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Frat Boy’s Bitch Boy – Part 06

By Greg Alexander

By the time they got back, I was a mess.

The vibrations in my cock cage had caused me to involuntarily squeeze my muscles to pump my cock harder for god knows how many hours, despite the worsening ache in my dick that it caused. Unable to reach my cock, my pelvis was doing small involuntary thrusts to try to get relief. So much pre-cum had dripped onto the floor that it actually looked like I had taken a major piss. And all the while, I was compelled to bite down on Trevor’s salty flip-flop which served only to make the ache in my dick worse. Meanwhile, my entire torso began to ache, as my body strained helplessly, unsupported by anything, yet unable to even sag toward the ground, given how tightly stretched I was.

When at last the door opened, Trevor and Collin came in. One of them was carrying three six packs of coronas, and the other was carrying a bag of chips and a box I couldn’t see what was in the box. They set their supplies down next to the chairs, and then came over to examine me.

Trevor’s eyes immediately feel to the floor. “God! You’re dripping like a leaky faucet. What a fucking mess,” he exclaimed.

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You’re in No Position to Negotiate – Part 03

By nyc49

The rest of the week dragged on. I couldn’t get my mind off the fact that I was locked up. Not just that I was locked up, but that I had locked myself up. I’m usually pretty risk-averse, but here I was with my dick locked up, and I had sent the key off to God knows where. I might never hear back from Ted, if that was even his real name, I might never see that key again. I was beginning to understand what it meant when I wrote “I give up control” on that envelope. The key should have reached him by Thursday, but as of Friday night, he had not sent me a message letting me know it had arrived or when I could come to him to get unlocked.

I woke up on Saturday, hoping that there would be something in my inbox to let me know I was going to be released. Nothing. I didn’t want to leave the house in case he sent an e-mail and I didn’t get it, so I sat at the computer. Not much point in looking for porn, given that I was locked up, but maybe I could find something to distract me. Finally, I heard the “ping” that I had a message.

“Be at the Trenton train station at 3.”

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Busman’s Holiday – Part 20

By lthr_jock

Clark stared at the computer in disbelief. Grumbling, he headed into the shower and started to lather himself down. He could barely believe what had happened to him – or what Vickers had made happen to him. He was abused, violated – and yet, on top of it all, he was still horny. A pain from his crotch reminded him of the cage still on him – a pain caused by his cock trying to get erect. He smiled ruefully as he realised that he had enjoyed the experience.

As he stood in front of the mirror towelling off, he looked at himself. His new haircut looked strange, but combined with his clean-shaven chin made him look 10 years younger. His body looked off without his covering of hair, but it gleamed and shone as he towelled down, and he wondered what it had looked like with the posing oil on. As he thought this through, his cock swelled again in the cuff, and he looked down, wondering what it would look like now that his pubic hair was gone. His muscles still held the marks of the harness chains, and there were red marks all over him from the bondage. Although he hadn’t been doing any exercise he ached, and with a towel wrapped around him he went back into his room and crashed out on the bed.

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Chastity Agreement

By Leatherboston

I am about to enter into a chastity agreement with a friend who is willing to be my key-holder and be strict and adhere to the conditions I list in a chastity agreement. See draft agreement. Just curious if you or your readers have any suggestions for additional stipulations for the contract? I want it to be realistic but also challenging.



This is an agreement dated __________ and between ______ , herein referred to as the caged male and ______, herein referred to as the key-holder. This is a consensual agreement between two adults of sound mind and body for chastity control and key-holder services. Both parties enter into this agreement freely and openly, and without coercion of any kind.

The contract will enter into force immediately on the date signed by both parties and will remain in effect for thirty days, self-renewing period, plus any earned penalty days.   After which time the contract will be satisfied and the key-holder will let the caged male go free. The caged male agrees to be locked in a chastity device for said contract period plus any penalty days earned during the contract period.

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His First Week as a Gimp

By Unowned in NYC

I’m driving home from work with a raging hard-on, knowing my gimp is sitting on the closet floor right where I left him this morning.  It’s only been a week since he quit his job, and since that first day,  this Monday, barely a moment has passed where I haven’t been throbbing in my pants, oozing precum.

I wonder if I’ll eventually get used to having a gimp, take it for granted, forgetting about him for hours at a time, no longer ready to bust my nut just picturing him.

Almost there.  It’s been all I could do to not whip out my dick and jerk off in the car, but I’m waiting until I get home so I can get into my full leather and see the gimp as I shoot my load.  Still early spring, so the days are still short.  It’s dusk as I take the last turn on to my street.  My place sits at a dead end.

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Frat Boy’s Bitch Boy – Part 05

By Greg Alexander

Trevor walked into Dirty Nick’s, sat down at the bar, and ordered a Guinness. Dirty Nick’s was a favorite for the boys of Delta Psi — for one thing because it was right down the street from the frat house, and for another because the owner was a former frat boy, which meant that guys like Trevor never got carded. Granted, Trevor had a fake, like everyone at Delta Psi. And anyway, he was coming up on 21 in a matter of months — he was old for his year. But it was good not to get carded.

Trevor spotted his group of friends sitting at one of the tables in the corner. They were all Delta Psi brothers, except for one or two dudes on the crew team. It wasn’t that Trevor had any particular problem hanging out with guys who weren’t in the frat, or on one of his teams, every now and then, but he found most of the guys at school to be tools, wusses, douche bags, or probably a little gay. The brothers of Delta Psi were the one exception — everyone one of them was a real bro, someone Trevor felt like he could chill with.

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Initial Slave Training Session

By bossox

i had contacted Master via the Recon site. i travel to Chicago fairly often and we agreed to meet one free afternoon that i had during my trip. i explained to Him what interested me and after several back and forth emails, it seemed like we might be a good fit. Master is a definitive top, strict and demanding but He assured me that He was safe and would respect my limits, but with a view towards generally expanding them. This gave me a great deal of comfort.

As to my interests, they’re your normal, run-of-the-mill slave sort of things:

  • Bondage and discipline of course – preference is for leather cuffs, steel handcuffs and other restraints, and chains rather than rope. i like punishment in the form of flogging and straps as opposed to spanking.
  • Uniforms – military and police.
  • Dress socks – particularly black OTCs. This is perhaps a bit beyond the run-of-the-mill stuff but they are so exciting. Suits too (probably a form of the uniform thing).
  • Scenes – military and prison.

The trip seemed to take forever between various meetings. Finally, the agreed time came and i drove to Master’s suburban home. i was a bit nervous and could feel my hear beating. But it was exciting too.

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Doug’s Machine

By slavebladeboi

“C’mon, strip!”

“Aw, not again, Doug.”

“Yeah. You know the plan. I make them, you try them.”

My partner for the last three years was Doug. He was an ‘artist in metal,’ at least that’s what his internet site says. In fact he makes the most amazing and clever metal bondage items to order or off the shelf that anyone can imagine. As his partner, I get to try them out to see if there are any rough edges or something that looks good on paper is simply an arse to get on or into.

“OK, but I was in the middle of your new ad for the site.”

“That’s fine, you’ll get plenty of time before Monday.”

My day job in IT brought in the regular money, while his skill brought in shed loads at times and nothing for the rest of the year.

“C’mon, strip here and get over into the workshop. You’ll be amazed.”

I usually was, it’s true. I heard him welding, sawing and hammering for the past few days, sometimes until midnight or more. Whatever was there now must be a real work of art.

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