Look who got locked up at Mens Central Prison

Reports are coming in from those who have been to the Mens Central Prison. Just within the past month, longtime Metalbond contributor MarkNorth has gone there. So has Pisslurper.

Who else has been there or is planning to go? Let me know!

MCP_MarkNorth_1 MCP_Pisslurper


For more information on this facility and the types of activities that happen there, you can visit the official Mens Central Prison website.


PLUS … Marknorth has written a fictionalized account of his true incarceration roleplay experience at the Mens Central Prison. Watch for his write-up, which includes plenty of photographs, to appear very soon in the Metalbond Prison Library.


And for those who want to learn even MORE about what goes on at Mens Central Prison, you can view numerous behind-the-scenes videos at Serious Male Bondage, a subscription-based site.


Bondage gear from Mr S

Here are some awesome restraints available from Mr S:


Static Rubber Bondage Tape

tape_R014-4 tape_R014-9 tape_R014-18This thin rubber tape uses static electricity, rather than glue, so you never need to worry about lost eyebrows or hair! Works great (and looks great!) as a blindfold or you can use it as a lightweight restraint. Since this rubber tape has a bit of stretch to it you are going to want to make sure you use a lot if you are using this as wrist restraints to make sure your captive can’t weasel his way out. It can also be worn as an accessory to any rubber outfit. Comes in 3 high gloss colors: black, red and white.



Neoprene Quick Restraints

NEO546-03 NEO546-09 NEO546-012Sometimes you want to just want to tie a guy down, get in, get off and get out. These new Velcro Restraints pack easy, are quick to slap on and don’t have the intimidation factor that some of the heavier restraints carry. Great for getting new guys to the scene comfortable enough to play, these easily bind hands behind the back or tie to the bed with just a little bit of rope.


To see more gear like this, go to Mr S






Sin eater

Check out these shots from Gangsterfuck:

Someone is born with a golden spoon in his mouth. Like young Richie Rich, his job is to be a SON. Pretending that he owns every place he is. That pissed off Hector a lot. He is a village gangster, who is working hard to make living. One day he stopped Richie, gets in his car and force him to drive out of the village. Let’s see how big person Richie is in the situation where money has no value.

Sin_eater_i1-14 Sin_eater_i1-22 Sin_eater_i1-24


To see more, go to Gangsterfuck

Chuck’s Cup Jock Chastity

Speaking of cup jock chastity, check out the pictures and information that Chuck sent a while back:



Chuck writes:

I was recently inspired by Metalbond’s post about using a cup to begin chastity training. So I wanted to show how a cup can also be used for REAL chastity.

Here’s a leather chastity belt I got from Worn Out West in The Castro. It works pretty well on its own, but by inserting a plastic cup (Like the one Metal suggested) into the pouch, it works perfectly … you are not able to touch ANY of your junk.

I wish I could wear this belt 24/7, but being leather, it’s not good to get it wet. Also, there’s no provision for when you need to go to the loo.

But here are a few pics to show how a cup makes a good belt better … even perfect for overnight and that morning wood, shall we say:

Chuck_02 Chuck_03

Here’s the chastity belt, the cup, and two combination locks, all needed for the restraint.


The cup sneaks in, ready to do its dirty work.

Getting everything in place here. Everything!

There it is, all good and tight. Now what were those combinations again?

There we are, all tucked in for the night. And I have tried hard, it will not come off. The belt fits just above my pelvis, and it won’t drop down when it’s strapped on and locked.

This thing is so comfy… I wish it would work all the time.


Chuck can be found on Gearfetish.com as “Kuffed.”

He’s also been featured over at SeriousMaleBondage from time to time.