Roommate Tickle Wager: Craps You Lose

By Jack

My roommate Zack and I, just before he moved back to the midwest to a different college, used to hang in the living room, drinking sherry (of all things) and shooting craps. We were way into it, and would have some fierce, marathon games, sometimes lasting until dawn. We sorta played by Hoyle, but some rules we made up as we went along. We were very competitive, really rubbed it in when the other guy lost. Zack was especially sadistic when I lost, calling me a wuss and a loser and stuff. We played with stacks of nickels, and the game was over when one guy won all the other guy’s nickels.

Now, Zack is very ticklish, but only his armpits. He is a muscular, wiry guy, 5’8″, 150#’s, smooth, clean-shaven, real handsome, with several tats. Very tough, hot, macho little 24 y.o. dude. Smooth, muscular chest, light wisps of blond hair in his armpits. Hated being tickled. No, I mean really HATED it. Used to tell me horror stories about his baby-sitter tying him up with electrical cord and tickling him until he pissed himself. Also, about his mother and older sister pinning him down with his arms over his head and tickling his armpits until he was screaming and crying. I listened to his stories with mock dread, and always seemed to feel sorry for him. So, yeah, I knew he was ticklish. And I knew he hated it.

But I also knew what a prick he was when I lost to him at craps.

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10 Days in Detention – Part 18

By socalbd

I’m not sure how long I slept. When I woke up it was still pitch black in the cell. I maneuvered myself onto my knees, wrists of course were still cuffed behind my back, and worked myself to what I thought was the center of the cell. I just knelt there and waited.

I wasn’t sure exactly what else to do. In my mind I wanted to please John. The handcuffs were the only restraints I was wearing so I had complete movement within the cell. I could get up and walk around but to be completely submitted in my head meant waiting. And the waiting should be in a manner befitting the station I was being trained to be… a bondage slave. Waiting, therefore, meant on knees, facing the door, head bowed, knees apart until John, my master, returned. This would be an appropriate position to be found in.

It was difficult to maintain this position. The cold, hard concrete floor was uncomfortable and painful to stay kneeling on without any padding between my knees and the floor. But such was the position of a bondage slave I kept telling myself.

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Wrestling match ends with bondage and humiliation for the loser

In this shoot from Naked Kombat:

JJ Knight returns for his third match, and he’s brought all 10 inches of his fat cock with him. After losing two matches in a row, JJ needs this victory to avoid a humiliating punishment. Standing in JJ’s way is hot newcomer Scotty Zee. He may have a cute smile and the boy-next door look, but Scotty is more than ready to give his opponent a devastating third loss. JJ tries to use his long body to his advantage by wrapping up his opponent, but Scotty’s endurance proves to be a challenge. He slams his opponent to the mat and chases JJ’s fat cock with his mouth in order to score more sex points. Bondage, tape gags and humiliation lie in store for the loser before having cock slammed down his throat. The punishment continues as the loser takes a rough fucking from behind and cum blasted all over his face.

jj_knight_vs_scotty_zee_gay_wrestling_01 jj_knight_vs_scotty_zee_gay_wrestling_02 jj_knight_vs_scotty_zee_gay_wrestling_03 jj_knight_vs_scotty_zee_gay_wrestling_04


Title of this shoot: JJ Knight vs Scotty Zee – Total Humiliation

Models in this shoot: JJ Knight, Scotty Zee

Short description: JJ Knight returns after a devastating 0-2 record, will he be able to redeem himself against newcomer Scotty Zee?

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God, I love these guys

I am so into porn stars. I think they are so hot and so talented and so very bold about their willingness to fuck and let everybody see. It’s even better if they also do bondage porn! Two of my all-time favorites personalities — Dominic Pacifico and Trenton Ducati — are featured in this recent shoot from Bound Gods. Check them out:

dominic_pacifico_and_trenton_ducati_gay_bondage_01 dominic_pacifico_and_trenton_ducati_gay_bondage_02 dominic_pacifico_and_trenton_ducati_gay_bondage_03 dominic_pacifico_and_trenton_ducati_gay_bondage_04 dominic_pacifico_and_trenton_ducati_gay_bondage_05


Here’s the description of this shoot at Bound Gods:

Dominic signed up for a coaching session with Trenton hoping to gain more muscle mass, but he soon realizes he’s going to get much more of a workout than he bargained for with his hunky chiseled instructor. Trenton shoves Dominic to the ground, rips off his shirt and makes him do pushups and planks while paddling his backside and putting clothespins all over. Dominic then finds himself bound tight to a dip station while Trenton pulls and stretches his aching balls before bringing out a zapper and shocking him repeatedly. The intensity only grows as Trenton ties Dominic’s hands above his head, punching and flogging him mercilessly before pulling his head down onto his massive cock and fucking his eager mouth. Trenton suspends Dominic from a weightlifting frame and canes his tender feet and ass before finally fucking him mid-air. On his knees, Dominic receives a face full of cum before he’s ordered to shoot all over Trenton’s boots and lick ’em clean.

dominic_pacifico_and_trenton_ducati_gay_bondage_06 dominic_pacifico_and_trenton_ducati_gay_bondage_07 dominic_pacifico_and_trenton_ducati_gay_bondage_08 dominic_pacifico_and_trenton_ducati_gay_bondage_09


Models in this shoot: Dominic Pacifico, Trenton Ducati

Title of this shoot: “This isn’t fucking Zumba!!!”

Short Description: Dominic gets more than he bargained for with Trenton’s extreme BDSM workout regimen.

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Update on the Metalbond Prison Library

Hey fellow prisoners,

Just an update that there are LOTS more gay bondage stories coming to the Metalbond site. There will be new chapters of some long-running stories — and some brand new ones by long-admired authors, plus some new authors as well. So keep checking back often.



There are a couple important things about the Prison Library to keep in mind, though:

First, for those of you who are into the new “VRansomwear” story by POW, I want to warn you that an upcoming chapter of this series is about to get VERY heavy — in fact, it might be too intense for some readers. This particular upcoming chapter will come with a “read at your own risk” warning, but I wanted to also warn you guys well in advance about this one.

Secondly, I have mentioned this before and I will say it again. For best results, it is recommended that you be locked in some form of restraint, or have someone else locked up, while you are reading stories in the prison library. Handcuffs, leg cuffs, darbies, cages, collars, or chastity devices of any kind — even a simple cup jock — are all acceptable forms of restraint. (The prisoner shown above is properly attired.) This important policy is in effect for everyone’s safety and enjoyment.


Pictures and video: Jared uses a dildo on Michael DelRay

Check out what Jared does to Michael DelRay at Dream Boy Bondage:

dream_boy_bondage_michael_delray_01 dream_boy_bondage_michael_delray_02 dream_boy_bondage_michael_delray_03 dream_boy_bondage_michael_delray_04 dream_boy_bondage_michael_delray_05

Yesterday, Michael DelRay pumped out a huge load of cum and was left chained to a concrete pillar overnight. Today, he is bent over a padded horse, wearing nothing but his designer jock. The whips and dildos that will be used on him sit just feet away, constant reminders of why he is bent over and bound. “You fuckin faggot,” Michael mutters when Jared enters, wondering out loud whether he should whip or fuck his slave. The answer, of course, is both. Jared smacks Michael’s ass with the leather spanker, then rips off his jock and violently fucks his pretty, pink asshole with a nasty dildo, making the captive scream bloody murder. Then he repeats the whole process, this time with a much nastier split-head spanker and an ever more brutal fucking.

Here’s a free video clip that looks awesome in full-screen mode:


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