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Dolf Dietrich endures abuse from Master Christian Wilde

Leather slave Dolf Dietrich awaits on bended knee for Master Christian Wilde, begging to feel his touch.

Mr Wilde obliges with heavy punches to Dolf’s muscled torso before working up his fat cock. Begging for abuse, Dolf endures the cat-o-nine tails before he’s bound to the wall, with a gag lodged in his mouth. Drooling all over himself, the bound slave takes a relentless flogging, the blindfold covering his eyes making it impossible to anticipate each blow. Dolf is rewarded with servicing his master’s rock hard cock and taken over to the bed. A row of clothespins line across Dolf’s muscular ass, his hole exposed as Christian crops each one off. For a final reward, Christian pounds his slave’s hole before erupting a huge load across Dolf’s face.

Models in this shoot: Dolf Dietrich, Christian Wilde

Title: Muscled hunk begs for his master’s abuse

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Dirty mechanic teaches a yuppy customer who’s the boss

At Bounds Gods, Seamus O’Reilly has been waiting for his car to be fixed at the shop, but unfortunately the mechanic, D Arclyte, told him it still needs more time. When Seamus starts getting irate and pitching a fit, D quickly grabs him by the neck and reminds him who the boss is in this garage. D slams the complainer against the back of the car and strips his shirt off. “Time to introduce you to my customer complaint department,” D exclaims as rope tightens around Seamus’ hands.

After a good spanking, Seamus is made to rim the dirty mechanic’s ass before swallowing cock. Strapped to the car lift, Seamus bites down on the underwear taped tightly shut into his mouth as D plays with the captive’s exposed cock. A flogging is encored with a vicious cropping before Seamus is suspended in the air for D’s cock. Seamus is dragged to the floor where his throbbing ginger cock gets worked over before shooting a giant load all over himself.

Models in this shoot: Seamus O’Reilly, D. Arclyte

Title: The Mechanic

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Doug’s Machine

By slavebladeboi

“C’mon, strip!”

“Aw, not again, Doug.”

“Yeah. You know the plan. I make them, you try them.”

My partner for the last three years was Doug. He was an ‘artist in metal,’ at least that’s what his internet site says. In fact he makes the most amazing and clever metal bondage items to order or off the shelf that anyone can imagine. As his partner, I get to try them out to see if there are any rough edges or something that looks good on paper is simply an arse to get on or into.

“OK, but I was in the middle of your new ad for the site.”

“That’s fine, you’ll get plenty of time before Monday.”

My day job in IT brought in the regular money, while his skill brought in shed loads at times and nothing for the rest of the year.

“C’mon, strip here and get over into the workshop. You’ll be amazed.”

I usually was, it’s true. I heard him welding, sawing and hammering for the past few days, sometimes until midnight or more. Whatever was there now must be a real work of art.

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Online hookup turns into a night of full bondage

Eager and horny, Grayson Frost waits in his apartment for his online hookup to show. When Christian Wilde walks through his door, Grayson is in awe. This is a recent shoot from Bound Gods. Christian can tell Grayson is a little nervous, so he gets right to business, telling him: “When I play, I play rough. Don’t waste my time.” Before he knows it, Grayson is pushed to his knees. His arms bound behind his back before taking every inch of Christian’s hard cock down his throat all while being beaten with his own belt.

Bound for the first time in full bondage, Grayson attempts to touch his cock but Christian has other plans for him. He edges the captive’s hard, uncut cock before ramming a giant plug up his ass to pry him open for Christian’s cock. Grayson feels the leather paddle beat his flesh while servicing Christian’s cock once more. Hot wax all over his balls and clover clamps across his chest, Grayson bites down on his ball gag as Christian removes the giant plug and replaces it with his giant rod. Once the clover clamps come off, Christian pulls the gag out of the boy’s mouth and rewards him with a massive load.


Models in this shoot: Christian Wilde, Grayson Frost

Title of this shoot: Online hookup turns into a night of kinky sex for BDSM virgin

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Busman’s Holiday – Part 19

By lthr_jock

Andy looked at the display on his phone: “Number withheld”. He had no idea who had called or why they would call him instead of Clarkie doing it himself. Obviously he had noticed the pickup truck pulling up outside Clark’s house – but when it went on into the garage he assumed that Clark had given them a key and the access code to the security system. The truck had left about 5 minutes ago and there was no sign of Clark anywhere. That wasn’t unusual – but Andy knew Clark was off work this weekend. He had noticed that Clark was away from home a lot more these last couple of months. Must be part of Clark’s new workout programme – which he had to admit was working. Clark was definitely bulking up well – for the first time he was bigger than Andy.

