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The New Cadet – Chapter 1

By Chain Slave

I had just turned 18 and finished my schooling. I was determined to get away from my abusive parents however did not have the means. It was always Matt do this Matt do that. One of my friends fathers suggested that I join the police force. Little did they know that I had a fascination for cops and their uniforms. I was a strong, well-built guy and never struggled to get attention from the ladies. I acted straight but deep down knew i was different and attracted to men in uniform. Perhaps this was a way that I could live true to myself.

I downloaded the required forms. Did the necessary medicals and sent them off. I was expecting to wait a month or so before I got a reply. It was only 4 days before I had a reply. I was instructed to report within 2 days. That was it my folks were not home, I packed a rucksack with my toiletries pulled on a vest and jeans. Laced up my prized boots and headed off after leaving a short note to my parents saying they can be happy now as I was out of their lives.

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