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Today is a great day to go to the New York Bondage Club!

For those who are attending the 20th Folsom Street East today (June 18), be aware that the New York Bondage Club will be holding its regular Sunday night play party afterward, from 6 pm to 1 am!

The guys from the New York Bondage Club say this is the single BEST play party of the year! Not to be missed.

Also check them out NEXT WEEK after NYC Gay Pride, when they will meet from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. Remember, if it is SUNDAY it is BONDAGE DAY in NYC!

Click for the New York Bondage Club

N. Y. Bondage Club is holding a black-tied leather party on Oscar night

Who wants to watch a bunch of black ties on the red carpet when you can GET tied on Oscars night! Check this out:

That’s right — Tonight (Sunday, Feb 26) it’s a Black-Tied Leather Party at the New York Bondage Club. You can get a discount for wearing leather, or going naked or for wearing a jock with a bow tie.

And next week (Sunday, March 5) — it’s the return of Foot Men for another foot fetish party at the New York Bondage Club.

As always, the New York Bondage Club meets every Sunday. If you are a seasoned bondage veteran or if you just want to check out the scene, the New York Bondage Club is definitely something you will want to check out. You can play or just watch.

Click HERE for details.

New fetish party in NYC: Eggplant


Promoter Dave Stringer Hughes writes,

Eggplant is a new fetish party for NYC. Sex and fetish are fun. Let’s have fun. 

All gear encouraged. 
Think: big bad-ass boots, full rubber encasement, football pads, leather aprons, rugby kit, Langlitz and Wescos, harnesses and jocks. Breeches & leather uniforms very much appreciated — this is a listed BLUF event. Whatever turns you on.


Friday November 11.

10 pm.

185 Christopher Street, at the West Side Highway.

Admission is $2 for people in gear and $5 for people in street clothes. Come in gear and get drink specials, too. We’ll have a coatcheck, so feel free to go hard.