Andy was only wearing shorts and a T-shirt, so he slipped trainers and a hoodie on as it was just starting to rain outside. He jogged across the road, let himself into Clark’s house and then silenced the beeping of the alarm code by punching in his over-ride. The house was silent and empty – until Andy heard a muffled thump from upstairs followed by what seemed to be a low groan. Andy carefully padded up the stairs and heard another thump come from Clark’s room. Maybe one of the workmen was still here? In case it was something more sinister, Andy didn’t call out instead creeping carefully up to the door.

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Tied up at the gym

At Bound Gods, Jackson Fillmore waits on the dirty gym floor, gagged and immobilized as Jessie Colter finishes his workout. Now it’s playtime, Jessie drags his captive across the floor and cuts away his underwear, exposing his hard, uncut cock. He teases Jackson’s cock right until he’s about to blow his load, but Jessie has other plans.

Clover clamps decorate across Jackson’s hairy balls while another clamps his foreskin shut. Jessie then takes full mount and rams his cock down Jackson’s throat before stringing him up for a flogging. Jackson wriggles in the air as the flogs rain down, completely inverting himself as he tries to escape Jessie’s blows. The bound gym rat then finds himself beaten with the cane, his ass getting nice and tender before Jessie can slide his cock inside. Pounding away on his ass, Jessie milks the cum right out of Jackson’s cock and feeding him the leftovers.

Models in this shoot: Jackson Fillmore, Jessie Colter

Title of this shoot: Bound gym whore gets the cum fucked right out of his uncut cock

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Bathroom pig Connor Patricks worships Max Cameron’s huge cock

Also at Bound Gods, greedy bathroom pig Connor Patricks is perched in a grungy stall in the public bathroom anxiously awaiting more steaming golden showers when Max Cameron comes in, armed with a giant cock and an extra full bladder. Max drenches Connor, letting his fluids stream down the dirty slut’s body and into his steadily filling funnel gag before dragging his filthy new plaything out of the stall and throwing him to the floor.


After shoving his crotch in Connor’s face and throat fucking him with his thick hard cock, Max spanks and hand gags Connor while playing with his tight pink asshole, enjoying Connor’s screams as they echo throughout the bathroom. Connor is then tied up tightly and flogged mercilessly while gagging on Max’s dick, his own spit dribbling down his body as he struggles helplessly. Finally Max decides it’s time to give his captive his just desserts, and fucks him hard and fast against the urinals until Connor blows his load all over Max’s boots. After Connor has licked all of his cum off of Max’s boots, he sucks and worships Max’s cock until he’s rewarded with a huge thick load all over his face.


Models in this shoot: Connor Patricks, Max Cameron

Title of this shoot: Hung stud finds a dirty bathroom pig to worship his giant cock

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Jordan Boss dominates Jett Jax

Meanwhile at Bound Gods, Jordan Boss is hot, muscular and equipped with a deliciously thick cock and a sadistic hunger for power that few can match! Eager to punish, Jordan finds Jett Jax (House slave 996) awaiting him as a welcoming gift – and because no gift can be given without proper presentation, slave 996 is wrapped indeed; bound and struggling on a tiny pedestal at the mercy of his Dom.


Jordan wastes no time removing 996’s jock, and begins punching and manhandling his writing gift before bending him over the pedestal and clubbing his toned ass with a rubber baton, relishing in his slave’s screams of agony and pleasure. Next Jordan binds his slave to large, unyielding pieces of bamboo and flogs him mercilessly before fucking 996’s eager mouth with his domineering rock hard cock, demanding his submission and making him beg for a good hard fucking. Once the new Dom has had enough fun punishing his slave, he sets to work on his exceptionally tight asshole, slowly easing his dick farther and farther in until both studs are fucking in sheer exstacy. After railing his slave’s ass into the dungeon floor, Jordan blows his huge hot load all over the place and finally permits 996’s release as well.


Title of this shot: Welcome to the House, Master Boss

Models in this shoot: Jordan Boss, Jett Jax

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