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Cocky Craig gets kidnapped

Craig is in a very precarious position, tied up and grunting like a pig. A rope attached to a weight is lassoed around his neck, so the sorry fucker can barely move while they strip him down, pervily groping him all over. Sliding his tighty whities to the side, his big luscious cock and balls flop out. Those pants are wedged up tight to slide against his virgin arsehole. His tight hairy arse cheeks are lashed while his large floppy cock is tugged till his penis is throbbing. Craig is locked into place with an anal hook slid up his rectum making him terrified to move even though we’ve got his big cock in hand.

gay_bondage_01 gay_bondage_02 gay_bondage_03 gay_bondage_04 gay_bondage_05 gay_bondage_07 gay_bondage_08


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The Convict – Part 17

By Joshua Ryan

“This is Officer Nolan,” he said to his cellphone. “Open A292.” I heard the bars slide back.

“Inside, convict.”

I opened my eyes. There was a gap in the bars. The cell door was open. It wasn’t very wide. It was just the gate to a cage. I could tell that I’d have to tilt my bedroll to get it through. I lifted one side, maneuvering it. I would have to be careful not to let anything drop . . .

Then I saw it.   There was something long and thick lying on the lower bunk, something brown that was shaped like a man. There were letters and numbers stamped on its surface.   It was a convict, lying face down in my cell. Wait a minute! Couldn’t the officer see that the place was already full?

I almost blurted that out. Then I remembered: there were two convicts stuffed in all those other cells. That bundle of clothes on the bunk was only one convict. I was the other one.

I stopped in the doorway. I was scared to wake up that thing on the metal shelf. Jesus, it was dark in there, especially after the spotlight I’d faced outside. I could see a naked lightbulb hanging from the ceiling, but it wasn’t turned on. The only light was the gray stuff leaking in from the walkway. That was enough for me to see that the whole cell wasn’t much larger than a medium-sized closet. It was a lot smaller than my bathroom at home. What used to be my home. Half the cell was bunks, one shelf above the other on the right side, against the wall. A lot of the rest was toilet — a metal toilet squatting against the back wall, a toilet without a seat, with something that looked like a little sink built into the top of it. The thing was gleaming at me in the faint light. Christ! I thought. They wash in the shitter. A wave of contempt ran through me. Probably one of them crapped while the other one washed his face in the crapper. They were like cats in a cage, with a little litterbox all their own. And now I was one of them.

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A bold Peeping Tom breaks into a stud’s apartment and ends up as the bondage victim

It’s Chloroform, Duct tape and Nipple Torment in this vintage shoot from Bound Gods


Patrick Hunt is a perv and he’s peeping through studly Parker London’s window. Patrick breaks in while Parker is in deep sleep. He chloroforms the stud, duct tapes and ties him to his bed. The perv torments the stud’s chest and cock.


Pissed, Parker breaks free from the bondage and completely dominates Patrick. He gets his bondage toys from his bedside drawers and beats the living hell out of the intruder. He fucks Patrick suspended in bondage and showers him with his load.

Patrick_Hunt_and_Parker_London_gay_bondage_03 Patrick_Hunt_and_Parker_London_gay_bondage_04 Patrick_Hunt_and_Parker_London_gay_bondage_05 Patrick_Hunt_and_Parker_London_gay_bondage_06 Patrick_Hunt_and_Parker_London_gay_bondage_07


A short video preview of this update at Bound Gods is here

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The Convict – Part 04

By Joshua Ryan

“What’s the matter, Jason? You look pensive.”

I was at the Alibi, which is a pretty quiet place, especially in the early evening; and it was Terry, the bartender, I was talking to. Terry got out of the Navy a year or so before, and he had that look that some of the ex-Navy guys keep. I liked that look, and I liked talking to Terry. “Pensive” was a joke between us. It was a word I had used one time, one of the many words that Terry had never heard before.

“Not really. Just drinking. Give me another one, will you?”

“Sure thing. But I still think there’s something wrong. You and Joey having a fight?”

“Joey? You mean the guy that’s always in my apartment?”

“That’s the one.”

“I never fight. I just like to be alone sometimes. Believe it or not.”

“Sure you do,” Terry said, pulling me another beer. “Since when?”

“Since now,” I said. “Since always. I hate the way these queers can’t be alone for a second.” I was so drunk, it was a miracle I got through that sentence.

“You do?”

“Sure I do.”

“Which means you’re thinking about some guy that you’d rather be alone with, all of the time.”

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Will gets spied on, then tied up by his perverted landlord

Apartment renter Will is particularly easy on the eye with his big brown eyes, athletic young body and bashful demeanour. Contract signed, landlord Adrian collects the cash deposit and hands over the keys. Late evening, Adrian retreats to his lair and a bank of monitors. It turns out that the flat is rigged with cameras. Unbeknownst, Will takes a dump in the toilet with Adrian watching his every move. Adrian settles down to enjoy the rest of the night’s entertainment — the young straight Will fucking his fiancée like an animal. Dave joins Adrian, leering over the innocent lad’s naked body and the couple’s most intimate moments laid bare and exposed in the most sordid of ways. It’s streamed live in breath-taking close-up on several cameras.

Gay_kidnapping_bondage_BreederFuckers_01 Gay_kidnapping_bondage_BreederFuckers_02 Gay_kidnapping_bondage_BreederFuckers_03 Gay_kidnapping_bondage_BreederFuckers_04


The low debauchery of Adrian and Dave doesn’t end there. With Tracy off to work all night, Will is left to sleep off his coitus without a care in the world. The two pervs take the opportunity to let themselves into the flat and hungrily set upon Will. Bleary-eyed, Will doesn’t know what’s happening when Dave binds him spread-eagled. The bedclothes are torn off, revealing a totally naked young lad — easy prey to two older sadists. Adrian pulls his belt off and tears into the stud’s peachy backside, carving bright red lash marks into his skin. Will is gagged to muffle his screams or else risk waking the neighbours for what comes next. Dave unleashes his hard thick cock and inserts it into Will’s tight sweet rectum, fucking the lad thoroughly. Adrian jumps on and too fucks the terrified straight man. Both tops spurt hot cum over the captive’s red ruined hole, thoroughly enjoying all they have taken from him.

Gay_kidnapping_bondage_BreederFuckers_05 Gay_kidnapping_bondage_BreederFuckers_06 Gay_kidnapping_bondage_BreederFuckers_07 Gay_kidnapping_bondage_BreederFuckers_08


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