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Mark is bolted in the stockade and whipped

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dream_boy_bondage_mark_01 dream_boy_bondage_mark_02 dream_boy_bondage_mark_03 dream_boy_bondage_mark_04

After hanging on the cross for hours, Mark is fed, pumped full of electrolytes and allowed a decent night’s rest, not because Jared or the man torturing him from afar have any compassion but because they want him ready for a new round of torture. Mark is bolted in the stockade, standing, completely naked, his muscular, hairless torso exposed and vulnerable. The first blow of the single-tail whip across the top of his pecs feels like a knife cut. And the blows keep coming, dozens of them, beautifully scarring his chest and stomach all the way down to his shaved pubes. Every once in a while Jared adds to the pain by spraying Mark’s fresh wounds with a fine mist of alcohol, then rubbing them with his fingers, before continuing the whipping. Mark seems resigned to his fate – a gorgeous piece of meat with just one purpose, to suffer. Jared’s master could not be more pleased.

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Title of this shoot: “Mark – Custom Order – Part 5”

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Bonus — Here are more pictures from this shoot:

dream_boy_bondage_mark_05 dream_boy_bondage_mark_06 dream_boy_bondage_mark_08 dream_boy_bondage_mark_09

Pictures and video: Jared uses a dildo on Michael DelRay

Check out what Jared does to Michael DelRay at Dream Boy Bondage:

dream_boy_bondage_michael_delray_01 dream_boy_bondage_michael_delray_02 dream_boy_bondage_michael_delray_03 dream_boy_bondage_michael_delray_04 dream_boy_bondage_michael_delray_05

Yesterday, Michael DelRay pumped out a huge load of cum and was left chained to a concrete pillar overnight. Today, he is bent over a padded horse, wearing nothing but his designer jock. The whips and dildos that will be used on him sit just feet away, constant reminders of why he is bent over and bound. “You fuckin faggot,” Michael mutters when Jared enters, wondering out loud whether he should whip or fuck his slave. The answer, of course, is both. Jared smacks Michael’s ass with the leather spanker, then rips off his jock and violently fucks his pretty, pink asshole with a nasty dildo, making the captive scream bloody murder. Then he repeats the whole process, this time with a much nastier split-head spanker and an ever more brutal fucking.

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Pictures and video: Jared totally owns and dominates Noah

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Young Noah is face-fucked by Jared, who cums all over his chest. Then the captive is hauled up onto his toes, and his chest and abs are sliced with the single-tail.

Dream_Boy_Bondage_Noah_Jared_02 Dream_Boy_Bondage_Noah_Jared_03 Dream_Boy_Bondage_Noah_Jared_04 Dream_Boy_Bondage_Noah_Jared_05 Dream_Boy_Bondage_Noah_Jared_06


With his back and ass still screaming in pain from the single-tail whip, Noah is lowered to his knees by his silent captor, who then approaches the helpless man. Jared is now completely naked and working his cock. He grabs Noah’s hair and forces the captive’s mouth on his semi-erect member, then face-fucks him, using his hair to force his head back and forth. Finally, Jared yanks his cock free and spews a huge load of cum all over Noah’s chest. “I can go now, right?” Noah begs, but Jared just walks away, still silent. Then Noah is lifted by the winch to his feet and he sees the whip in Jared’s hands again. “No! I blew you! No!” the man screams as the whip come crashing into his chest.

Dream_Boy_Bondage_Noah_Jared_07 Dream_Boy_Bondage_Noah_Jared_08 Dream_Boy_Bondage_Noah_Jared_09 Dream_Boy_Bondage_Noah_Jared_10



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Dream_Boy_Bondage_Noah_Jared_11 z_Dream_Boy_Bondage_latest_updates_ad_17


Pictures and video: Jared is crucified and whipped

Sort of like Casper Van Dien in the movie Starship Troopers. Except it’s clear that Jared can really take a real beating, for real.

dream_boy_bondage_jared_01 dream_boy_bondage_jared_02 dream_boy_bondage_jared_03 dream_boy_bondage_jared_04 dream_boy_bondage_jared_05

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Pictures and video: Jared is racked and whipped

It just keeps getting better and better at Dream Boy Bondage. See below for a free, high-def video clip of Jared, who is hot as fuck. In this shoot, Jared is stretched to the max on the rack as his back and ass are brutally flogged, every muscle taut and bulging:

dream_boy_bondage_jared_01 dream_boy_bondage_jared_02 dream_boy_bondage_jared_03 dream_boy_bondage_jared_04


After hours on his back, his balls stretched almost to the ripping point, with electric current running through his lean body for minutes at a time, Jared is now laid on the rack, face down, his beautiful ass and back vulnerable and ready for the whip. He knows he will be brutally flogged. He knows he will be stretched to his breaking point. What he doesn’t know is that he will be whipped and stretched at the same time – and then left in total agony overnight.

Here is a free video clip — and be sure to click to watch this in hi-res mode:


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Pictures and video: Noah in a serious metal collar

Noah is chained naked in the corner of the dungeon, working his cock. He cums all over himself, then sucks off Jared, who cums all over him too.

Dream_Boy_Bondage_video_02 Dream_Boy_Bondage_video_04 Dream_Boy_Bondage_video_06 Dream_Boy_Bondage_video_07


Noah is chained by the neck in the corner of the dungeon, completely naked, a leather ball-gag in his mouth. His arms are free, but he can do nothing to free himself from the steel collar, and he doesn’t dare touch the gag in his mouth. He tires of his struggles and, without thinking, starts working his cock. Maybe, subconsciously, he knows this is what the men watching him want to see. In minutes, he spews a load of cum all over his torso and the mat in front of him.

Dream_Boy_Bondage_video_08 Dream_Boy_Bondage_video_09 Dream_Boy_Bondage_video_10


His captor replies by cuffing Noah’s hands behind his back and shoving his cock in Noah’s face. “Nooo,” the poor captive begs, hoping against hope that his sexual violation was over. He is wrong. Very wrong. Such a hot man simply must suck cock – and often.



Here’s a video clip — and be sure to click the button to watch in full-screen mode!


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Pictures and video: Noah in ‘Silent Slavery’ at Dream Boy Bondage

If Noah had any doubt that the man torturing him was doing it for sexual pleasure, he doesn’t anymore. Jared rubs the front of Noah’s jeans, then reaches in and grabs the prisoner’s cock, stroking it. Noah moans involuntarily, half out of fear, half out of pleasure, as his cock thickens.

Dream_Boy_Bondage_Noah_01 Dream_Boy_Bondage_Noah_02 Dream_Boy_Bondage_Noah_03


Then Jared rips the captive’s jeans open violently. Noah, gagged and blindfolded, spread-eagled and bound, has no idea what is happening, nor can he ask why. He can just lie there and take it. Next, he feels his left shoe and sock being removed. The soles of his feet are stroked, first with a hand, then with something hard and cool. Then, smack! Oh god, the pain.

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