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Drop Dead Handsome – Super Straight – Big Cock – First Time on Video

Drop dead handsome Atticus Cole gets edged, and this straight dude appears for the first time on video. At Men On Edge. Check him out:


For his first time with another man and first time on video, Men On Edge welcomes straight hunk Atticus Cole. He’s a little nervous as they get started, so they calm his nerves with a blindfold around his eyes before they start teasing his cock. He gets nice and hard. Atticus is then tied down in the chair, moaning with pleasure as they jack his dick off with the fleshjack. Sebastian goes right for Atticus’ toes to drive him wild as he begs to cum. On the bed, they shove a dildo up the bound stud’s ass while sucking on his cock from behind. As a machine pounds away on his hole, Atticus finally blows his load all over his stomach before receiving post-orgasmic torment.

36968_4 36968_11 36968_17

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Christian Wilde is tied up, and he begs to cum in the woods

Deep in the woods, Christian Wilde stands up in the trees, bound and blindfolded as Sebastian comes walking up the trail. He climbs up to Christian, taking out his big fat cock as he begs Sebastian to suck it. After tantalizing his cockhead, clover clamps are pinched onto his nipples to drive him wild. Christian is then inverted in mid-air for the first time, dangling over the hill while having Sebastian swallow his cock. After relentless edging, Christian shoots a massive load before enduring post-orgasmic torment on his sensitive cock. It’s what happens at Men On Edge.

Here are some pictures of this scene:

35928_8 35928_10 35928_16


Free video preview of Christian Wilde here

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Happy Halloween from the men of Men On Edge

Is it a serial killer or a hot stud for edging on Halloween night?


It’s Halloween, so Sebastian talks Van into going on the haunted house tour with him. As they walk through the maze, spooky characters jump out left and right, scaring them half to death. In the midst of their fright, Sebastian noticed one of the workers in the haunted house was pretty hot, so they sneak back into the maze and catch the masked stud off guard. He’s tied up to the fence while Sebastian worships his pits before going for his underwear. They get the captive’s cock hard without any trouble and have him begging to cum after teasing him with the hitachi. In the graveyard, Van and Sebastian suck on the bound stud’s toes while edging his cock even more. They shove a vibrator up his ass before milking all the cum from his cock!

36544_6 36544_8 36544_9 36544_12

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Some of the latest updates in gay bondage porn (pictures and links)

Click below for some of the latest offerings in the world of gay bondage porn:


At 30 Minutes of Torment:

Seth Santoro – Beaten, Fucked and Beaten again


Seth Santoro thinks he has what it takes to make it through 30 Minutes of Torment, so he starts off with his hands bound above his head while Van pulls down on his balls.

Free video preview of Seth Santoro at 30 Minutes of Torment here.

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Bound Gods:

Officer Connor Maguire beats and fucks Alexander Gustavo


Bent over the desk, Alexander Gustavo is stripped naked for a full inspection before he’s made to swallow the Connor Maguire’s hard cock.

Free video preview of Bound Gods shoot here.

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Bound In Public:

Hot art thief with a big cock beaten and fucked into submission


Eli Hunter attempts to sneak a painting out of the gallery when no one’s paying attention to him.

Free video preview of Eli Hunter available HERE.

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Men On Edge:

Doug Acre gets taken down by Sebastian Keys and Branden Forrest


Tied down on the bed, Doug Acre begs his captors to let him cum, but they just shut him up with Branden’s uncut cock down his throat.

Free video preview of Doug Acre at Men On Edge here.

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Abel Archer gets suspended and experiences the pleasures of edging

Meanwhile over at Men On Edge, Abel Archer is completely fresh to bondage and edging.


They start him off in the center of the room tied to each column. They get him hard through his underwear before cutting them off to reveal his fat cock. With his hands bound he’s made to watch as they tease him with their fingertips. While sucking on the head of his cock they blindfold him and bring him to the edge of cumming again and again. He gets fully suspended, and raging hard.

35916_1 35916_10

Free video preview here.

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Nick Capra at Men On Edge

Check out muscled hunk Nick Capra’s edging session at Men On Edge.


He starts off bound by the windows as his hard cock grows underneath his underwear. Sebastian takes out Nick’s engorged member and swallows every inch to drive him wild. Nick’s moans grow even louder once the dual hitachis press against his cockhead. He is then suspended in mid air for the first time as his hard cock gets sucked from below. A dildo is driven into his ass, fucking his prostate as Nick begs and begs to cum. On the bed, Sebastian brings out hot and cold water to give Nick’s cock all sorts of different sensations. He sucks on Nick’s big, manly feet while continuing to edge his fat cock. After relentless edging, Nick blows his load before enduring post-orgasmic torment.

36293_0 36293_2 36293_3 36293_11

Free video preview of Nick Capra at Men On Edge available HERE.

