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Update from Metal: Story week starts Monday night in the Prison Library

Hey prisoners, just an update that “story week” will start tomorrow (Monday, April 24) with one new gay bondage story or chapter update posted each night. There is newly written fiction or chapter updates from lthr_jock, Unowned in NYC, Mister X-Spartan, Bikermike and Greg Alexander — so be sure to come back often to see what’s new.


Oh, and speaking of stories, it is really nice of you guys when you contact me via email or instant messenger on Recon to tell me how much you enjoyed a particular author’s work — but please remember to leave a comment on the Metalbond site as well, so that the author of the story you like can see. You don’t have to leave your real name or even a real email address. But please write something in the comment box for the stories you like!

Update on the Metalbond site

Hey prisoners, I recently moved the Metalbond site to a new, dedicated server, so this site should be loading faster and better now without that “resource limit reached” white screen that had been coming up occasionally.

The actual move took place on Feb 10. Since the site has been moved, though, a few have reported to me that images have not been loading. What are you seeing?

My site host tells me this is an ISP issue and that if you empty your cache and restart you should be able to see the pictures, but if you still don’t please let me know via email or you can hit me up on Twitter or Recon.

The more details you can provide about problems you might be having (if any) the better. Or if you just want to leave a general comment about the site you can do so as well.

I would like to hear from you.

Reading gay bondage stories while locked in chastity

I love getting emails and pictures from guys who are locked in something when viewing the Metalbond site. Like the guy pictured below, who goes by the name of Chain.


Chain writes,

Dear Metal:

Got locked up recently. Spent the evening rereading New Year’s Resolution. Such a hot story. Gets me hard every time, well, it would if I wasn’t locked. Would love to be involved in something similar to that — turned into a muscled sex slave stud…

As I was flipping through chapter after chapter, I noticed another story that caught my attention: Arrested and Jailed. Woof. Was just chatting with one of my friends how that would be such a hot role play scene — one of my fantasies.

With my dick locked, it was straining at the cage, searching for relief. Didn’t realize how much I was leaking until I stood up and the precum poured out of the cage.

So, it is now 5:43 in the morning — my alarm is going off shortly and I have been up most of the night from being locked and horny as fuck from reading stories in your prison library.

Thank you and keep those stories cumming!

— Chain


P.S. I have such a love/hate relationship with this Holy Trainer — see how long I can stay locked.

There are so many great stories in your prison library, and reading them while locked can cause quite a stir in the cage. One of the things I love about being locked up: The cock trying to get hard when aroused. Woof! Not so much the night time boners that wake me up several times a night.

Sent an author friend over to your site. He was looking for some place to share his stories. He likes to write about leather guys kidnapping unsuspecting guys and using them for their pleasure. His stories are really hot and well written.

Metalbond A to Z: Metalbond Q&A

At long last, the Metalbond A to Z postings continue with the letter Q. It took me a while to think of something for this letter, and then I realized the answer was staring me right in the face! The Metalbond Q&A section, of course. Every once in a while I get to interview a key gay bondage personality:


Pictured above, subjects have included Dirk Caber, Sebastian Keys, Kristofer Weston, Christopher Miers from Steelwerks Extreme — and Jared of Dream Boy Bondage.

Click their pictures above to go directly to their respective Q&As — or to read them all click here.

Bondage stories by PFC Pflege, Mister-X/Spartan and others



Check out these stories in the Prison Library:

Vasquez by PFC Pflege

PFC Pflege (of blessed memory) is one of my favorite authors. He writes for the Bondagezine site, but Master Jack has graciously allowed this to be shared here on Metalbond.

And here are some other stories:

Bondage Fantasy World (one of many by Mister X/Spartan)

The Box

How to Kill a Superhero: A Gay Bondage Manual

There will be more stories in the coming days and weeks, so keep coming back to check often. If you want to try your hand at writing, let me know.

ALSO, AN UPDATE: I was contacted recently by a Prison Library reader who suggested a number of enhancements, including better navigation between chapters of the multi-part stories. This is very good advice, indeed. But I would have to pay somebody for an update to this site’s architecture, and that could get complicated (and expensive). But meanwhile I have gone in by hand added “click for next part” and “click for previous part” to several of the multi-part stories, including Bondage Fantasy World and its sequel, Another Bondage Fantasy World Client, and The Box — plus to the popular 10 Days in Detention series. So check those stories out and let me know if the flow between parts works better.