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Mr. Kristofer finds himself in a bit of a pinch

At Iron Lockup, Mr. Kristofer finds himself in a bit of a pinch. His nipples at least are.

NOTE: This is an “encore” posting featuring the one-and-only Mr Kristofer, when he visited Sir Pan at Iron Lockup a while back. Scroll down for more pictures and a free video preview. The Iron Lockup site has not been updated in a while, but I am told that Sir Pan will be adding more content in the future. Meanwhile, all the existing content is still there, including about a dozen videos of Mr Kristofer and many other models. So please show them some love and subscribe if you can. You might consider it your own personal contribution to keeping the gay bondage porn industry going. And if you click through to Iron Lockup from the Metalbond site, you get 40 percent off your first month.

Mr_Kristofer_gay_bondage_01 Mr_Kristofer_gay_bondage_02

Kris moans furiously as Sir rubs the nipple clamps off and reattaches them. Of course, he isn’t moving enough, so Sir starts to spank him HARD and all the extra movement is putting quite a bit of strain on those nipple clamps.

Here’s a free video preview of this particular shoot:


Keywords: Steel bondage, sensory deprivation, mask, nipple play, nipply clamps, predicament bondage

Models in this shoot: Sir Pan, Mr. Kristofer

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Mr Kristofer’s personal website is here

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Prisoner gets locked in a pit and pissed on

Check out this one from IronLockUp.com:

gay bondage

In this scene Sir Pan locks his new piece of meat into the pit and pisses all over him. Sir Pan leaves the captive in complete darkness to cool off in his piss-soaked clothes. Feeling merciful, Sir Pan allows the prisoner a shower to warm up and works the prisoner over a little before returning him to his cell and thoughts …

gay bondage

Video previews here and here.

Picture previews here.

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Pictures and Video: Mr. Kristofer’s nipple and chastity torment

At Iron Lockup. Fully locked into chastity, Mr. Kristofer waits for Sir’s next round of punishment. Knowing that the prisoner’s nipples are wired into his cock, Sir teases Mr. Kristofer hard, making the cock cage unbearable.

MetalbondNYC_gay_bondage_nipples_full_01 MetalbondNYC_gay_bondage_nipples_full_04 MetalbondNYC_gay_bondage_nipples_full_21full_02 MetalbondNYC_gay_bondage_nipples_full_31full_03

Sir’s infamous cruelty doesn’t stop there, he goes after the prisoner with a nerve stimulator and doesn’t hold back, shocking Mr. Kristofer’s cock’s head and balls as well.

Here is a free video preview:


For more of this shoot at Iron Lockup, click here

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Also check out the Metalbond Q&A with Mr. Kristofer by clicking the image below:



Pictures and Video: Mr. Kristofer gets taken into custody!

Fuck this is hot! Kristofer Weston visited Sir Pan of Iron Lockup recently — and the pictures and video documenting his incarceration are appearing now on the site!

MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_Mr_Kristofer_01 MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_Mr_Kristofer_02 MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_Mr_Kristofer_03


I remember watching Kristofer (who was then known as Steve Landess) in a Grapik Arts videotape called Plucked. I subsequently have had the pleasure of meeting Kristofer in person, and he is every bit as nice and kinky as he is hot and hunky. He is one of my all-time favorites — and it’s fucking hot as hell to see him appearing as a bondage model again!

Here is a free video preview of this shoot at Iron Lockup:


The description from Iron Lockup reads:

Mr. Kristofer is taken into the wet room, strip searched and cavity searched. Sir Pan catalogues his measurements, including cock size and ass. Sir then brings out his nightstick and begins to milk the prisoner’s prostate with it.

Keywords: wetroom, jockstrap, intake, hairy, anal play, milking, Sir Pan, Mr. Kristofer


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Read the Metalbond Q&A with Mr. Kristofer here.

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Pictures: Chained in the wet room


The prisoner sits, chained to the cold wet room floor, his breath slowed by the gas mask as Sir warms up his balls with the toe of his boot. As the prisoner begins to jack off, Sir fills the gas mask hose, narrowing the air passage and filling the prisoner’s airway with the aroma. The prisoner masturbates furiously as Sir crushes his balls with his boot.

full_09 full_10


To see clips, click through to Iron Lockup

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Locked into a chain spider web

With the cold of the chain spiderweb at his back, the prisoner humps the air, waiting for whatever evil Sir has in mind — but the foreplay doesn’t last as Sir begins to secure the nose shackle to his septum. He is ordered to edge himself, but every stroke tugs painfully at his nose until the prisoner blows a huge load.

full_06 full_08


See more at Iron Lockup


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The Convict – Part 18

By Joshua Ryan

Documents Relating to Convict 353308 Rossetti, Jason Scott

Inmate, Southern Regional Longterm Correctional Facility


Document 1






351699 Cleveland

Inmate, SRLCF



Mrs. Heather Johnston

1112 Detroit Street

Milestone IN



Approved for Transmission




Dear Sis,

I’m sorry I haven’t written to you, its been very busy here. You remember how I said I didnt have a cellmate? Well now I’ve got one. Too bad, eh? Not really. His name is Jason and I like him a lot. He was in college so I guess I’m sort of in over my head, but he’s teaching me a lot of stuff. :-)

Thanks for the birthday gift, which they finaly gave me. You know they only let us have a couple books at a time, so I had to get rid of one of my books before they gave me another one. Big deal, huh? I like that story about the guy that had everything except the one thing he really wanted to have. But listen, the next time you send something I wish youd send me a big book about science, cause Jason is gonna teach me that. (He didn’t say so but he is.) I want to learn about astronnomy so try that. I always liked stars.

Well its Sunday night and I gotta be at the office early tomorrow morning. (Smile) Anyway it’s time for me to sign off for now.

Write soon,


Convict #351699

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