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Yuris gets tied up in his white briefs

Hard tattooed man Yuris is in an absolute panic as he’s tied down with his arse up in the air while only wearing a tight pair of white pants. You can see the dark crevice of his arse crack through the sheer fabric. He’s achingly vulnerable but can do nothing to escape. Dave slides his hands all over his manly body and gags him. His pants are strongly wrenched up so the fabric slices up against his arsehole and crushes his big full balls. His underwear is destroyed, leaving his arse totally exposed to whatever devilish Dave wants to do with his shelf full of wicked discipline instruments.

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Yuris’ arse is beaten with a selection of implements till his pale arse cheeks are burning red. Now the lightest smack from a paddle hurts like a bitch! He’ll do anything to stop a further beating to his bum even suck the hard cock shoved in his face. Yuris gags on the stiff meat and the thick stench of a man’s crotch. He pushes himself to suck it to stop his spanking even though he’s drooling with rivers of snot dripping down his face. Dave pounds his hard cock into Yuris’ arse while he’s sucking. The pair screw him mercilessly at both ends till he’s painfully sore and dripping in cum.


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Lee is left feeling totally fucked in both his mind and body

Lee’s massive thick dong swings around in his tracksuit bottoms like he’s ready to drop his trousers and fuck at any moment. His tight bum has never been touched. Even though he doesn’t have a job, as soon as he gets any money he pisses it all away down at the pub on fruit machines. When Dave tricks him into coming back to the BreederFuckers lair, he squirms trying to answer pervy personal questions. But once they slip ropes around his wrists and ankles, he becomes a lot more vocal. By this time it’s too late, and they’ve got the fucker where we want him.

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Lee’s dick is gigantic and really easily excitable. Despite his protests and struggling his cock gets very stiff while they stroke it and run hands over his muscular body. The stupid cunt may shout homophobic insults, but the way his body reacts is much different. Even when his dick is flogged and weighed down with his junk being pulled painfully, it stays throbbing hard and hot.


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Craig gets strapped down

Craig is stark naked and strapped down arse up on a discipline bench. His mouth and arse have been left unused his whole life. He needs assertive instructions about how to go down on a man’s eager dick. When he clamps his jaw shut and jerks his head away, Dave corrects Craig by grabbing his ears hard and pushing his head down on Adrian’s erection. He thrusts in so deep Craig is gagging and feels he can barely breathe.

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The round furry bum of Yuris needs to be gayed up

It ought to be a routine procedure for the NHS to take control and ruin straight men’s arseholes. Luckily BreederFuckers are here to pick up the slack by opening a clinic where feckless heteros can be tied down and taken advantage of. Suited Yuris is marched in and tied arse up to the exam table. That round furry bum of his needs to be gayed up. His genitals are noosed so his big hulking ball sack bulges tight. That tight pink arse is now going to be stretched beyond recognition. Adrian and Dave pry open his sphincter so his hole is gaping.

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Yuris moans and hollers feeling the most acute pain of his life. His hetero arse immediately tightens up again so they need to amp up his procedure. A big fat dildo on a stick is shoved up his arse and they pound his pussy until his face is a deep shade of reddish purple. Yuris’ legs wriggle and kick unable to stop the relentless pounding in his arse. His tender foreskin is stretched open with a metal clip. He’s placed in bondage with a vicious hook slid up his arsehole so his bum sticks up in the air. At the same time those hairy cheeks are aggressively caned, but he’s locked in place with no way to escape. This is the proper way to ruin a hetero’s arse and this procedure should be rolled out nationwide.


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Craig gets strapped down stark naked to the discipline bench


At BreederFuckers, feisty hetero Craig has realised what a hellishly vulnerable position he’s in, strapped down stark naked to the discipline bench. Just when he begins begging for mercy they silence him with a gag. There’s no greater suffering for a straight man than the wicked tension of having his exposed arse pointed up with vicious salivating perverts circling it. Pain is more acute when it’s stretched out over a long period of time. Adrian whacks his arse continuously for so long that every slice of the cane hitting his sore red bottom is absolute agony for him.

