Sucking Sir’s nightstick

At Iron Lockup, the prisoner’s eyes are transfixed on Sir as he orders him to open up and deep throat his nightstick. The captive is then bent over the prison toilet and made to take a beating to his junk and ass. Sir then face fucks the prisoner, but instead of cumming he showers him in piss.


full_04 full_09


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Master Wants to Play

After Jakob is taken out of the cage for some fun at Bad Boy Bondage, he is first inspected from head to toe, and then tied to the cross. Master Steven strokes and sucks his captive to keep him hard, all the while using a rough flogger to mix pleasure and pain.


full_09 full_10


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My Rockview Mental Institution Stay – Part 4: Wet Sheet Therapy

By Straitjacketkwf2

As I have previously noted, Rockview Mental Institution is modeled from the period of the late 1940s and 1950s, before Thorazine became the preferred method of controlling and calming the disturbed patient. In that era the straitjacket, the padded cell, four-point restraint, therapy baths and the cold wet pack treatment were in common use. The staff at Rockview concluded that I was still too agitated despite the treatments I had experienced during my first full day and second night. It was time to up the ante so to speak: I would be subjected to the wet sheet pack.

The treatment involves wrapping the patient from neck to below the feet in cold sheets and heavy blankets. The body heat from the patient warms the sheets to a very warm state; the transfer of heat requires tremendous work on the part of the body and the patient is left lethargic and exhausted from the experience.

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Public display of bondage at Up Your Alley street fair


Here’s one more vintage shoot from the men over at Bound In Public. In this one, a muscle slave is stripped naked, used and humiliated while hordes of people take photos

14051_p_01 14051_p_02

Josh West and Spencer Reed drag Jason Miller, who is bound, completely naked and barefoot, through Up Your Alley Aka Dore Alley Fair. The crowd cheers as Josh beats the hell out of him. Spencer makes the captive crawl around and suck his foot in public. The crowd goes wild as Jason squirms and screams with an electric buttplug in his ass. He endures the single tail whip and the full body zipper. The doms find an open garage and fuck the man hard. Other dudes jump in on the action. They all blow their loads on his face. The muscle slave is dragged through the streets one more time with a face full of cum.



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Underwear Thief Captured

In another vintage shot from Bound In Public, an underwear thief gets captured and gang banged at a local laundry mat


Mitch Vaughn is a perv lurking around the laundromat looking to snatch some of the studs’ underwear for his personal collection. He gets caught sniffing somebody’s drawers, so the guys make him pay. They tear his clothes off to reveal Mitch’s ripped body and beat on his huge chest. The big man can do nothing with all the guys on him making him suck cock and eat ass. They spread him out and flog his entire body before throwing him in a cart and ramming his ass into all of their hard dicks as he yells to the passersby for help. After Mitch receives a face full of cum, he gets his load milked out of him and licks it off the window in plain view of the street.

19858_p_04 19858_p_11 19858_p_15 19858_p_20 19858_p_21


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Sex in the Slaughter House

In this vintage shoot from Bound In Public, Noah Brooks is gang fucked in a slaughterhouse full of naked men


Noah Brooks is the entertainment for a group of horny men as he’s led around by Spencer Reed looking hot as ever. They rip the clothes off the innocent Noah and expose his milky white ass right away. They slap the captive around as he blows the crowd. Spencer throws him on the bondage board and fucks his ass while he’s suffocated with a plastic bag over his head. Next is the electric butt plug, loads from the audience and a gang fuck in the medical chair. The crowd demands more, so Noah is covered in clothespins and hosed down before getting a nasty public enema and shooting it on a lucky onlooker. The prisoner is cum on by everyone to the cheers of the audience.

18988_p_06 18988_p_11 18988_p_12 18988_p_14


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Jail Story – Part 3

By Bound2Plzu

After a winter that seemed to have no end, we seemed to skip spring and go right into 
summer. I was thrilled beyond belief when the phone rang on Friday afternoon and it was my policeman friend Troy. He asked if I was ready to spend some more jail time over the weekend. I said, “Of course I am!” He said he’d pick me up during his evening shift.

At 5, I hustled home, changed into jeans and a tee, threw some cuffs and leg irons into a small gym bag and was ready. After I grabbed a sandwich, Troy knocked on the door and we were off. The jail building was unchanged from the fall. Up on third floor the cells were just as they had been when we left them. The usual clicks and clank noises and my cell opened up. I entered with my bag, and Troy left the control leavers and followed me in.

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