in a spread eagle position, my hands bound behind my back and my torso pressed down onto the coffee table because the dog collar around my neck was connected by a tight leash to my balls underneath the table, it’s small wonder that I wasn’t very comfortable. Just try leaning all the way forward, with your ass sticking out in the air and your legs tied apart in a spread eagle position. It hurts like hell — all your calf muscles are burning with pain and your lower back kills. Then imagine the pain of having a taut rope looped securely around your balls, which is pulled on whenever you try to raise your head. Then imagine sleeping that way.

What was worse, my ass was still on fire from the 64 plus fierce, all out spankings Trevor had sadistically delivered to me with his paddle before climbing into bed.

But most urgently, I desperately needed to cum, and my inability to do so — to even so much as stroke my cock — was preventing me from sleeping a wink.

Trevor, on the other hand, slept like a log, as was evident from the sound of his heavy breathing throughout the night. Of course, all I could really see throughout the entire night were the massive soles of Trevor’s feet, which dominated my field of vision — they still had a strong manly smell, which in any event I couldn’t get away from, as my face was completely immobilized. The smell of his feet only served to make me hornier than ever.

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Frat Boy’s Bitch Boy – Part 02

By Greg Alexander

Trevor lay there for a while, just staring at the ceiling and thinking as I licked the soles of his feet. Finally, he grabbed his cellphone and flipped it on. I saw him speed dial someone. “Hey dude…” I heard him say. “Yeah, man. This is Trevor. Yeah, I know, awesome game, fucking right down to the wire . . . yeah I watched the whole thing . . .Listen — I gotta big favor to ask. Are you at the frat right now? Yeah? No shit? Well, would you mind sending one of the pledges over to my dorm room with one of the paddles from downstairs? The really wicked looking long one, yeah . . . no, bro, I’m not fucking around with you. I need it. Why?” He looked down at me and his eyebrows flickered mischievously. “Cuz I wanna show it to my roommate, that’s why. I think he deserves to see it . . . yeah, yeah, I’ll explain later man . . . hey, thanks dude, see ya at practice tomorrow.”

Trevor hung up, and we sat there in silence for a few minutes, Trevor just rubbing his cock idly and examining me.

There was a knock on the door. Trevor got up off the bed, wearing only his T-shirt, and not bothering to cover his ramrod cock, went over to the door. I was of course unable to turn around, but I heard him open it, talk to someone in a muffled voice, and then close it.

As he approached me from behind, I could hear him swinging something wooden against the palm of his hand over and over, making a sadistic slapping sound each time.

“Alright, my little bitch,” Trevor said. “I want you to meet a very special friend of mine.”

Trevor ungagged me, for the second time that day, and set his foul athletic socks, now soaked with my saliva, off to the side. Grinning happily, he dangled his new toy in front of my eyes.

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Frat Boy’s Bitch Boy – Part 01

By Greg Alexander

I could hardly contain my excitement when I walked into my freshman dorm room and saw Trevor standing there.

Sure, I had known I was going to be rooming with a big jock, a much discussed new recruit for both the university crew team and tennis teams, and I’d heard he was already planning on pledging Delta Psi, the most hardcore frat on campus.  But I hadn’t realized how stunningly hot he’d be.

When I walked in, he was just wearing work-out shorts, a tight undershirt, and a big pair of white sneakers with no socks, so that his ankle bones were clearly visible.  I almost sprang a boner there on the spot.  He was incredibly tall, with a lean and muscular frame, and broad shoulders.  He had jet black hair, curly yet cropped very short and close to his head, which made him look even more masculine.  His face was boyish, cleanly shaved and with delicate features, but you could tell from his fiery blue eyes the boy meant business.  I knew right away I didn’t want to cross Trevor.

I tried to make conversation with him when I walked in — he was unpacking his socks and underwear and athletic gear from a large, old fashioned trunk in which he seemed to have packed most of his clothing.  As he removed his undershirts and underwear by the bundles, he spread them out onto a padded reclining chair and a large coffee table he had already moved into the room.  He was distant, and his mind was definitely otherwise engaged.

“Whatya up to?”  I asked.

“Nothin.  I’m late for practice,” he grunted.  On his way out of the dorm room, he kicked off his shoes for a second to pull on a pair of thick white tennis socks.  For that one brief second, I caught a glimpse of his bare feet, and my jaw almost dropped.  They were big feet, beautifully tanned, nice and moist too.  I got the idea that Trevor always liked to keep his feet shielded — not a big fan of walking around the dorm room barefoot, judging by his unmarked soles.  Maybe he wanted to make sure they didn’t get spoiled for his tennis games, I thought to myself.

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The Journey to Hull – Part 5

By Wakeysub

The room around me was pitch black apart from a single small red light which pulsed slowly and steadily. My brain was overloaded with sensations but I soon realised that the light pulse matched the slow, rhythmic pulsing of the electrode attached to my cock – the light must be on the electro control box. I focussed on the light hoping that it would take my mind off my tortured nipples and the aching pain in my stretched balls. How long had I been here, more to the point where the fuck was I and what had I let myself in for.

