Pictures and video: Riley is roped

Meanwhile at Roped Studs, Riley is roped on his back, a half dozen clothespins biting his nipples, struggling, with a hard dick.


Rope man J.J. loves to watch him squirm and moan in pleasurable agony. Then, in classic fashion, J.J. strings Riley’s cock and balls with more pins, finishing it off with a more painful, spring-loaded biting clamp right at the tip of his cock! J.J. watches as his captive moans and grunts as he twists and turns, the pain from the pins and clamps increasing every second as he lie bound in rope, helpless. Just as Riley thinks he might get some relief, J.J. decides to spice it up and play with those pins, nipples, cock and balls!

Roped_Studs_Riley_02 Roped_Studs_Riley_03


Here’s a free video preview clip:


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Your Choice

By BigMouthfla

It was a very tough decision to completely relinquish control and allow him to keep me chastised for as long as he desired. This is not an easy thing for a man to decide to do. Literally giving up full control and letting another man control your orgasms is a big step in a relationship. But, I did make that decision and chose this life.

It had been about a month since I decided to give in to him and give up full control. I’d been wearing a cb-2000, not the most secure device in the world and truth be told, I could orgasm through it if worked up enough. In this respect, life was not that bad – I get a thrill by not being able to unlock the device, but if things get too much, I can orgasm on my own when I choose to. Of course, I’d never let him know that.

On one Saturday morning, he said he wanted to tie me up so we could “play.” As he ties me up all the time, I didn’t think anything of it, so I gladly agreed. He tied me up in a standing position against the wall as he normally does. He started to rub my cock through the cage I was wearing. Of course it felt so good that I was moaning and didn’t want it to stop. I had to be careful as to not shoot off in front of him though.

He said, “I’m so glad that you’ve given me full control over your orgasms. I appreciate the trust you’ve placed with me. Now, I’m going to give you an option to have a little control yourself. I’ll give you three different options and you choose what works best for you. Your first option is to suck off 50 different cocks over a 10-week period – 5 per week. Your second option is to suck off 50 different cocks over a 25-week period – 2 per week. Your third option is to decline this offer and remain locked for an undetermined amount of time.”

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Continuous humiliation, relentless torment

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In this shoot from Bound Gods:

Sebastian Keys holds nothing back on his newest fuck slave, Chris Burke. Sebastian begins by savagely beating Chris with a crop while making him suck and swallow his hard cock. Chris takes everything from the Cat of Nine Tails to a brutal double zipper before Sebastian throws him down and fucks his tight ass. Sebastian covers Chris with hot cum, and is ready to call it a day, but Chris thirsts for more. Sebastian suspends Chris in the air, where he is bombarded with high-pressure water. Sebastian takes the opportunity to pummel him with a wet flogger while water continues to blast Chris’ swaying body. Chris loves the pain, and can’t help but shoot his load all over the floor.

Sebastian_Keys_Chris_Burke_01 Sebastian_Keys_Chris_Burke_02 Sebastian_Keys_Chris_Burke_03 Sebastian_Keys_Chris_Burke_04 Sebastian_Keys_Chris_Burke_05 Sebastian_Keys_Chris_Burke_06


Models in this shoot: Sebastian Keys, Chris Burke

Title: One take. No stopping. No Edit. Continuous humiliation. Relentless torment.

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Sebastian_Keys_Chris_Burke_07 Sebastian_Keys_Chris_Burke_08

Meet me at Folsom Street East

Who’s going to Folsom Street East?

This annual block party is being held Sunday, June 19, on West 27th Street between 10th and 11th avenues. Hours are 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

I, ‘Metal,” will be there — and I will have some locking metal restraints with me. Come say hello in person.



The Metalbond booth is on the south side of the street (the shady side) right between the New York Bondage Club and the Empire City Motorcycle Club.

Stop by and say hello.

If you’re game, I might slap a pair of cuffs on you!


Details for this event are here.


After Folsom Street East

The New York Bondage Club is holding an

“AFTER Folsom Street East Play Party”

Sunday, June 19

6 p.m. until 1 a.m. or later



Join the New York Bondage Club this week after the Folsom Street East Street Fair. The club will have an extra room open with new tables, a puppy cage, a jail cell, a new spread chair, and lots of new guys as well as many regulars. The club will be full. Don’t miss a great play party.

More details here.