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Craig will do anything to make it stop even beg for his gob to be filled with a fat angry dick. Dave fucks his mouth while Adrian spreads his sore arse cheeks. He rubs the head of his cock against Craig’s tight warm sphincter drawing out the tension. He plunges inside and fucks him hard. Notice how Craig helplessly kicks his legs unable to do anything to stop being mercilessly rammed. Adrian unleashes a stream of cum onto Craig’s face. While it’s dripping down his pretty features Dave plunges into his arse. Craig is shocked feeling a second man tearing into his arse and then he receives a second load on his ruined face. This straight man has now learned what it means to be a submissive bitch for randy men.


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Yuris crawls back for more at BreederFuckers


Yuris comes to BreederFuckers all suited up like a salesman, but the only thing they want from this kinky straight fucker is his fit, manly body and to use his pert muscular arse. They are going to make this hetero wish he’d never come crawling back. By the time he escapes it will be too late. With his nipples clamped he can be led around for slave training. Any lagging behind causes the most acute excruciating pain in those perky little nips. Dave pulls on the chain while Adrian slaps his big full balls. He’s bent over with his arsehole flashed for the whole world to see. When the clamps are removed from his nipples they are so tender that the smallest tweak makes the sorry fucker moan. Stark naked and in bondage on the floor, he wriggles pathetically trying to free himself. The ball gag stuffed in his mouth makes him droll something awful, so his slobber runs down his chest. What a sorry sight! How quickly they have turned this respectable young businessman to a whimpering slag!

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Tough guy takedown

Muscular straight stud Shane desperately wants some extra money, but he refuses to get fucked or do anything sexual with other men. At BreederFuckers, they compromise by asking him to pose for some photos while he’s in bondage. He submits to being expertly tied while fully clothed with his arms secured firmly behind his back. It’s all very friendly and cosy until the moment when those big tough muscles he’s worked for years to build up are full restrained. Now he’s helpless. They whip down his track suit bottoms to fully feel and appreciate this stud’s sculpted body. Shane detects something pervy and wrong is happening, but no matter how much he strains he can’t escape. His clothes are cut off from him, leaving him utterly exposed. Just tweaking Shane’s nipples gets him bucking like a bull, but they have much worse in store.



They grip and stroke his big healthy cock that’s only been used to screw his girlfriend. The rope gag secured to the ceiling is raised so he must balance painfully on his toes. They subdue the angry fucker, delivering some swift punches to his taut stomach and lashes to his body. Adrian wrenches his briefs up so they slice right into his arsehole and Dave can deliver a whacking to his big round arse cheeks. His big fat todger is jerked mercilessly and his tight hot hole is aggressively fingered. Shane’s thick cock is tied up and his balls are restrained. They are done fantasizing about what this fella looks like under his sporty gear. This is how Shane should always remain: naked, restrained and exposed for whatever they want to do to that sterling body.

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VRansomwear – Chapter 5




It had been fairly easy for Evan to find the rubberlad. The VRealWorld app on his phone had said he was in Central Park, then suddenly it said he was in the area of Lincoln Square. He had the cab driver cruise the streets while he scanned the sidewalks for anyone dressed all in rubber. There were few enough people out, and the guy stuck out like a sore thumb. He told the cabbie to pull over, tipped generously, and hit “Enter VRealWorld” on the app, watching the rubberlad as he did. The effect was immediate. The rubberlad stopped his plodding walk and started looking around. Evan climbed out of the cab and stood, watching. Very quickly, the rubberlad spotted him, then started figuring out how to get to him. Evan decided to speed the process along and waited for him at the corner.

The cock-touch came, just as the app’s instructions had said it would. Then the guy knelt down and held up his wrists. Evan was ready – he tapped “Request Control” on the phone screen. In a few seconds, the phone chirped a happy tone and a green “Control Granted” message danced across the screen. He tapped the rubberlad’s wrists and murmured “cuffs”. Nothing seemed to happen.

But when he held up the phone and looked through the app, he could see the silver cuffs. And the rubberlad was certainly acting as if his wrists were now pinned together, trying and failing to separate them. Evan lowered the phone. The real-world view was almost comical, as if the guy was performing some kind of mime act.

[[WARNING: This story contains extreme elements that some readers might find objectionable. Continue reading at your own risk.]]

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