Night Walk to the Barracks

By Batard4skin

Once more, it is a true story…

I have been a soldier for a couple of years. The army was the kind of life I always wanted to get, and I did not regret to leave everything of my previous life behind. As a matter of fact, I would say today we had some odd way to behave, compare to the life I have now, after I left the army. But in the past, it was not rare to have odd way to behave, and get punished for that…I won’t make any psychology right here, and will tell you what happened one day…

The officer decided I was to be punished.

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Jack McGeorge

I learned over the weekend with great sadness about the death of Jack McGeorge.

Jack McGeorge

Jack was into some very serious locking metal bondage — among many other interests and life passions. And he was completely out and open about his interests, not only in his personal life but in his work and professional life as well.

I will always remember the GMSMA meeting in New York several years back when Jack locked me in a cravat in front of about 100 other guys. He asked for a volunteer, and I must have been the first guy to raise his hand. And he told a great story about flying home from overseas with spiked leg irons in his luggage, and telling the security agents all about them and what they were for.

You can read more about Jack on Lolita’s blog. Click here.


A weekend at bondage camp

I had a fantastic time this past weekend with 240-something amazing men.

I spent time in chains and other forms of serious locking metal restraint, and I also spent some time putting others in restraints of various forms. From the first night when I was locked down and stroked off (thanks, Bill and Ken … you guys are awesome!) to the strict metal hogtie (thanks Max!) to the various meals that I hobbled to under the control of some very interesting men (you have no idea how much I am into you guys!) to the last night when I enjoyed pissing on several other guys in Cabin V (fuck that was hot!) — I enjoyed every minute of the play weekend!

To all of you who were there — from alpha to beta to gamma to delta — thank you so very much for keeping my cock hard! I am still hard now just thinking about it!

And your positive feedback is very much appreciated. Thank you! I am thrilled, honored and humbled that you like my blog. And I promise to continue to update regularly.

Please keep in touch using the email address to the right. Send me pictures, true life stories, personal accounts and private thoughts.

And more than anything else … thanks for keeping it HOT!!! You guys are fucking amazing!


Billy and Me – Parts 4 to 6

By Tommy Guns

Part 4

I think Billy needed to be completely in charge of my life, and wanted to expand my experiences to the maximum. He once told me a story of a prisoner he had abused in the Brig. The guy was awaiting a General Court Martial for desertion, and was being held in maximum security with little or no contact with other prisoners. Billy took advantage of the situation by offering favors and extra privileges in exchange for sexual activity that included bondage, toys and, eventually, a gang rape involving other guards and prisoners.

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Billy and Me – Parts 1 to 3

By Tommy Guns

Part 1

I was on my daily run, wearing nothing but a pair of red nylon jogging shorts and tennis shoes, when a panel van first passed me and then turned abruptly to block my path. Two guys jumped out of the side door and tackled me. They forced me to the ground and handcuffed my wrists behind my back. I tried to kick out at them, but they quickly snapped a set of short chain leg irons on my ankles.

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The Apprentice Welder

By Skinric

Part 1

Home from the age of 16 was a shared tenement building on the rough side of the world infamous Gorbals district of Glasgow. Well it could be said that there wasn’t really a good side to the Gorbals district, except the community and neighbourly spirit. The tenement flat had two bedrooms, kitchen and a lounge, which was shared with a three other lads, like me new apprentices at the big John Browns shipyard on the Clyde.

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