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Training the Sergeant – Part 2

By lthr_jock

Davis let himself into his house and put the tote bag from the gym on his hallway floor. He saw some letters on the floor including a notification that an attempt had been made to deliver a parcel earlier. He raised an eyebrow – he hadn’t remembered ordering anything. Davis padded upstairs to his bedroom and stripped off his soiled uniform and then took a long slow shower. As he towelled dry, he looked at himself in the mirror. He grinned – the gym was really paying off. He had been doing well for years, but recently he was packing muscle on. He was sporting a fine 6-pack, though it was partially hidden behind his thick pelt of hair.

Davis headed back into his bedroom and looked at the clock. Damn – he had to get moving or he would be late for his appointment. He walked naked downstairs and collected the totebag and returned to his bedroom, emptying the bag and neatly laying the items out on the bed. He looked at it, his cock starting to harden and then began dressing.

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The New Cadet – Chapter 3

By Chain Slave

Steve ordered me to tidy up the dungeon I had found as he sat back and lit a cigarette and inspected a couple of the other items around the place. He picked up a bag and placed a couple of items into it before I had finished. The tight leathers felt very restrictive and made a noise as I moved around. I undid the top two buttons and tugged at the steel collar that was locked tightly around my neck. It’s what I had always wanted, but now that it was on I realised how visible it was and started thinking how was I going to hide it?

I finished up and Steve said we should be heading back to the station and home. He dropped the bag and ordered me to bring it up as he climbed the stairs with me following.

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