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You’re in No Position to Negotiate – Part 03

By nyc49

The rest of the week dragged on. I couldn’t get my mind off the fact that I was locked up. Not just that I was locked up, but that I had locked myself up. I’m usually pretty risk-averse, but here I was with my dick locked up, and I had sent the key off to God knows where. I might never hear back from Ted, if that was even his real name, I might never see that key again. I was beginning to understand what it meant when I wrote “I give up control” on that envelope. The key should have reached him by Thursday, but as of Friday night, he had not sent me a message letting me know it had arrived or when I could come to him to get unlocked.

I woke up on Saturday, hoping that there would be something in my inbox to let me know I was going to be released. Nothing. I didn’t want to leave the house in case he sent an e-mail and I didn’t get it, so I sat at the computer. Not much point in looking for porn, given that I was locked up, but maybe I could find something to distract me. Finally, I heard the “ping” that I had a message.

“Be at the Trenton train station at 3.”

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Chastity Agreement

By Leatherboston

I am about to enter into a chastity agreement with a friend who is willing to be my key-holder and be strict and adhere to the conditions I list in a chastity agreement. See draft agreement. Just curious if you or your readers have any suggestions for additional stipulations for the contract? I want it to be realistic but also challenging.



This is an agreement dated __________ and between ______ , herein referred to as the caged male and ______, herein referred to as the key-holder. This is a consensual agreement between two adults of sound mind and body for chastity control and key-holder services. Both parties enter into this agreement freely and openly, and without coercion of any kind.

The contract will enter into force immediately on the date signed by both parties and will remain in effect for thirty days, self-renewing period, plus any earned penalty days.   After which time the contract will be satisfied and the key-holder will let the caged male go free. The caged male agrees to be locked in a chastity device for said contract period plus any penalty days earned during the contract period.

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You’re In No Position to Negotiate – Part 01

By nyc49

I’ve been tied up by Charlie a few times, and I’ve been trying to get together with Ted for years – we both seem to know what gets the other excited, but we had never managed to find a time when we could both be free. Also, neither of us hosts, so this has been tricky to arrange. Charlie and Ted both live near each other in New Jersey, so I finally figured out that I could get all three of us together for some bondage fun.

Ted picked me up at the train station in Trenton. Ted had told me that his protocol is that I need to hand over all my clothing as soon as I enter the house, so as soon as the door was shut, I was instructed to strip, and he took my clothes away. I’m always a little worried that my host would have left some curtains open, but from what I could tell, I was safe – I’m not into sharing my bondage fantasies with the general public, I’m not into getting humiliated, and I don’t think it’s OK to bring “civilians” into our games.

We played for a few hours with Charlie’s excellent collection of toys, many of which lock and/or otherwise can’t be removed. The evening progressed through the usual steps of me getting more and more immobilized in his basement, and finally I was given some release. I’m skipping over some details, because that wasn’t really the point of this story. At the end of the evening, I was spent, tired and naked.

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One of my favorite pictures of all time

If you are locked in a cock cage you can still fuck



There is so much to admire about this picture: the subject’s muscular physique, his rubber shirt, the fact that he is locked in a HEAVY DUTY metal chastity cage — not to mention the humiliation of wearing that strap-on rubber dildo.

I somehow lost track of this guy, but day-um! What a hottie! This is one of my favorite images of all time.

Reading gay bondage stories while locked in chastity

I love getting emails and pictures from guys who are locked in something when viewing the Metalbond site. Like the guy pictured below, who goes by the name of Chain.


Chain writes,

Dear Metal:

Got locked up recently. Spent the evening rereading New Year’s Resolution. Such a hot story. Gets me hard every time, well, it would if I wasn’t locked. Would love to be involved in something similar to that — turned into a muscled sex slave stud…

As I was flipping through chapter after chapter, I noticed another story that caught my attention: Arrested and Jailed. Woof. Was just chatting with one of my friends how that would be such a hot role play scene — one of my fantasies.

With my dick locked, it was straining at the cage, searching for relief. Didn’t realize how much I was leaking until I stood up and the precum poured out of the cage.

So, it is now 5:43 in the morning — my alarm is going off shortly and I have been up most of the night from being locked and horny as fuck from reading stories in your prison library.

Thank you and keep those stories cumming!

— Chain


P.S. I have such a love/hate relationship with this Holy Trainer — see how long I can stay locked.

There are so many great stories in your prison library, and reading them while locked can cause quite a stir in the cage. One of the things I love about being locked up: The cock trying to get hard when aroused. Woof! Not so much the night time boners that wake me up several times a night.

Sent an author friend over to your site. He was looking for some place to share his stories. He likes to write about leather guys kidnapping unsuspecting guys and using them for their pleasure. His stories are really hot and well written.