Slave 401 graciously accepts his place firmly under the boot and chains of Christian Wilde


Arms bound high above his head, Chris Harder, now Slave 401, struggles to stand at attention in the presence of Christian Wilde. Mr. Wilde gives a full inspection of #401 and reminds the new slave of his responsibilities: hard cock, clean ass and clear mind. With those expectations made clear, Mr. Wilde works #401 into an erection before cropping him viciously. He has the slave clean his boots and cock, still laying down a brutal cropping. #401 maintains a hard-on through this treatment, so Mr. Wilde binds the slave to a horizontal beam to inspect his ass. Sufficiently clean, Mr. Wilde fucks #401 relentlessly before suspending #401’s legs above his head, helpless to escape a hard flogging. Mr. Wilde then chains #401 over a cage and continues fucking the slave. #401 offers deep, vocal gratitude for Mr. Wilde’s massive cock and the hot wax poured onto his chest and back. With #401 painted red and black by the wax, Mr. Wilde fucks the cum out of him and smears the slave’s load all over his face. Mr. Wilde finishes with his own load into the slave’s mouth, promising more in the days to come.

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Copdar – The Submissive State Trooper

By Cuffsandcops

During the early part of my 20s, I spent a lot of time on various websites and in chatrooms figuring out who I am and what I like. It was in these forums that I discovered my Copdar. This is a story of an officer who made it blatantly obvious who he was and what he liked. I regularly checked into chatrooms that were within a reasonable driving distance from my home. While in a room that was 2 hours away, I noticed a screen name with the words bound, cop, and some number that I cannot recall now. I immediately struck up a conversation with him.

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Chained up at CMNM

Stark naked and bound in chains in the middle of the nightclub, hetero John is overwhelmed by the physical sensation of being roughly groped by groups of horny men at

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They seize his penis slicked up with grease and jerk him insistently till he can’t help growing a stiff hard on and his balls are aching for release. Thoroughly embarrassed by how totally his body has been used, John will never tell his girlfriend what happened, but he’ll never forget the feeling of being stark naked and milked dry.

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From my previous accounts, you will know that my boyfriend and I have developed a serious power play dynamic, which did not occur until a couple of years into our relationship.  I always had a strong desire to be bound and punished, and eventually awakened a dominant side of David that continues to blow my mind.  He keeps me in a steady rotation of chastity devices, overnight bondage scenes, and just plain hot sex.  Occasionally we play with others, but mostly we enjoy finding ways to be creative in our sexual pursuits together.  Our last vacation got creative.

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Lukas at BreederFuckers

made to jerk off other men while being wankedLukas can hardly blame the men at BreederFuckers for going wild wanting to use his hairy masculine body with the heady masculine odor he emits. Tied and stripped down to his skivvies, his detainers get turned on by the pheromones that radiate from his manly body.

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He’s made to jerk off other men while being wanked, his ass and torso are flogged. Then his tight asshole is fingered and fucked with a vibrator. His naked used body is left on display while he whimpers beneath his ball gag.

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