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Bryan edges Carlos Garcia

When Carlos saw the Edge chair and asked about it, he decided he could do it. Tied, blindfolded, and with hot girls getting banged on the headphones, that was enough to get him charged up. His cock springs to action with just a few gentle prods. Likely a mistake to have put him in such tiny briefs- not much room for him to hulk-out in, but he looks pretty amazing in them.


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The Journey to Hull – Part 5

By Wakeysub

The room around me was pitch black apart from a single small red light which pulsed slowly and steadily. My brain was overloaded with sensations but I soon realised that the light pulse matched the slow, rhythmic pulsing of the electrode attached to my cock – the light must be on the electro control box. I focussed on the light hoping that it would take my mind off my tortured nipples and the aching pain in my stretched balls. How long had I been here, more to the point where the fuck was I and what had I let myself in for.

Suddenly I was aware that the light was flashing more quickly. At the same time, I became aware that the pulsing in my cock was increasing in speed and the power level seemed to be increasing too. It wasn’t a massive increase just a constant build and I was conscious that what was before nothing more than a gentle pulse was turning into a more determined throbbing sensation. The only things I could focus on were the small red flashing light and the throbbing sensation enveloping my cock. I felt myself involuntarily trying to push my cock to fuck the chastity cage and increase the intensity of the electrical sensation. This made my ass grip the electrode more tightly which had the desired effect of increasing the intensity.

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Check out Bryan and Lucian at Chaos Men

It was ‘Monster Cock Week’ when Bryan got Lucian blindfolded and bound in the suck chair at Chaos Men:

Bryan writes,

“I have learned that if a guy starts cumming, and you stop stroking immediately, the cock will ejaculate, and your brain orgasm, but the body still thinks it has not cum. Cock stays hard. Lucian cums four times in this video!

“I think he cums twice in the first 3-4 minutes.

“Third time is during a fantasy moment where he is sucking my dick. Sadly he was jerking his own cock as he hungrily sucked on mine. That was a full orgasm, so it worried me the fourth orgasm was going to be more work.

“There is a little bit of fucking to help give him some time to reset and as punishment for cumming without permission.

“Once back up in the chair, I stroke out his fourth and final orgasm!”


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My True Love Gave to Me

By Steellock

“Your true love gave to you: A dragon tail over both cheeks! Happy Christmas Boi! Are you ready for a celebration?” He asked. The impact is like a thick cane with a fiery sting that wraps itself around the side of your butt and makes you shout. It fucking hurts and is normally held for the end of the sessions! Or when i’ve been a bad boi….

“On the second day of Christmas” and i saw stars as He landed our widest and thickest rubber paddle on first my right then my left butt, swinging it hard and hitting right where the dragon tail had just fallen. My heart sank – Oh shit what was in His seriously inventive mind? “And a dragon tail over both cheeks,” He chanted and the action followed the words.

Not that there was much i could, or i suppose really wanted to, do about it… My wrists were locked in thick padded leather restraints that were locked to the arms of the St Andrews Cross. A second set were locked round the legs of my 20-hole boots and locked to the spread legs of the cross. A thick wide leather belt went round my tight waist, holding me firmly to the structure but also a safety measure for wayward strokes. Now in two years together he had NEVER missed with a stroke!

His present to me was a new “Bishop” head harness, complete with a long tongue gag; a flat rubber plate that was now sitting over my tongue and very effectively restricting the volume of my first howl of the night.

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