Christian Wilde fucks and dominates a new sub in his playroom

In this vintage Bound Gods update, Christian Wilde works over Travis Irons.


Christian uses his silent and brooding style of domming to keep Travis guessing as he’s blindfolded and belted to the pipes. In a stressful sitting position, Travis has his nipples clamped to a weight. He sucks Christian’s cock as he’s made to look at his own predicament in the mirror. Christian breaks his calm, sensual style with a hard flogging that makes Travis beg for Christian’s cock. He fucks the captive in chastity and cums on his face.

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The Creepy Handyman ties his new victim up and fucks him senseless


Micky Mackenzie showers in the locker room before Adam Herst sneaks up from behind and takes him captive. Micky struggles to get free, but the rope around his body is bound too tight for any chance of escape. Mr. Herst sucks on the stud captive’s hard cock before working him over with the riding crop. A flogging is next. Later, tied down on the bed, Micky is tormented even more with a caning as he bites down on the rope gag in his mouth. Mr. Herst plunges his big hard cock deep in the captive’s ass until leaving him with a face full of cum.

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Metalbond mail: Blog reader asks for advice after a heavy scene

Hi Metalbond,

I consider you my mentor and subject matter expert when it comes to intense bondage. I had an amazing bondage weekend, with eight different intense bondage scenes in less than 60 hours. The Sir said I that in one weekend I was “a boy, a pup, a pig, a puppet, a slave and a sub.” As much as I crave the feeling and the scenes were all amazing, by the time I got home after a four-hour train ride, I got home alone and I felt this immense down feeling that the body is trying to figure out what’s going on. I wonder if it were all the screaming though the gag, heavy-duty hood, or struggling through the tight arm binder hogtie or the rubber gimp suit or sleep sack with heavy rope tie down bondage that exhausted my stress and energy and the body is feeling empty or down. I have been asking my bondage friends, many of whom have experienced that. Have you? If so what do you do to deal with it and mitigate it?



Metal responds,

Hey there, thanks for getting in touch!

Sounds like you had an awesome weekend, and with all that struggling it is no wonder you are exhausted.

My advice is to take it easy, get a good night’s sleep, beat off if you haven’t already, and in the morning have some gatorade (you need to replenish your elecrolytes!) and also a good stretch or even a massage.

Eight scenes in less than 60 hours? Do you know how many guys would give their left nut for that sort of treatment? Fucking awesome.

Enjoy the afterglow, buddy. You have earned it.


Prisoners are chained across from each other


The pee-shy prisoner is chained down across from his cellmate and told that they would remain chained until he summons the courage to piss but when inspiration fails to bring the flow, he and his companion start to pass the time. Both hard and frustrated, they test the limits of their chains and find that they are both barely within reach of each other.

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