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Locked at the Y

By Pisslurper

A few years back I lived in a small city in the Midwest. I used to work out and swim at the local YMCA, which had a great gym and an Olympic pool. One of the lifeguards at the pool, Nate, was a good-looking gay guy whom I fooled around with once. Nate was in his 20s, nicely muscled with a light blond furry body and big uncut cock. He was also one of the nicest guys you’d ever meet. Back then we were friendly, but not really close friends.

Last summer I was visiting the town, and I ran into Nate while I was having drinks with friends. We chatted, and he said he was working at the Y the next evening and suggested I go for a swim before closing time. I was more than excited to go to the Y, not just because of Nate, but because I was locked in Steelworxx metal chastity cage, and I love working out locked up.

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Athletic rugby players Guy and Derek

Athletic rugby players Guy and DerekAthletic rugby players Guy and Derek are working on their body tackles, using their sub instead of a padded tackle bag to slam their powerful bodies into. All their physical exertion has worked up quite a sweat, so they use their sub’s mouth to clean their ripe sweaty armpits, slurping away every last bead of nectar with its wet tongue.

MetalbondNYC_Brutal_Tops_01 MetalbondNYC_Brutal_Tops_02 MetalbondNYC_Brutal_Tops_03 MetalbondNYC_Brutal_Tops_04

Derek’s rugby boots reek of his manly odor and sweat. Taking them off, he plants the opening of one boot firmly across Wilkinson’s mouth and nose like a face mask to seal in all that warm, pungent essence as Guy fucks its slutty ass.

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Mixed Martial Arts Fighter

Check out what happens to a mixed martial arts fighter at Straight Men In Trouble:

Mixed Martial Arts Fighter tied upIt was a championship fight, he remembered being in the cage, a typical ground and pound that must have been a knockout. The next thing he knew he was tied up in the quiet locker room with a strange masked man taking advantage of his helpless position.

gay_bondage_mixed_martial_arts_01 gay_bondage_mixed_martial_arts_02

The man oiled and massaged every inch of his hard, muscled body, groping, fondling and invading as the fighter struggled and cried out through his gag, until he finally lowered his trunks and cut away his briefs to reveal a long, thick cock and big, low handing balls just waiting for his attack.

Here are more pictures, courtesy of the men over at Straight Men In Trouble:

gay_bondage_mixed_martial_arts_03 gay_bondage_mixed_martial_arts_04

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