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This is the real fucking deal

Bind is in a severe hogtie at the Mountain Correctional Facility in Pennsylvania, run by the infamous Warden Harold Cox. Bind’s metal collar is locked to a bolt in the floor, and his legs are secured by cotton straps to anchor points in the wall. There is no possibility of escape. His condition is monitored from the adjacent room via a TV camera.


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Wrestler Lucas Knight is left hogtied on the floor

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Lucas Knight is a well hung wrestler who is left hogtied on the floor. He wiggles around struggling against the ropes and trying to get free. Finally his singlet is removed and his huge hard cock is exposed.

His dick is also bound up and cinched to his wrists. Once free from his bonds, Lucas strokes his cock until it explodes in a cum shot that never seems to end!

Lucas_Knight_Bound_Jocks_02 Lucas_Knight_Bound_Jocks_03 Lucas_Knight_Bound_Jocks_04

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