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Training the Sergeant – Part 7

By lthr_jock

Davis was gasping as he pounded up the pavement at the end of his eight-mile run. Going on a run was not unusual for Davis – the length of the run and what he was wearing was. He had on a pair of black Underarmour compression shorts, a black and orange pair of Adidas trainers and a sleeveless orange and black compression vest. He had on nothing else except his iPod, which was docked in a holder on his right bicep. Today’s run had been a good one, so he’d done eight rather than five miles. It felt like he was floating along, so he had cranked the music up and ran around oblivious to the stares of the public, who got an extremely good view of the bulge barely hidden by his shorts.

As he approached his house he saw someone stepping away from his doorstep. He pulled out his ear-buds. “Hey there – can I help you with something?”

The man turned and Davis recognised him, though he wasn’t totally sure from where. It was a 6-foot tall young black man – maybe in his late 20s. He was wearing a tight pair of leather jeans, boots and a white wife-beater vest under a leather jacket. His hair was neatly trimmed and he was clean-shaven.

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Bad Cop: Scene 2 with Donnie Dean and Ricky Decker

From TitanMen, here are shots of Scene 2 of Bad Cop with Donnie Dean and Ricky Decker:

bcop_scene02_Dean_Decker_001 bcop_scene02_Dean_Decker_003 bcop_scene02_Dean_Decker_004 bcop_scene02_Dean_Decker_005 bcop_scene02_Dean_Decker_006

As Ricky Decker takes a break and works out some tensions in a garage, Donnie Dean comes in to catch him. Turned on by this, Donnie quickly takes advantage and goes down on Ricky, who soon returns the favor. After a little swordplay, Ricky soon bends over the hottie Donnie.


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His naked body is strip searched by uniformed guards

At StripSearchHell, it’s comical that he still thinks that obeying the rules is beneath him. He’s been in clink for 2 weeks, and this muscular hairy fuck hasn’t realised that it doesn’t matter what he thinks. It doesn’t matter that he was once the big man. In here, he is a little bitch that got caught and now his body is the plaything of the guards. I bet he thinks they are too stupid to even look at him naked, much less touch his ass. Maybe he’s right, but that’s the rub when you’re thrown in jail, big man!

Gay_forced_to_strip_bondage_01 Gay_forced_to_strip_bondage_02 Gay_forced_to_strip_bondage_03 Gay_forced_to_strip_bondage_04 Gay_forced_to_strip_bondage_05 Gay_forced_to_strip_bondage_06 Gay_forced_to_strip_bondage_07 Gay_forced_to_strip_bondage_08 Gay_forced_to_strip_bondage_09


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