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Michael gets tied, cuffed and whipped

Check out what happens to Michael DelRay at Dream Boy Bondage. (Scroll down for a free video clip.)

dream_boy_bondage_handcuffed_01 dream_boy_bondage_handcuffed_02 dream_boy_bondage_handcuffed_04

After having his back and ass shredded by two bullwhips, Michael is forced to lay his fresh wounds on a small bondage table covered with a coarse carpet. The captive looks great, spread out naked, legs bent at the knees, arms stretched overhead, his back arching seductively. “How’s your back feeling,” Jared sneers, pushing down on Michael’s torso, forcing his back and ass to rub against the coarse fabric. Michael screams, then he sees the bullwhip in Jared’s hands. “Oh God,” he mutters to himself. “He is going to whip my chest and stomach!” Jared slices Michael’s skin from his nipples to his crotch, crisscrossing his torso with deep, red stripes, hitting several spots multiple times, widening the welts. Jared then mists the fresh wounds with alcohol, sending Michael into spasms of agony, before whipping him again. Despite it all, Michael pumps out another huge load of cum on command.

Here’s a free, hi-def video preview:


Title of this shoot: “Michael DelRay – Deviance – Part 7”

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Bonus — here are more pictures from this shoot:

dream_boy_bondage_handcuffed_06 dream_boy_bondage_handcuffed_07 dream_boy_bondage_handcuffed_09

Dan gets handcuffed and forced into gay sex

Here’s one more today from the men of BreederFuckers



You know how it is when you’re out for a pint. Some sexy straight slag comes around frequently collecting glasses, wiping tables and teasing all the patrons wiggling his sexy bum. It’s time they had their way with sexy Dan with his shaved head, face scruff and tight body. He’s tricked into abandoning his job, which pays pennies, for the promise of more money and more fun. Now that he’s in the lair, all they have to do is convince him to put on a pair of cuffs and they’ve got him. His trousers are ripped down so they can feel that tight warm arsehole he’s never even shown to his girlfriend. His sphincter is warm and damp from bustling around tables all day. Adrian slides his cock along his bum crack, making the homophobic bastard enraged.

Metalbond_gay_bondage_02 Metalbond_gay_bondage_03 Metalbond_gay_bondage_04 Metalbond_gay_bondage_05


They’ve got his nuts in their hands and he knows they’ll squeeze them till they burst unless he does exactly as ordered. He’s given a firm lesson in sucking dick, swallowing the whole shaft, rubbing the glans with his beard and sliding his tongue all around a man’s piss slit. He fights past his revulsion at having the musky stink of a man’s pubes right in his face. Dan gags, struggling with all his might to obey, knowing what pain will be in store for him if he doesn’t. There’s pure anger in his eyes. Dave ejaculates directly into his mouth while Adrian squeezes Dan’s balls in his tight fist. This morning Dan thought he was stuck in a worthless job, but now he’s found his proper vocation as a cum guzzling slut.



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