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Initial Slave Training Session

By bossox

i had contacted Master via the Recon site. i travel to Chicago fairly often and we agreed to meet one free afternoon that i had during my trip. i explained to Him what interested me and after several back and forth emails, it seemed like we might be a good fit. Master is a definitive top, strict and demanding but He assured me that He was safe and would respect my limits, but with a view towards generally expanding them. This gave me a great deal of comfort.

As to my interests, they’re your normal, run-of-the-mill slave sort of things:

  • Bondage and discipline of course – preference is for leather cuffs, steel handcuffs and other restraints, and chains rather than rope. i like punishment in the form of flogging and straps as opposed to spanking.
  • Uniforms – military and police.
  • Dress socks – particularly black OTCs. This is perhaps a bit beyond the run-of-the-mill stuff but they are so exciting. Suits too (probably a form of the uniform thing).
  • Scenes – military and prison.

The trip seemed to take forever between various meetings. Finally, the agreed time came and i drove to Master’s suburban home. i was a bit nervous and could feel my hear beating. But it was exciting too.

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Busman’s Holiday – Part 17

By lthr_jock

Vickers looked at the message Morrison had sent him and nodded thoughtfully. Getting Clark to have a full body shave was something he had been thinking about for a while. However, convincing him might be tricky. Clark hadn’t replied to him since delivering the book to Morrison and Vickers was concerned that he might have overplayed his hand. He checked Clark’s browsing history and smiled. Clark was still going to lots of bondage and leather sites, along with plenty that showed muscle men in bondage. He was also regularly checking on Vickers’ site and looking at the comments that people were making about his photos.

Vickers grinned and posted a comment anonymously. “Great model, but would be so much better with a smooth body.”

He sat back – he knew others would chime in and at least plant a seed in Clark’s mind. He wouldn’t contact Clark himself for a couple of weeks – and even then, just to remind him about the rest of his debt.

* * *

Clark spent the next couple of days at home – ostensibly sick. He was terrified that the police would knock on his door and didn’t want to face Morrison as he was sure the prisoner would try and use his action as leverage. He couldn’t just sit at home surfing for porn though, so he spent a lot of time at the gym.

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