Sam Truitt gets tied up and relentlessly edged until he begs to cum

!35091_9Sam Truitt is started off bound near the windows as Sebastian tears away his clothes. Once his underwear is cut off they see the enormous size of his cock. They tease him with the hitachi’s vibrating on his cockhead until he’s about to blow. Next they have him bound in the chair as he’s teased even more. Sebastian swallows every inch of the stud’s cock as he continues to edge him. On the bed, Sam is bound in full body bondage while they jack him off with the fleshjack. They find out how ticklish Sam’s feet are and decide to give them some extra attention. They finally milk Sam’s fat cock until he blows a load onto his stomach.

35091_6 35091_7 35091_8

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Colt Rivers is working out at the gym when he gets taken down, tied up and edged


Sebastian is working out at the gym when he notices hunk Colt Rivers lifting some weights. Quickly, Sebastian finds Van cruising in the locker room and tells him about the hot hunk waiting for them outside. They pounce on Colt from behind and tie him down to the machines with duct tape covering his mouth. The two pervs tear away Colt’s clothes and get his cock hard, despite his efforts to resist. His balls are tied down to the dumbbell as they tease him with vibrators on his cock, edging him just until he’s ready to blow. Standing with his hands behind his back, Colt is edged once more before he’s suspended in mid-air and made to suck Sebastian’s cock as Van milks him from behind.

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Jimmy Bullet gets tied up for the very first time as his cock is relentlessly edged till he blows his load all over himself

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They blindfold Jimmy Bullet and bind his hands to his thighs over near the windows. Once they tear away his clothes, Jimmy’s cock gets rock hard as they begin to tease him. Using the fleshjack, they edge Jimmy till he’s about to cum before taking him to the center of the room. They suspend Jimmy in the and Sebastian swallows the stud’s cock as Van shoves a dildo up his ass. As Jimmy’s fucked in the air he’s made to swallow Sebastian’s cock before they tie him down on the mattress. After tickling the hell out of Jimmy they surprise him by suspending the entire bed and edging him mid-air.

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Seth Santoro is relentlessly edged in bondage and fucked with the Shockspot till he blows his load all over the floor

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They tie Seth against the metal cross to start him off, blindfolding him as they tear away his clothes, his cock already bulging out. Seth moans in pleasure as Sebastian teases him with his tongue before he and Van shove vibrating hitachi’s on his cockhead. Suspended in a hogtie, Seth swallows Sebastian’s hard cock as they continue to edge his cock. They tickle the hell out of him as he dangles in the air, before tying him to the pillar, folded in half. They ram the Shockspot machine up his ass until all the cum is milked from his cock and finishing him off with some post-orgasmic torment.

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