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Muscle guy on a leash

At CMNM.net, Brad may have the brawn but his strict manager has the brains. It’s difficult to control a great hulking beast like this, so it’s necessary to leash the strongman both around his neck and his unwieldy cock and balls. Now he’s stark naked on the floundering old gents’ desk for an intense anal exam. Sweating and struggling to satisfy them, this induction stretches on way longer than normal as Brad is deeply penetrated.

cmnm_01 cmnm_02 cmnm_03 cmnm_04 cmnm_05 cmnm_06


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Tough guy gets strip searched in jail intake

Check out this shoot from StripSearchHell.com. This lad is no stranger to being inside. He’s a proper psycho. The police were called to a domestic incident, and this guy managed to not only hurl a punch at a police officer but also at a police dog. Judges don’t take kindly to that sort of thing, so he’s wound up in jail. The warders see how he tries to stare them out and play the hard case. But he blows it all by hiding his cock behind his hands. Showing you are shy is the wrong way of going about the reception process. But then this guy makes a habit of wrong decisions…








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His naked body is strip searched by uniformed guards

At StripSearchHell, it’s comical that he still thinks that obeying the rules is beneath him. He’s been in clink for 2 weeks, and this muscular hairy fuck hasn’t realised that it doesn’t matter what he thinks. It doesn’t matter that he was once the big man. In here, he is a little bitch that got caught and now his body is the plaything of the guards. I bet he thinks they are too stupid to even look at him naked, much less touch his ass. Maybe he’s right, but that’s the rub when you’re thrown in jail, big man!

Gay_forced_to_strip_bondage_01 Gay_forced_to_strip_bondage_02 Gay_forced_to_strip_bondage_03 Gay_forced_to_strip_bondage_04 Gay_forced_to_strip_bondage_05 Gay_forced_to_strip_bondage_06 Gay_forced_to_strip_bondage_07 Gay_forced_to_strip_bondage_08 Gay_forced_to_strip_bondage_09


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Let’s face it, if you are totally naked in a room full of others who have all their clothes on, all sorts of things can happen. You might get tied up, or be forced to do things. Sexual things. Like what happens in the CMNM and CFNM scenes. What’s the difference you ask?

If you like to see totally naked men in the presence of other men, then check out CMNM — clothed male naked male.



If you like to see totally naked men in the presence of women, then CFNM — clothed female naked male — is for you, and there are TWO sites that cater to this: CFNM-TV and CFNM College


Forced nudity and gay humiliation for a big dumb bodybuilder

They take a sperm sample! At CMNM.net, chained naked and on all fours like a great big dumb beast, the administrator slides his finger up Brad’s tight arse. The blank confused look on the thick bodybuilder’s face is prices while his arse gets plunged into. Gradually with the help of a dildo his sphincter is loosened till it’s gaping wide. Meanwhile Adrian pumps his cock vigorously till its aching hot and the great hulking animal releases a stream of pent up sperm. But muscular Brad is highly trained not to waste any precious protein!

cmnm_bodybuilder_gay_01 cmnm_bodybuilder_gay_02 cmnm_bodybuilder_gay_03 cmnm_bodybuilder_gay_04 cmnm_bodybuilder_gay_05


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The Convict – Part 11

By Joshua Ryan

I was in another tall, old room, but this one was tall and narrow. Along one wall was a set of shelves, with line after line of metal baskets on top of them. Along the opposite wall was another one of those big old-fashioned desks — only this one was loaded with computer equipment. The equipment looked strange in a room like that, almost eerie. It was like two worlds were being jammed together. . . . The tears were still in my eyes, running down my face. I was having a hard time focusing . . . “Hit the prints!” someone barked.

There was a guard sitting behind the desk, and the guard was already yelling at me. “The prints on the FLOOR!” I looked at the floor. There was a pair of yellow feet painted there. I put my freshly polished black shoes on the fading yellow feet and looked back at the guard. He wasn’t looking at me. He was writing something, and it took him a long time. That is, I think it did. Time was strange at the moment.

The guard put a stamp on a thing that must have been part of my “docs”; then he got up and strode to the other side of the desk. He was young. He was Mexican. He was short and slight. His grays were freshly washed. His hair was freshly slicked and combed. There were deep thick furrows running through it, like newly plowed earth. And he had a paddle dangling from his belt.

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