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Holiday greetings from inside the cage

Hey fellow prisoners,

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season.

Thanks to all who have supported the Metalbond site by sending in stories, pictures and positive feedback. Also thanks to my fellow bloggers who kindly link back to me!

And for those who have pitched in to the upkeep of this site by making a direct minimum-security, super-max or life-without-parole payment using the Contribute to Metalbond PayPal button in the sidebar to the right — thanks VERY MUCH for the support! Everything posted on this site is free, but it is not cheap to host and it is certainly time consuming to collate. So thanks for the help.

Many of you are traveling at this time to be with friends and family, and I wish you happy travels and a safe return. Others might simply be enjoying some much-needed “me time” (or getting lots of overtime) — and I hope you too are enjoying the spirit of the season.

If you are lucky, you might have some extra time to surf the net for gay bondage stories, pictures and videos — in which case I hope you visit the Metalbond Prison Library, or you can click through to one of the many pay sites that advertise on Metalbond and treat yourself to a porn site subscription or three.

Keep in mind that patronizing a site like Serious Male Bondage, Dream Boy Bondage or Kink.com is yet another great way to help support the Metalbond site. Especially if you got a new laptop under the tree this year, you will definitely want to load up on some gay bondage videos, right?

Speaking of the Prison Library, there will be LOTS more stories coming in the new year. So keep checking back often. I’m also kicking around some ideas behind the scenes on some enhancements that might make your enjoyment of the gay bondage fiction section even better. Provided you are not locked in chastity of course.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone!

— Metal (December 23, 2016)

Three ways you can support this website and keep it going



There are three ways you can support the Metalbond site and keep it going:

1. Patronize the companies that advertise on this site by clicking on the banner ads and buying a subscription to a pay site, or purchase gear from a vendor that advertises here. There are lots of sites to choose from, listed on the Metalbond Links page. When you spend money at these sites, it helps Metalbond!

2. You can make a direct contribution to Metalbond (via PayPal) by using the “Contribute to Metalbond” button in the column to the right, or at the bottom of the column on the right on the About page. The money is for site hosting fees and other administrative expenses. It goes to “Locker Jock,” and you can pick between three options: “Minimum-security,” “Super-max” and “Life Without Parole.”


3. Please link to Metalbond and write about Metalbond on your own website, and on the message boards and chat rooms that you go into. If you have a website of your own, please put Metalbond in your links section! The more web traffic coming here to Metalbond, the better.



Gay bondage stories in the Metalbond Prison Library


Here are some of the many gay bondage stories in the Prison Library:

Tricked and Tickled

Master Piece

A Non-Consensual Encounter

The Weekend Box

Session with the Baltimore Master

Past the Point of No Return

Keep checking back frequently for new bondage fiction.


As always, you can pitch in for the upkeep of this website by clicking on the “Contribute to Metalbond” button in the sidebar to the right.