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Busman’s Holiday – Part 23

By lthr_jock

Morrison sprawled out in the bed and stretched as he woke up. He yawned extravagantly, enjoying the way his toes tangled in the crisp clean sheets. He looked around the hotel room and scratched at his morning erection. He stopped, puzzled – had he dreamt he had returned to the prison? The memories were so clear – could he have dreamed that? Wondering at what was going on, he walked over to the window and pushed the curtains open to look outside, unworried that anyone would see his naked body through the glass.

The car park down below was speckled with vehicles and the quality of the light made him think that it was early morning. He leant against the window frame as he started to plan his day. His attention was drawn by movement beside a black Landrover. Someone had poked their head up from the other side of it and almost immediately ducked back down. Morrison watched the Landrover for any other movements and out of the corner of his eye saw some movement in the corner of the car park. It was close enough to the hotel that he couldn’t quite make it out and he pressed his face to the glass to try and make it out. He could see another black Landrover and what seemed to be movement on the other side of it.

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The Examination – Part 6

By Slavebladeboi

I stood at his feet, looking down at him lying on the open canvas body bag wet with sweat and smelling of the leather he was still wearing.

“You know what I do here don’t you?”

“Not sure Sir, but …”


“Well, Sir, if you have David here I presume it’s sort of punishment.”

“Sort of? I can do what I like in here, pain or pleasure. The choice is mine”

“Yes Sir.”

“What would you choose, Brand?”

“Not sure Sir, although …”

“Yes, finish Brand.”

“Well, Sir, I was going to say you could do anything you liked with me, Sir.”

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The Cage – Part 04

By Steellock

So here I am, it’s Friday and I am trotting down the stone stairs into the cellar bar, my boots thumping as I go down. Back in my thick leather bulldog chest harness and 20-hole black boots all covered by Camo trousers and a Levi jacket over a white T shirt.

At the bottom is an appointment with a tight steel gibbet cage. Last weekend I had spent a night in it; after a play session Ryan the barman had slept the sleep of the unjust in front of me while an Estim box had zapped pads all over my body at 30-second intervals. I had been twitching and writhing as much as the steel embrace allowed – which was virtually not at all! My cock was tired and sore after the evening’s entertainment but had still been pushing hard against the spikes in a chastity cage Ryan had locked on as he released me from ‘The Shed.’ I had ‘Mmmrrrpphh’ed all night through a rubber tongue gag unable to wake him and get him to turn the fucking thing off! The next morning he had commented that it was a good thing that pre-cum was not toxic to stainless steel, judging by the amount that I had dribbled onto the solid steel of the cage.

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Billy and Me – Part 6

By Tommy Guns

Because I was so tired from the previous night’s action, it wasn’t long before I drifted off into a restless sleep. I woke up several times with residual pain in my ass, and a desperate need to take a dump and a whiz. I don’t know how long I was out, but it must have been several hours. It was completely dark in the bedroom the first time I awoke. My best guess is that I had been locked in the stocks for about eight hours. I thought, indeed hoped, that Richie would be back soon, but he didn’t come back until just after I saw light creeping through the curtains on the bedroom window. I realized I’d been in the stocks for at least 18 hours.

I had long given up any idea of being able to hold off relieving my bladder, and I just pissed into the cod jock and let it flow wherever gravity would take it. I would have taken a dump if I could, and tried to force the butt plug out at least a little to allow the release of some built up gas and shit. But it was too firmly planted and I was really beginning to experience severe spasms of pain in my gut. To make matters worse, there had been quite a bit of seepage around the butt plug. I could feel and smell the odor of dried shit on both of my inner thighs. There was absolutely nothing erotic about my situation, just the sense of hopelessness, along with a total and inescapable loss of control.

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Billy and Me – Part 5

By Tommy Guns

When Richie came back out he was dressed in what looked like a full leather uniform, complete with Sam Browne belt. He was carrying a heavy looking but short leather sap in his right hand. He came over to me and brought the sap down on my left butt cheek with a sharp crack that sent a pain through me like a bolt of lightening. I let out a muffled scream through the gag, and saw him raising the sap again to take another shot.

This brought an involuntary response of me trying to jerk away from it, but this only sent more pain coursing through my ankles, wrists and shoulders. It didn’t matter what I did. There was no escaping the sap, and he whacked me with it again. This was clearly getting a bit out of hand, but there was nothing I could do about it. For the first time in a long time, I felt fear and total helplessness. At the same time I was beginning to become aroused again. I don’t know if my arousal was from the pain or helplessness, or from the sight of this gorgeous man, decked out in skin tight leathers, who had complete control over me.

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Billy and Me – Part 4

By Tommy Guns

 I think Billy needed to be completely in charge of my life, and wanted to expand my experiences to the maximum. He once told me a story of a prisoner he had abused in the Brig. The guy was awaiting a General Court Martial for desertion, and was being held in maximum security with little or no contact with other prisoners. Billy took advantage of the situation by offering favors and extra privileges in exchange for sexual activity that included bondage, toys and, eventually, a gang rape involving other guards and prisoners.

He described it in such detail, and became so aroused with each telling, that I soon decided that it might be worth experimenting a little more, and expand my horizons.

I asked Billy to introduce one of his friends to our scenes just to see how it would go down, and whether it was something I wanted to get into on a more regular basis. Quite frankly, part of me realized that unless I was willing to get more deeply into bondage and group scenes that I would eventually lose Billy. That was not a chance I was willing to take.

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Billy and Me – Part 3

By Tommy Guns

Other than my uniforms, I’d never spent a lot of time or money on clothes, and had never given any thought to leather clothing other than a jacket. I was intrigued and wondered how they would fit and feel. The smell of the leather was at once intoxicating and arousing. When I pulled on the shorts that were like running shorts, the feel of the raw leather against my skin was simply delightful and sexy at the same time. My hard on came back with a vigor, barely contained by the tightness of the leather shorts that pushed my cock off to the side.

They put enough pressure on my balls that it felt like they were being gently crushed – not painful exactly, but I knew I needed to calm down before I came in the shorts. It’s the same reaction I had the first time I had put on my Dress Blues after graduation from boot camp. If you haven’t experienced the sensation, no explanation is possible. If you have, none is necessary! The shorts did have an interesting feature – a zipper that ran from the front, down under the crotch, and all the way back up the ass to about an inch of the waist band. I immediately saw the convenience of this arrangement and thought whoever invented it was a genius. You could have sex without undressing – cool!

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Billy and Me – Part 2

By Tommy Guns

When Billy reported to Camp Lejeune he was assigned to the Provost Marshal’s office, and later became the NCOIC of the Brig. By this time, we were both Staff NCOs, and there just weren’t that many peacetime billets for us after Vietnam wound down. Either of us was capable of sniping a target with the proverbial ‘one shot, one kill’ accuracy at more than 750 meters, but there wasn’t much call for trained snipers at that time in either the Corps or civilian life, unless you wanted to apply for a job with the mob! As a result, our duty billets were more mundane. He wound up being an MP, and I trained young Marines in advanced marksmanship. To say we both missed the action of Vietnam would be a gross understatement. Quite frankly we were BORED, and I guess that’s why Billy got more deeply into the leather and bondage scene. God knows, as the NCOIC of the Brig, he had plenty of time and potential victims to hone his craft. But I digress.

We entered Billy’s apartment, literally tearing at each other’s clothes. I was so turned on by him in leather that I couldn’t wait to get his cock in my mouth and wanted to suck it until his head caved in. This time, however, Billy played rougher than before. Just as I was getting into a face fucking rhythm, Billy pushed me off his cock and threw me roughly down on his carpeted floor.

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