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German hunk Alexander Gustavo


At Men On Edge, Alexander Gustavo is tied up by the windows as Sebastian reveals the stud’s uncut cock. Alexander moans in pleasure as Sebastian’s tongue slowly teases his cockhead. Vibrating hitachis press down on his sensitive cock before Alexander is brought right to the edge. Suspended over the bed, the uncut hunk begs to cum while his hard cock throbs. Clamps are placed on his nipples as Sebastian swallows Alexander’s cock and toes to drive him wild. Finally, with a prostate massager deep in his ass, Alexander is made to cum before receiving post-orgasmic torment to finish.

36277_5 36277_12 36277_15

Free video preview of Alexander Gustavo at Men On Edge available HERE.

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Metalbond Q&A With Sebastian Keys: ‘I’ve always been an adrenaline junky’


In an interview with MetalbondNYC.com, Sebastian Keys from the Kink.com family of gay bondage websites talks about his adventures in gay BDSM porn.


Metal: Sebastian, as readers of the Metalbond site might remember, you were quite the novice when you were tied up at Mr S in San Francisco during a porn shoot with Brenn Wyson for the then-brand-new website Bound In Public. What was that like for you, diving into kink as a newbie in such a pubic way?

Sebastian Keys responds: Diving right into BDSM was such a thrill for me. I’ve always been kind of an adrenaline junky, and growing up Mormon I was very sheltered yet had so many curious perverted thoughts, so coming to Kink was like walking into a candy shop for the very first time.


So, in other words, when it comes to BDSM, you went from vanilla to sixty in like, five seconds! That was quite an initiation, yes? 

It really was! It’s very well known in the industry that I’m one to really take it all.


MetalbondNYC_SebastianKeys_portrait_01Today you are one of the most prolific porn stars in the kink arena, and you also direct for Naked Kombat and Bound In Public, and you are one of the chief instigators at Men On Edge as well. Did you have any idea your career would take of so fast? 

I did not! I remember five years ago when I first started being told that I would have a year in the industry, IF I WAS LUCKY. Well I figured, I may not be the most handsome or have the biggest dick in the industry, but I made it my duty to be as versatile and easy to work with as humanly possible. And through my endeavors my career escalated in a way no one could really expect. I’m very grateful.


Is there one thing you enjoy most about what you do for a living? 

The one thing above all that I really enjoy in this line of work is the creative freedom I have. Film has always inspired me, and being the driving force behind a production, from just plotting the ideas and booking the models all the way up to editing in post and publishing it to the masses is such an amazing experience. All the hard work, the blood, sweat and tears that go into it, it’s something you can’t help but take pride and glory in.


What’s something people might be surprised to know about you? 

People are always surprised at how young I am (24), and of course my Mormon religious background.


What would you say to someone who is young yet uninitiated, who might be interested in exploring BDSM?

The biggest thing I can say is educate yourself and find an outlet that is safe and trustworthy as you explore BDSM. Safety is always the biggest priority.


I just checked the daily feed on the Metalbond site, and it looks like I have tagged you in at least five dozen postings about gay bondage porn shoots you have been in (and counting). You have said that one of the most memorable was the Bound Gods live shoot “Please let me take his pain, Sir,” in which you were pushed harder than you had ever been. Why did that experience resonate so powerfully for you?

That shoot, to this day, still gives me chills thinking about. It was honestly the first time that I truly appreciated BDSM and quite frankly the first time I really was honest with myself and learned why I am the way I am.


In that scene you were known by your slave number, 316, which you later had incorporated into a tattoo on your back. Have many people who might not be familiar with its meaning asked you about that tattoo? Are you glad you have it?

I constantly get asked about it, whether people think it’s a scripture or an area code, they’re always blown away by my story behind it. I’m very happy I have it and wear it proudly.


You have said that Van Darkholme is your greatest mentor. What is it like working with him?

It has been such a life-changing experience working with Van. He has his intense moments, which he’s famously known for haha, but to be honest, once you get to know him, he’s such a pleasure to be around and always keeps me laughing in stitches. My biggest appreciation working with him has definitely been his genuine desire to see me succeed and be the best I can be. He’s always critical, but I keep a constant reminder that every critique comes from a place of love and that he wants me to be the best.


He gave you quite the “edging of your life” recently at Men On Edge, didn’t he?

He really did! And also recently I modeled for 30 Minutes of Torment, which was, alongside my “316” shoot, one of the most monumental moments of my life. I endured such intense torment and mind games that I walked out feeling like I truly conquered my fears and evolved as a human being.


Is there anything you would like to add?

Just a big thank you for thinking of me and for the walk down memory lane with my experiences here at Kink.com. I truly love this place!


Metal would like to thank Sebastian Keys for this interview.

Also special thanks to Michael of Kink.com for his invaluable assistance in facilitating.



Here are more shots of Sebasian Keys at work — at Naked Kombat:



… in a recent “birthday bash” shoot at Bound In Public:



… and with Connor Maguire at Men On Edge: