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Initial Slave Training Session

By bossox

i had contacted Master via the Recon site. i travel to Chicago fairly often and we agreed to meet one free afternoon that i had during my trip. i explained to Him what interested me and after several back and forth emails, it seemed like we might be a good fit. Master is a definitive top, strict and demanding but He assured me that He was safe and would respect my limits, but with a view towards generally expanding them. This gave me a great deal of comfort.

As to my interests, they’re your normal, run-of-the-mill slave sort of things:

  • Bondage and discipline of course – preference is for leather cuffs, steel handcuffs and other restraints, and chains rather than rope. i like punishment in the form of flogging and straps as opposed to spanking.
  • Uniforms – military and police.
  • Dress socks – particularly black OTCs. This is perhaps a bit beyond the run-of-the-mill stuff but they are so exciting. Suits too (probably a form of the uniform thing).
  • Scenes – military and prison.

The trip seemed to take forever between various meetings. Finally, the agreed time came and i drove to Master’s suburban home. i was a bit nervous and could feel my hear beating. But it was exciting too.

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