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This is the real fucking deal

Bind is in a severe hogtie at the Mountain Correctional Facility in Pennsylvania, run by the infamous Warden Harold Cox. Bind’s metal collar is locked to a bolt in the floor, and his legs are secured by cotton straps to anchor points in the wall. There is no possibility of escape. His condition is monitored from the adjacent room via a TV camera.


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Bad Cop: Scene 1 with Nick Prescott and Adam Herst

Check out Nick Prescott and Adam Herst in Bad Cop: Scene 1 at Titan Men

bcop_scene01_Adam_Herst_001 bcop_scene01_Nick_Prescott_001

On a late night call to a residential alarm trigger, partners Nick Prescott and Adam Herst find an empty house — and a bottle of lube. Adam drops to his knees, taking out Nick’s rock-hard cock. Nick holds his partner’s head down on his dick, Adam’s own monster throbbing below. Adam sucks him deep, his mustache hairs tickling Nick’s bush — and sliding against his shaft on the way up. Nick whips his dick on Adam’s breathless face. They kiss, cocks grinding, before Nick returns the favor. Nick gasps for air, getting a kiss for his efforts. Adam sucks his bud again, his face getting dick whipped. He offers his ass to Nick, who soon bangs him from behind (“There you go!”) Nick grabs Adam’s uniform, pulling him in closer as he goes faster. Adam sits down on Nick’s dick, the bottom’s cock rock hard as he rides. Adam eats Nick’s hairy hole before fucking him, the top’s smooth abs tightening. Nick gets on his back, his hairy bod soon covered in cum.

bcop_scene01_Prescott_Herst_001 bcop_scene01_Prescott_Herst_002 bcop_scene01_Prescott_Herst_003 bcop_scene01_Prescott_Herst_004 bcop_scene01_Prescott_Herst_005 bcop_scene01_Prescott_Herst_006


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Pictures and video: Lean, well-built Logan is tied and edged

Check out what happens to Logan at Roped Studs — and see below for a free, hi-def video clip.

gay_bondage_roped_studs_logan_01 gay_bondage_roped_studs_logan_02 gay_bondage_roped_studs_logan_03


Talk about a roped stud fantasy: Lean, well-built Logan, covered with whip marks, is roped beautifully to the bondage frame, his massive cock rock hard. When his dick starts to sag just a bit, rope man J.J. gives it a few strokes and it stiffens immediately. Then J.J. gets out his electric wand, using it to torture the roped man’s cock, balls and nipples, making his eyes literally roll back into his head. But no matter what, Logan stays hard – even after J.J. milks him dry, again.

Here is a free video clip — and be sure to click to watch this clip in hi-def:


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