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The Journey to Hull – Part 3

By Wakeysub

Session 2

The timer in front of me came back to life but this time showed “60:00” – what the fuck. I had struggled with 30 minutes and now I was faced with 60 minutes of God knows what. I heard the click and the timer started to count down. My second session had begun. The nipple clamps were still viciously biting into my tortured nipples but the massive rubber cock in my mouth was jabbing into my throat and making me gag repeatedly. This made me thrash around as much as the tight restraints would allow. This just drove the nipple clamps to bite harder and harder.

He leant forward and brushed the nipple clamps lightly. At his touch the pain shot deep into my chest.

“Your tits seem to be enjoying it, you fat slut. Don’t want them to get bored – lets replace the clamps with something you’re really going to love. I bought these especially for you when you told me you had sensitive nips. You’re going to love these clamps they looked so fucking hot in the adverts. First, let’s remove these pathetic toy clamps and get you ready for your new best friends.”

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The Wall – Part 03

By Slavebladeboi

So who was he then?


For fuck’s sake, you know who. The “who” you were waving goodbye to out there. The “who” in the red sports car. The red sports car I told you about. The same red sports car …..


I’ve had this. Were you in on it all the time?

He looked at his partner, he felt hot, sick and tearful. His partner sat.

You like bondage?

You bloody know I do.

You like being fucked?

Where’re you going with all this?

Just answer me.

OK! Yes I frigging do.

And you enjoyed your dream?

I wasn’t a dream, we both know it and now I know you’ve been…

OK Yes. I did it for you.


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By Bikermike

The “game,” if it could be called as such, was very straightforward. It consisted of an ordinary pack of playing cards; fifty-two in total, if you do not count the jokers. The pack is shuffled and four cards are dealt from the top of the pack and the face value of this fourth card is noted. Another four are dealt and again the face value of this card is added to the previous value. All the cards are dealt in groups of four and the values of each fourth card added to the rest. There are fifty-two cards, therefore the whole pack requires thirteen groups of four cards. The value of the ace is of course one, the jack eleven, queen twelve and the king has the value of thirteen.

A mathematician would be able to calculate the odds of each sum total of the thirteen cards, but I am no mathematician so I estimate the average total would be in the order of

52 x 6.5 divided by 4 = 84.5

These were the rules explained to me by someone whose profile I was fascinated by on Recon. He went on to say that we would meet at his place, not too far away; either he or I would shuffle and deal the cards (it wouldn’t matter who) and note the final value, then the pack would be shuffled again and we would then pick a card each. The one picking the higher face value would then be given as many strokes of the belt as the total score of the thirteen sets of four cards.

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Busman’s Holiday – Part 16

By lthr_jock

Clark had driven back from work with a raging hard-on, his thought constantly returning to the humiliation of the scene in the Governor’s Office – and just how aroused it had made him. Just thinking about it made his cock rise, and he roughly kneaded it with one hand as he drove. He kept glancing at the heavy bag on his passenger seat and he couldn’t wait to get home to put it on again. As he drove in he saw Andy opposite and waved a greeting to him. Andy headed over to chat, but Clark put his phone to his ear and mimed that he would talk to Andy later. With a sigh of relief, Clark saw Andy walk back to his garden.

Once inside, Clark went straight to his computer, powered it up and downloaded the software to control the restraints. He idly flicked through the menu system and realised that it was fairly straightforward. Once it was downloaded he took it through the setup process and it registered his restraints on the system.

Clark had thought long and hard about what to wear. He had decided that it was time to try out the rubber Dainese suit he had bought weeks before and he grabbed the suit and headed into the bathroom. He grabbed a bottle of lube and generously lubed the inside of the suit and then rubbed some over himself, making his hair matted against his muscles.

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Meeting a Hot New Friend at the Eagle

By Norm

The last thing he remembered was being invited to dinner and drinking a cocktail.

Normally he wouldn’t consider going to an event hosted by a total stranger, but he accepted the invitation from a new hot friend he met at the bar.

It was a great night at the Eagle, geared up in his tight leather uniform, flirting with a hot leather Sir who seemed really interested. Truthfully he was thinking with his crotch not his head as he hopped on his bike and headed out to the secluded home deep in the woods. When the hot leather daddy answered the door, all reason left him.

Now he found himself totally confined. Arms behind his back in some sort of unforgiving shackles, head held in place kneeling with his legs attached to something on the floor. For some reason he assumed he was under a table, mostly because he had bumped his head on the top and he could hear what he thought was the sound of chairs sliding on the floor.

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Chastity Reward at NYBC

By Radon Berg

It was shortly after New Year’s. Derrick and Ken were both still off work. As was typical, Derrick started thinking about that most common of New Year’s resolutions – getting in shape. His job had gotten stressful over the last several years, and his focus on diet and exercise had waned, with predictable outcomes. It wasn’t a problem for Ken, but Derrick didn’t like the “bear cub” look he was developing. Not that there’s anything wrong with bears or bear cubs, it just wasn’t the image Derrick had of himself. So, he re-committed to going to the gym and watching his diet. He figured, based on his research and previous experience in the gym, that it would take about a year to accomplish his goals.

A year seemed like a long time. A lot could happen in a year, so Derrick developed a plan for achieving his goals. The plan consisted of 13 four-week periods. By the end of the thirteenth period he would have achieved his goals. He would look better, feel better, and have more energy – all the positive things associated with getting fit. The plan relied on Derrick maintaining focus and making progress each period towards his goal, and he came up with a way to do that.

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The Journey to Hull – Part 2

By Wakeysub


He walked round in front of me and for the first time I saw my abductor. The first thing that struck me was the fact that he was dressed from head to toe in a tailored leather outfit with a peaked cap on his head. I had seen photos of this on his Recon profile, but seeing it in reality was so much hotter. My already aching cock throbbed painfully in its small, tight, constrictive cage.

He smiled as he stood there looking me up and down. He reached and grabbed my nipples, kneading them between his fingers and squeezing them. He seemed to enjoy watching me try to squirm with the noose around my neck.

“For a fat bastard you look good – I’ve got some friends who would love to play with you long and hard. Maybe I should give them a shout and let them have some fun.”

He smacked me hard on the left pec.

“Before we go any further it’s time to mark you up so not even you can forget your new name.”

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By Bikermike

I parked the bike up just outside the guy’s door and rang the doorbell. I waited for a minute or two and thought, ‘Is he going to answer? Have I wasted a fifty mile journey?’ Then the door opened suddenly.

‘Hello, come in!’ the guy said. I entered and he closed the door. ‘Get your gear off!’ he commanded, ‘I’ll be back in a minute as I need a pee.’ He disappeared into the hallway.

I glanced round the room and noticed a solid wrist and neck bar, standing ominously in the corner, propped against the wall. I took my bike gear off, then my T shirt, pants and socks and stood there completely naked.

The guy returned and said simply ‘Put your wrists up so I can fit the bar!’ I did as I was told and in no time I was fixed in the contraption.

‘Hmm!’ the guy said as his hands explored my chest, nipples and abdomen. ‘Bit hairy! I like that!’ He fondled my hardening penis and cupped my balls in his right hand. ‘You said you liked a bit of tit play. Now tell me what you don’t like!’

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