Water Sports

This gimp recently joined popular rubber club RMSF – Rubber Men of San Francisco. As such, he is required to pass the “new member initiation test,” which, until now, has never been seen by the public. Late one night the guys from Serious Male Bondage sent an undercover photographer to scale the fence around the club’s compound and shoot this video. They were told the reason for keeping the bizarre initiation under wraps is that it might create a flood of people wanting to join the club, just to experience this unusual treatment.


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By Doug UK

I found myself floating, with some kind of forward movement as if in a tunnel, although not quite a tunnel, just blackness which surrounded and enveloped me. It was a sensation I’ve had before in dreams, and yet this was not a dream. Ahead, I could see a glow of light, and slowly, almost like flying in slow motion, I moved towards it.

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Up Your Alley – Part 2

By ty dehner

After arriving home, I am led back to the play space and laid down on a bed. Soon Kevin is putting me into a heavy rubber sleep sack. I struggle a little bit, for I thought it was late and I should be returning to my hotel room. I try to remind him through the gag that keeps my mouth open and continue to drool. He shocks me and talks forcefully into my ear.

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