Story writer needed

I have an idea for a gay bondage story, if someone wants to try their hand at writing something new for the Metalbond Prison Library. It’s based on something that has been in the news recently. If you are interested in hearing my idea and you are genuinely interested in writing, get in touch with me privately. It’s helpful if you are familiar with VR technology such as Oculus Rift and online communities such as Second Life.

Edged in bondage


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In this shoot from Men On Edge:

Sebastian manages to drag Van to tango lessons, where the two find a hot — yet totally cruel — instructor in Adam Ramzi. They have enough of Adam’s mean teaching method, capturing him and binding him in front of his dance studio’s windows. Against his protests and taunts, they cut his clothes off to reveal a chiseled body and beautiful cock. Sebastian’s tongue brings him to the edge over and over. Adam tries to fuck two hitachis pressing his throbbing cock head and balls. Adam ends up in a rope sling, dangling in front of his mirrors, watching his body twist against the denied orgasms. Van rigs a dildo into the web of ropes, making Adam fuck himself as he squirms with Sebastian worshipping his feet. They finally let Adam’s cock explode in thick, heavy cum. The punishment moves to tickling, taking advantage of Adam’s dazed state. But Van and Sebastian aren’t done yet: they still have to debut their dance number…

Adam_Ramzi_gay_bondage_01 Adam_Ramzi_gay_bondage_02 Adam_Ramzi_gay_bondage_03 Adam_Ramzi_gay_bondage_04 Adam_Ramzi_gay_bondage_05


Model in this shoot: Adam Ramzi

Title: World Premiere – The Forbidden Tango

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What a fun experience to feel up a rubber dude when you can’t see him, only feel him!

The guys at SeriousMaleBondage love wearing head-to-toe latex. Their sightless rubber hoods turn up the intensity of the experience and force them to grope each other. Then they raised the ante by lashing their subjects together in a 69 position with long strips of rubber. Hot!


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Jotto – gay erotic bondage artist

jotto a

jotto jotto-r jotto_jungle_boy_punished jotto gh

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