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Lee is tied up by sadists

And in one more update from BreederFuckers.com, Lee can shout and curse all he wants, but with his arms suspended up and his legs shackled in a leg spreader that’s all he can do. Sadists love watching him twist in the wind, straining every muscle to break from his bonds and thrashing in anger when they encircle his exposed body.

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Russian Army soldier gets a cruel back whipping

Check out these pictures from the men of Rus Straight Guys Spanking:

Sanechek is a Russian Army soldier getting a cruel back whipping. The Russian Army has many ways of torturing a soldier, and back whipping is the hardest way. His hands are bound to the wall so that he will not have a way to escape and to avoid the torture. Master and his assistant are using the long whip for the soldier’s back. Despite his cries, exclamations and tears, the soldier accepts the searing layers of pain that wrack him wave after wave. The standing position delivers him more pain, with his back muscles tense. He’s in agony while the tormentors are in the process of scarring his back.

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Pictures and video: Strapped to a steel ladder wearing ass-less briefs

Check out this recent scene from the men of Dream Boy Bondage — with a free video preview below:

Matie has been turned around and re-strapped to the steel ladder. He is still naked but for his tiny, assless briefs, which frame his butt-cheeks beautifully. His ass is a true dancer’s ass, so taut and firm the cheeks barely touch, two globes sculpted by a thousand hours of training. His shoulders are broad and his waist narrow and tight. In other words, he must be whipped. Jared, stripped to the waist, with a simple but sexy leather harness framing his powerful chest, is more than happy to provide the whipping such a back and ass demand. He starts out slowly, methodically, and then speeds up, leaving Matie gasping and trembling, almost hysterical. Jared then applies the violet wand to the fresh wounds and cuts the briefs away, leaving the boy completely naked and shaking in pain and fear. Jared is just getting warmed up.

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Title of this shoot: Matie – The Whipping Boy – Part 3

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Video: Bradley the perfect torture slave

Jared’s client has a thing for men in jocks, but he also loves Bradley’s huge cock, so Jared quickly rips the jock off. Bradley, looking even hotter after having his torso and ass shaved, is brutally lashed with the single-tail, making him squirm and buckle and covering his back and ass with deep, red stripes. Jared stops whipping the prisoner just long enough to get him hard before whipping him some more, driving his client insane with desire. Bradley even cums again, despite the barbarous pain of the whip and having ejaculated just a few hours ago, while crucified. No wonder the client is so obsessed with this young swimmer. Bradley is the perfect torture slave.

Here is a free hi-def video — be sure to watch in full screen:


Title of this shoot: Bradley – Dreams Come True – Part 6

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