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KinkMen.com Launches Gay BDSM Megasite

Six once-separate Kink.com gay brands are now united under the umbrella site of KinkMen.com, with multiple updates.



SAN FRANCISCO — Kink.com announced today the release of a brand new megasite, KinkMen, which will unite all six Kink.com gay brands (BoundGods, MenOnEdge, NakedKombat, ButtMachineBoys, BoundInPublic and 30MinutesofTorment) allowing users full access to the entire library of Kink’s unrivaled gay BDSM content with one flat membership, for $39.99.

For Kink.com, the largest producer of BDSM and fetish content in the world, the move to a centralized site represents a new era. Rather than maintaining nearly two dozen individual sites, Kink.com has begun developing packages of content and allowing users to purchase all-access passes.

Check out the new KinkMen.com Gay BDSM Megasite by clicking here.



Wesley Woods gives up his toned, athletic body to hot contractors fixing up his gym

Wesley_Woods_gay_bondage_01 Wesley_Woods_gay_bondage_02 Wesley_Woods_gay_bondage_03


Nothing gets Wesley Woods hornier than a bench press. After a vigorous set, he can’t help but masturbate right in the middle of the gym. He drifts into the dark fantasies of his mind, emerging back into the world bound and gagged under the exercise machine. Held in place with jumprope, he finds himself at the mercy of the painters working on the gym’s renovation. They tease and torment his hard prick, letting it throb under intense orgasmic pressure.



No relief for the stud — the painters forbid Wesley to cum as they jerk and suck him over and over. Wesley drifts off again. He wakes up on a bed, still covered in rope, still fully erect. The painters lift his ankles behind his head and penetrate his ass while they edge him repeatedly. They stretch Wesley back out and tickle his vulnerable feet before returning their attention to his cock. After an eternity of edging, the painters finally grant his pleas for an orgasm. After his cock explodes, they wipe the cum all over his face and polish off his sensitive cockhead.

Wesley_Woods_gay_bondage_05 Wesley_Woods_gay_bondage_06


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BONUS: Check out the new KinkMen.com Gay BDSM Megasite by clicking here.


Osiris Blade has a 10-inch dick, and he’s ready to get edged

Check out Osiris Blade at Men On Edge! Sebastian shows him around the Armory. When they get to main storage room for the sex toys and bondage restraints, Osiris can’t help but let his horny curiosity get the best of him. He lets Sebastian belt his cut body down to wheeled staircase for an edging session. Sebastian cuts off Osiris’ briefs to reveal an impossibly large cock, ten inches at least.

Osiris_Blade_gay_bondage_01 Osiris_Blade_gay_bondage_02 Osiris_Blade_gay_bondage_03


Discovering that Osiris’ nipples are hardwired to his dick, Sebastian works up a raging hard-on on the stud just by pinching and vibrating his nipples. Osiris moans and begs to cum as Sebastian runs two hitachis over his gigantic, pulsing dick. Sebastian ties Osiris up over a fuck box and edges him repeatedly with the toys he finds nearby, inserting a dildo deep within Osiris to heighten the pleasure. He stands Osiris up and finally milks a bucket full of cum from his firehose of dick.

Osiris_Blade_gay_bondage_04 Osiris_Blade_gay_bondage_05


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BEST VALUE: KinkMen’s new Gay BDSM Megasite here



NEW: Check out the new KinkMen.com Gay BDSM Megasite by clicking here.


A soldier gets edged by his commanding officers

It’s either the brig or sexual torment for Tommy Regan at Men On Edge.

Tommy_Regan_gay_bondage_01 Tommy_Regan_gay_bondage_02

Sgt. Colter can’t believe what he’s found in the barracks! Pvt. Tommy Regan has fucked it all up again and left his bunk in total disarray. He calls in Commander Darkholme to assist him with disciplinary action for the soldier. When summoned, Tommy gets needled by his superiors, who quickly offer him a deal — the brig or edging. They strip Tommy down for inspection and bind him to cold metal desk. Tommy has his straight dick brought to full attention by Colter and brought to the edge of orgasm again and again.



Darkholme and Colter place Tommy on his back and fuck his hole relentlessly as they stroke his dick. They tie him to a cot and press vibrators firmly against his nipples and cock head. Tommy begs his commanders for orgasm, but all he gets in return is laughter and more edging. Fighting against his restraints and with a vibrating dildo buzzing his straight hole, he finally blows his load. The officers rig the cot to the ceiling and leave Tommy swinging leaving him to think about his lack of discipline.

Tommy_Regan_gay_bondage_04 Tommy_Regan_gay_bondage_05 Tommy_Regan_gay_bondage_06 Tommy_Regan_gay_bondage_07 Tommy_Regan_gay_bondage_08


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New Kink Men ‘megasite’ is launched

Check this out. Kink Men has launched a new megasite incorporating all six of their gay sites (plus one bonus site called Male Wank), all for one low monthly rate.



So now you don’t have to subscribe to one or two sites — you can get ALL the gay sites for one low price. It’s a great value, if you ask me!

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Blackmailed into an edging

At Men On Edge, Jason Maddox is willing to do anything to prevent his cruising photos from going public

Jason_Maddox_Gay_Bondage_01 Jason_Maddox_Gay_Bondage_02 Jason_Maddox_Gay_Bondage_03 Jason_Maddox_Gay_Bondage_04

Sebastian and Van heard a rumor about a hot stud who cruises the bathroom, and as soon as Jason Maddox enters the room, they know they have their stud. Sebastian follows Jason to the back stall and gives him a sloppy blowjob. Jason is so wrapped up in the cocksucking that he doesn’t notice Van taking photos. Now blackmailed by the two, Jason reluctantly gets bound and blindfolded against the urinals. Sebastian plays with Jason’s hard cock, edging a river of precum from Jason in the process. Through a ball gag, Jason begs to cum over and over, but the two ignore his pleas. Instead, they take him over to the front of the bathroom and tie him up sideways for easy access to his hole. With a dildo ramming against his prostate, Jason feels like he’ll explode at any minute. His tormentors see otherwise, and continue the edges as he swings in the air. They finally allow him to cum, standing on one foot while Sebastian worships the other. After Jason blows a gigantic load, they give his sensitive dick rough a hard rub and tickle his vulnerable body.

Jason_Maddox_Gay_Bondage_05 Jason_Maddox_Gay_Bondage_06



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Zane Anders gets bound in duct tape

Straight stud Zane Anders finds himself belted down to a ladder, balanced against the wall of a dark workshop. His captors emerge from the shadows and cut the clothes from his body, running their hands over every inch of it. Fear gets overtaken by sheer horniness for Zane, as his captors edge his cock repeatedly.

Zane_Anders_gay_bondage_01 Zane_Anders_gay_bondage_02

They move Zane to a suspended platform and mummify him in duct tape while continuing to deny an orgasm for Zane’s throbbing dick. Leaving his feet exposed, his captors make the stud squirm in his casing as they suck and lick his toes. They flip Zane’s platform and milks his dick from below as he swings over the ground. Zane returns upright and finally has permission to cum, blowing a massive load that soon gets smeared all over his face. His captors give his dick a hard apple polish and completely encase him in duct tape.

Zane_Anders_gay_bondage_04 Zane_Anders_gay_bondage_05 Zane_Anders_gay_bondage_06


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Zane_Anders_gay_bondage_07 Zane_Anders_gay_bondage_ad