The Boxer

Here’s another one from Straight Men In Trouble:

boxer-117The handsome, muscular boxer finds himself hanging from the rafters in the locker room when a masked man approaches. He struggles to free himself as the man begins to fondle and caress his firm, muscle bound form, sending waves of disgust and revulsion through his sexy body. The man’s hands seem to be everywhere, touching and exploring every inch of him. The young man’s struggles grow more desperate when the man begins to rip and tear his shorts from his body, but he’s powerless to resist, and soon finds himself hanging naked at the mercy of this strange man.

boxer-217The boxer is tied to the bench, naked, restrained and defenseless, when a strange man approaches. He struggles to free himself, but the man seems determined to take advantage of his situation. He fondles the young boxer’s body, exploring every muscle, as the boxer writhes in disgust. Then, he takes the young man’s cock in his hand and slowly begins stroking. The boxer is horrified when his cock begins to respond in spite of his efforts to resist, and he soon succumbs to the waves of pleasure the man is inflicting. Finally he can resist no more. His body tenses and he looses control, shooting his load on the strange man’s hand as he lays there humiliated and defeated.

boxer-307Hanging from the rafters, the young boxer is powerless to defend himself as the masked man enters the locker room carrying a vicious looking frat paddle, lowers his shorts and begins a relentless beating of his firm, muscular ass. He cries out in pain, grunting and moaning with every blow as they fall on his reddening butt. Clad only in his jock, he looks so sexy as he writhes in agony while the man continues his punishment with a yard stick, making him perform a perverse kind of dance for his amusement as he beats the young man into submission.

boxer-408With his wrists tied to his muscular calves, the young boxer is unable to defend himself when the masked man returns to begin an assault on his feet. First with a metal rod, then with a cane and crop, he inflicts a cruel beating of the boxers tender soles as he writhes in agony, crying out in pain with every blow.


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