Bound and suspended upside down while brutally fucked by a machine

A stud endures brutal face and ass fucking by a crowd of strangers while suspended upside down at Bound In Public


Sexy, ripped stud Trent Diesel is marched into a huge room packed with strangers, who fondle and grope him until he’s quivering with lust. Next he is suspended upside down and fucked by a fucking machine while having his mouth fucked by a line of guys with huge cocks. After he is rewarded with a face full of cum, he’s locked into a stockade, where he is helpless and submits to whatever the crowd inflicts on him. Trent ends up bound to a revolving turntable where the now frenzied men take turns spinning him around as they fuck his face and ass before they shoot their loads all over his hot stud body.

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Wrestler gets gang banged in a public restroom for losing his match

Also at Bound In Public, wrestler Kieron Ryan gets humiliated and fucked by a horny crowd in a public restroom for losing his match.


It’s the end of a wrestling competition. People are pissed because their home team lost. They find Kieron Ryan, the wrestler who lost the match, in the restroom. Phenix Saint takes it out on the stud and the crowd jumps in to help. They humiliate him by making him wear his wrestling singlet and shove their dicks in his mouth. Phenix pisses all over his face several times. To clean him off, they dunk his head in the mop bucket and fuck him with the mop handle. Everybody takes turns fucking the exhausted athlete in the toilet stall and shove their cum down his throat.

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Car Whore

In this vintage shoot from Bound In Public, Spencer Reed and a bunch of car mechanics take turns fucking Gianni Lucca in a public auto garage.


Spencer Reed binds Gianni Luca with duct tape and throws him in the back of the van for a joy ride. He pulls into an auto garage, and not long before the mechanics and customers join in with the fun. They give the captive a hard face fuck and make him crawl around dragging car tires in public. The hungry car whore begs for more, so Spencer strings him up on the car lift for a good, old-fashioned gangbang. With a worn-out, juicy hole and face full of cum, the car whore is used up and spent for the day.

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