Suddenly I was aware that the light was flashing more quickly. At the same time, I became aware that the pulsing in my cock was increasing in speed and the power level seemed to be increasing too. It wasn’t a massive increase just a constant build and I was conscious that what was before nothing more than a gentle pulse was turning into a more determined throbbing sensation. The only things I could focus on were the small red flashing light and the throbbing sensation enveloping my cock. I felt myself involuntarily trying to push my cock to fuck the chastity cage and increase the intensity of the electrical sensation. This made my ass grip the electrode more tightly which had the desired effect of increasing the intensity.

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Rubber Fuck Toys

By Locked22

Sean and Kyle had been friends for years – first meeting through kinky social networking, then discovering they had the same kinks, then taking it offline – but they couldn’t play often, due to the distance between them. Sure, they saw each other a few times a year at kink events, but real play opportunities were limited by travel time. This latest trip had been planned nearly a year in advance. Sean was going to drive up for a week-long kinky holiday at Kyle’s.

Shortly after this latest trip was planned, Kyle messaged Sean to share a powerful fantasy he had of the two of them: a double dildo gag – a gag that was both a gag for the wearer and a dildo the wearer could fuck someone with. In the fantasy, Kyle was in a sling while Sean was the one gagged, bound to the sling stand, kneeling, and would be forced to fuck Kyle using the gag.

The fantasy consumed their sexual dreams for weeks. It seemed ideally suited to the two friends – both were switches who craved the power exchange of the scene. Sean would be in the dominant position of fucking Kyle, but with his dick locked away in a chastity cage, so he’d be submissive, too. He could fuck, but he would feel nothing. Kyle, on the other hand, would be in the traditionally submissive role of bottom, but would also be in charge of the entire scene, since Sean would be restrained and unable to move.

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Busman’s Holiday – Part 17

By lthr_jock

Vickers looked at the message Morrison had sent him and nodded thoughtfully. Getting Clark to have a full body shave was something he had been thinking about for a while. However, convincing him might be tricky. Clark hadn’t replied to him since delivering the book to Morrison and Vickers was concerned that he might have overplayed his hand. He checked Clark’s browsing history and smiled. Clark was still going to lots of bondage and leather sites, along with plenty that showed muscle men in bondage. He was also regularly checking on Vickers’ site and looking at the comments that people were making about his photos.

Vickers grinned and posted a comment anonymously. “Great model, but would be so much better with a smooth body.”

He sat back – he knew others would chime in and at least plant a seed in Clark’s mind. He wouldn’t contact Clark himself for a couple of weeks – and even then, just to remind him about the rest of his debt.

* * *

Clark spent the next couple of days at home – ostensibly sick. He was terrified that the police would knock on his door and didn’t want to face Morrison as he was sure the prisoner would try and use his action as leverage. He couldn’t just sit at home surfing for porn though, so he spent a lot of time at the gym.

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By Bikermike

‘As your punishment for not being able to make me come boy, you will try to excite me by my watching you on the exercise bike that I’ve modified!’ Master said with a chuckle.

I had been kneeling, naked before Master with my wrists cuffed behind my back for twenty minutes working my tongue and lips round his cockhead without success. This was despite him working the back of my head with his hands up and down, sometimes gently, others aggressively. Throughout this ordeal, my own cock remained rock hard.

Master’s body was what every slave would wish to serve: he was mid- forties, gym-muscular but stocky, wearing only a leather body harness and sporting a massive ten-inch erection.

He pulled me up by my ear and dragged me over to the exercise bike. ‘Here boy; see how I have modified the seat,’ he explained, ‘that spike will fit up your arse. It shouldn’t hurt as you sit on it as it’s no wider than a pencil. Your wrists will be fixed to the handlebars as you can see, with these solid manacles, which I’ve welded to the bars. You won’t be able to get off the seat because…’ he pointed to a heavy-looking metal bar hinged to one side of the seat ‘this bar will fit round your waist and will be locked in place.’ He released my wrists from the handcuffs. ‘Now get on it!’

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The Journey to Hull – Part 4

By Wakeysub

For the sake of accuracy I need to make it clear that my session with Conradfan was an intense abduction scene. However, we didn’t indulge in the more extreme activities I have included in this and the previous instalment.

Session 3

I don’t know how long I lay there in darkness with the constant pain in my balls and my tits. Even shallow breathing caused the nipple clamps to bite deeper and any small movement caused my balls to be yanked harder and harder. The torment was unending. I closed my eyes to try and block out the pain but all the pain was overwhelming and the dark just made it worse.

Suddenly the light over the bed came on – the florescent tube in its cage high above me switched on and my eyes struggled to adjust to the brightness. I felt myself panic in anticipation for the session which might be about to start.

The heavy metal door opened and I saw him again framed in the door wearing his leather suit, gloves and the peaked cap. Despite everything I felt my cock throbbing in its tight metal cage and the evil grin which appeared on his face only made me feeling even more anxious but horny.

“I hope you are refreshed after your rest 626 you fat fucker – you’ve got a very intense session ahead of you. I’m sure a pervert like you is going to love it – I chose it from your profile. Now, let’s start the timer again so the fun can begin.”

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