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Metalbond A to Z: KidRacer-X

I thought I would try something new for today’s Metalbond A to Z entry for the letter K. Instead of making this about a thing, or an activity, I thought it would be cool to feature a person — in this case, KidRacer-X! Check him out:

KidRacer_01 KidRacer_03 KidRacer_04


I have never met KidRacer-X or even chatted with him online, but he is into some really awesome stuff, including motorcycles, hot fetish gear — and lots of bondage! He’s also got a quite extensive website, called KidRacer-X  – Shift Into Gear and even though it seems to be under construction much of the time, it’s got tons of content to check out.


Lance Hart endures bizarre sexual experiments on his ass at the hands of a cruel alien abductor

Lance Hart wakes up from a strange dream of bright lights. Instead of finding himself safe in bed, however, Lance realizes that he’s chained to the wall of strange spaceship. None of the bizarre devices before him seem human.


A tall alien with a muscled body materializes and begins to probe Lance’s body, testing his pain reflexes and pumping an erection. Lance is helpless to resist as the alien’s makes him swallow a gigantic cock. Lance later finds himself bound to a glowing operating table as the experiments on his pain threshold continue with an electric wand applied to his sensitive nipples and dick. The alien moves Lance to his knees and synthesizes two intimidating cocks from far flung galaxies. The giant cocks rip open Lance’s ass before receiving a vicious flogging. To complete the experiment, the alien suspends Lance above the lab’s floor and delivers a rough fucking before spraying Lance’s face with intergalactic jizz. The alien then collects a semen sample from Lance before giving one last torment to his raw dick.

37897_0 37897_7 37897_8 37897_13


See more of this shoot here

Bound Gods general information here



The Man in Black

By Straitjacketed

It’s not true to say I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I agreed to this challenge. The terms were loose, but I agreed that you could include any amount of the sort of heavy, shiny clothing we both like to wear: you would then restrain me in it in some way. I’m always torn by the urge to enjoy whatever predicament I’m placed in and the urge to escape from it: the fetishist in me wants to luxuriate, but my inner escape artist – my inner Houdini – is always looking for the ways out, the ways to unfasten, slip or break my bonds, always taking notes…

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Fetish video: Aday Traun & Ricky Leon

Can you imagine being in a club and ending up being the slave of that hot waiter of your wildest dreams? That’s exactly what happens to Ricky in this shoot from Jalifstudio:


This one features fetish gear, sneakers, rope bondage and fisting. See more at Jalifstudio


full_01 full_03