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Collared and ordered to wank

Horny Master Leonardo returns to discover his sub completely nude and pathetically wanking on his own. This enrages the top, who orders that the semi-hard runt pull off his Master’s top and licks clean his armpits and body. The excited Master then orders that his trousers are pulled down, and the worm has to lick clean the Master’s sweaty balls. Finally, the top demands that the sub wank and spunk all over Leonardo’s shoes. Then the humiliated worm has to lick clean the sticky jizz.

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Pictures and video: Noah in a serious metal collar

Noah is chained naked in the corner of the dungeon, working his cock. He cums all over himself, then sucks off Jared, who cums all over him too.

Dream_Boy_Bondage_video_02 Dream_Boy_Bondage_video_04 Dream_Boy_Bondage_video_06 Dream_Boy_Bondage_video_07


Noah is chained by the neck in the corner of the dungeon, completely naked, a leather ball-gag in his mouth. His arms are free, but he can do nothing to free himself from the steel collar, and he doesn’t dare touch the gag in his mouth. He tires of his struggles and, without thinking, starts working his cock. Maybe, subconsciously, he knows this is what the men watching him want to see. In minutes, he spews a load of cum all over his torso and the mat in front of him.

Dream_Boy_Bondage_video_08 Dream_Boy_Bondage_video_09 Dream_Boy_Bondage_video_10


His captor replies by cuffing Noah’s hands behind his back and shoving his cock in Noah’s face. “Nooo,” the poor captive begs, hoping against hope that his sexual violation was over. He is wrong. Very wrong. Such a hot man simply must suck cock – and often.



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A bully gets bullied


Usually you see this guy dishing out the abuse. Not today. At BrutalTops, brand-new, handsome young Master Lionel arrives to find his pathetic, squirming sub all alone and naked on his knees. The contemptuous top attaches a shock collar to the sub and causes him real pain before ordering him to lick clean his armpits.

Gay_humiliation_MetalbondNYC_02 Gay_humiliation_MetalbondNYC_03

This excites the top, who then drops his trousers so that the sub can deeply rim his stinking asshole. After his hole has been thoroughly cleaned, the excited Master squats down on the runt and continues the humiliating and degrading mistreatment.



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