TBT: An ‘old guard’ artifact

Check out the dress code from the Mineshaft:


Does anybody remember the Mineshaft? That was before my own time, but I did know its manager, Wally Wallace — who was a fixture of NYC’s gay leather scene for decades. According to legend, Wally once denied entry to the Mineshaft to Elton John, because the pop star showed up in violation of the above-mentioned dress code.

As for me, the closest I ever got to the Mineshaft was seeing the 2012 Off Off Broadway play “A Night at the Mineshaft.”

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Article about leather traditions and protocols here.

And, for a feel of that era, also check out the 1980 movie “Cruising.”

Dolf Dietrich endures abuse from Master Christian Wilde

Leather slave Dolf Dietrich awaits on bended knee for Master Christian Wilde, begging to feel his touch.

Mr Wilde obliges with heavy punches to Dolf’s muscled torso before working up his fat cock. Begging for abuse, Dolf endures the cat-o-nine tails before he’s bound to the wall, with a gag lodged in his mouth. Drooling all over himself, the bound slave takes a relentless flogging, the blindfold covering his eyes making it impossible to anticipate each blow. Dolf is rewarded with servicing his master’s rock hard cock and taken over to the bed. A row of clothespins line across Dolf’s muscular ass, his hole exposed as Christian crops each one off. For a final reward, Christian pounds his slave’s hole before erupting a huge load across Dolf’s face.

Models in this shoot: Dolf Dietrich, Christian Wilde

Title: Muscled hunk begs for his master’s abuse

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Welcome to prison, slave

Now bend over and cough. A full strip search at the reception of a prison is standard practice. What is less well known is the “slave auction” style strip. When a younger prisoner is brought in, the guards know full well that he is going to attract a massive amount of attention off the older lags. Left unmanaged, this can cause chaos amongst the highly sexually charged prison populace. Far better for the guards to have “first dibs” and decide which of the Alpha prisoners can take the young man as his personal sex toy…

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