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Slate: Cocky New Yorker

A cocky New Yorker gets a ball gag shoved in his mouth and endures extreme post orgasm torment.

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One word comes to mind when thinking of Slate: statuesque. Not so much the sculptures of antiquity but the simplistic and chiseled features of the more contemporary masters. He works out before the shoot then he gets tied to a machine and edged right away. In the next room his arms are tied back and he gets his cock flogged. Slate loves it and leans into the flogger every chance he gets. On his back with his arms over his head, he demands to blow his load. This cocky New Yorker gets his entire head including his mouth wrapped up tight. He receives the edging of his life and blows his massive load. Slate endures harsh post orgasm torment for being bossy all day.

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California beach stud Troy Collins receives an edging in bondage


There’s a rugged handsomeness about Troy Collins, and he’s very curious about being tied up and manhandled. He’s confident that his training as a fighter has prepared him for it. They tie him up with his arms back, blindfold him and rip his clothes off. When he gets to the brink of orgasm he licks up his own pre-cum. In the suspension room they tie him head to toe, put him in the air and fuck his ass with a dildo, making him swing across the room. With the fire roaring, they cane his ass and edge him while he gets fucked. At the end of the day he finally blows his load and endures the post-orgasm torment.

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Men On Edge: Hot cop Mike Gaite gets edged in a public restroom


Mike Gaite stumbles upon Van and Sebastian cruising in the bathroom. He handcuffs both pervs. They quickly overtake him, tape his mouth shut and bind his arms behind his back. Van holds him still as Sebastian sucks his cock through a glory hole. They then tie him up, place tit suckers on his nipples and put a ball gag on him before taking pictures of him. Van and Sebastian jerk Mike’s hot, thick cock while he struggles, working him to the edge before using the vibrating hitachis. Ultimately Mie is suspended and tickled and gets his muscled ass pounded with a fucksaw until he finally blows his load.

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Men On Edge: Owen Michaels gets his hard cock edged


Not only is Owen Michaels nervous about having a guy touch his cock, he also is feeling pretty nervous about the bondage. To ease him in, they start him off standing at the cross, with a blindfold around his eyes to calm his nerves. It seems Owen doesn’t mind the bondage as they notice his hard cock begging to be played with. After Branden Forrest swallows the bound stud’s cock, they bend Owen over and shove a dildo up his freshly shaved hole. He’s then strung up and suspended in the air as Branden continues to edge him from below. On the bed, Owen has the vibrator shoved up his ass as he’s ready to blow his load.

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Men on Edge hold a live Slumber Party

Three studs are edged and chat with members during a live show at Men On Edge


It’s the first-ever live Men on Edge slumber party, with Christian Wilde as the main attraction. Dylan Knight is in the neighborhood gets invited over to join in on the fun. Christian is tied down to the bed then Dylan and Sebastian suck on Christian’s tender nipples while Van brings his cock right to the edge of orgasm. With a finger shoved up his ass, they milk a load out of Christian’s cock and surprise him with some post-orgasmic torment. Since Dylan is joining in, he gets tied up next for everyone’s pleasure. Dual hitachi’s press against the stud’s cockhead as he begs and begs to cum. Dylan is then suspended in the air as they get the fucking machine ready for his ass, pounding away on his hole as Christian milks a load out of him.

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Drop Dead Handsome – Super Straight – Big Cock – First Time on Video

Drop dead handsome Atticus Cole gets edged, and this straight dude appears for the first time on video. At Men On Edge. Check him out:


For his first time with another man and first time on video, Men On Edge welcomes straight hunk Atticus Cole. He’s a little nervous as they get started, so they calm his nerves with a blindfold around his eyes before they start teasing his cock. He gets nice and hard. Atticus is then tied down in the chair, moaning with pleasure as they jack his dick off with the fleshjack. Sebastian goes right for Atticus’ toes to drive him wild as he begs to cum. On the bed, they shove a dildo up the bound stud’s ass while sucking on his cock from behind. As a machine pounds away on his hole, Atticus finally blows his load all over his stomach before receiving post-orgasmic torment.

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Christian Wilde is tied up, and he begs to cum in the woods

Deep in the woods, Christian Wilde stands up in the trees, bound and blindfolded as Sebastian comes walking up the trail. He climbs up to Christian, taking out his big fat cock as he begs Sebastian to suck it. After tantalizing his cockhead, clover clamps are pinched onto his nipples to drive him wild. Christian is then inverted in mid-air for the first time, dangling over the hill while having Sebastian swallow his cock. After relentless edging, Christian shoots a massive load before enduring post-orgasmic torment on his sensitive cock. It’s what happens at Men On Edge.

Here are some pictures of this scene:

35928_8 35928_10 35928_16


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Happy Halloween from the men of Men On Edge

Is it a serial killer or a hot stud for edging on Halloween night?


It’s Halloween, so Sebastian talks Van into going on the haunted house tour with him. As they walk through the maze, spooky characters jump out left and right, scaring them half to death. In the midst of their fright, Sebastian noticed one of the workers in the haunted house was pretty hot, so they sneak back into the maze and catch the masked stud off guard. He’s tied up to the fence while Sebastian worships his pits before going for his underwear. They get the captive’s cock hard without any trouble and have him begging to cum after teasing him with the hitachi. In the graveyard, Van and Sebastian suck on the bound stud’s toes while edging his cock even more. They shove a vibrator up his ass before milking all the cum from his cock!

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