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Two naked men get tied up and humiliated by clothed men

At CMNM.net, Matteo’s balls have been drained and his arse pummeled. Now he feels dizzy and useless. The men keep his head down, and all he’s aware of is the stench of the men around him and their harsh, demanding voices. He thinks his embarrassment can’t get any worse. But he has no idea that his enemy — well trained naked stud Nick — has been yanked back into the room for their plan to completely humiliate both men!

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Bad Cop: Scene 3 with Hunter Marx and Damien Stone

bcop_scene03_Damien_Stone_001 bcop_scene03_Hunter_Marx_001

From TitanMen, here are shots from Scene 3 of Bad Cop. TitanMen Exclusive Hunter Marx and Damien Stone meet in the locker room after a long shift. Both are horny and hungry for each other. Hunter is soon swallowing all of Damien, before getting the favor returned. This locker room scene quickly heats up from here, and ends up in a flip-fucking good time!

bcop_scene03_Marx_Stone_003 bcop_scene03_Marx_Stone_004


A trailer for Bad Cop: Scene 3 with Hunter Marx and Damien Stone is available here

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Handcuffed at CMNM

At CMNM.net, the designer and buyer know exactly how to play these two big stupid lugs. They run their fingers under the sheer fabric. These skimpy thongs barely cover these brutes’ bulging genitals. It only takes a small flick to release them. Now that each man is fully exposed, things have gone so far the lads don’t feel like they can back out. These proud tough guys feel completely humiliated as they are led through increasingly debauched behaviour!

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Dominated by Master Edward and Master Derek

At Brutal Tops, Master Edward and Master Derek arrive to discover their sub completely nude and cowering on the floor. This enrages the tops, who ram a dog-tail butt plug into his arsehole and then proceed to humiliate him.

brutaltops_gay_bondage_01 brutaltops_gay_bondage_02 brutaltops_gay_bondage_03

Master Derek dog trains him by pulling him around with a lead before snarling Master Edward kicks him solidly in the balls. This causes the sub lots of pain, which delights both Masters, who double up on this damaging mistreatment. The sub’s legs are locked in position so that both tops can get full access to his balls before the highly excited lads begin to lash the living daylights out of the terrified, bound-up runt.

brutaltops_gay_bondage_04 brutaltops_gay_bondage_05 brutaltops_gay_bondage_06


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Michael gets tied, cuffed and whipped

Check out what happens to Michael DelRay at Dream Boy Bondage. (Scroll down for a free video clip.)

dream_boy_bondage_handcuffed_01 dream_boy_bondage_handcuffed_02 dream_boy_bondage_handcuffed_04

After having his back and ass shredded by two bullwhips, Michael is forced to lay his fresh wounds on a small bondage table covered with a coarse carpet. The captive looks great, spread out naked, legs bent at the knees, arms stretched overhead, his back arching seductively. “How’s your back feeling,” Jared sneers, pushing down on Michael’s torso, forcing his back and ass to rub against the coarse fabric. Michael screams, then he sees the bullwhip in Jared’s hands. “Oh God,” he mutters to himself. “He is going to whip my chest and stomach!” Jared slices Michael’s skin from his nipples to his crotch, crisscrossing his torso with deep, red stripes, hitting several spots multiple times, widening the welts. Jared then mists the fresh wounds with alcohol, sending Michael into spasms of agony, before whipping him again. Despite it all, Michael pumps out another huge load of cum on command.

Here’s a free, hi-def video preview:


Title of this shoot: “Michael DelRay – Deviance – Part 7”

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Bonus — here are more pictures from this shoot:

dream_boy_bondage_handcuffed_06 dream_boy_bondage_handcuffed_07 dream_boy_bondage_handcuffed_09