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Video: A captive puts up a good struggle

This is a classic bondage scene, something that many of us crave. The modified spread eagle is very emotionally exciting and sexually appealing. You are completely helpless and vulnerable, and you are under the control of the restraints themselves. You are also muzzled like a wild animal and blindfolded to prevent you from seeing your captors. This is the real deal. This is the thing bondage fantasies are made of.


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Christian Wilde puts Max Woods into rigid bondage

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In this shoot from Bound Gods:

Max Woods moves nervously through a dingy warehouse — not exactly what he expected for an internet hookup with Christian Wilde. He finally finds Christian’s door and enters his dungeon workshop to find a trove of intimidating toys and bondage devices. It all quickly becomes too much for Max, who tries to call off the date. Christian doesn’t have time for any of Max’s wavering attitude, so he slams the man into his bondage ladder and secures him to it. Roped down to the ladder, Christian treats Max to a cocktail of pain and pleasure, using his riding crop to edge Max’s throbbing dick. Max submits to Christian’s hard cock before his ass and back are flogged beet red. Christian moves Max to his bondage table and affixes electrodes to the captive’s nipples and cock. Max tries to fight against the heavy wooden blocks bolting him to the table and the electric current running through his body, but to no avail. Christian fucks Max’s face as the prisoner begs for his cum. After dousing Max in hot jizz, Christian throws the wimp out. As Max exits the warehouse, he is overcome with horniness and jerks a load in the hallway.

Christian_Wilde_Max_Woods_gay_bondage_01 Christian_Wilde_Max_Woods_gay_bondage_02 Christian_Wilde_Max_Woods_gay_bondage_03 Christian_Wilde_Max_Woods_gay_bondage_04


Title of this shoot: Hesitant Stud Transformed into Mr Wilde’s Bondage Slut

Models in this shoot: Christian Wilde, Max Woods

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Chain yourself up and stay awhile

Houdini1961_01 Houdini1961_02 Houdini1961_03

Here are some bondage stories to keep you busy for a while:

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The pictures above are from Houdini1961, author of “Overnight Bondage.” Keep checking back to Metalbond for more stories in the Prison Library. Also be sure to click on the banner ads on the Links page and buy a porn subscription.