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Fun with rope

Check out this information about rope bondage starter pack 1 and the rope bondage starter pack 2 available from Mr S:


Once you have that rope, you can tie up a guy (a bonus if your guy is as hot as Jon Shield!):


And be sure to take care of your rope too!


See the large selection of rope available at Mr S by clicking here.




Put some Bluetooth up your butt!

Check out the Bluetooth Remote Controlled Butt Plug, available from Mr S:

Welcome to the future of sex toys! This buttplug works through an app and bluetooth connection that lets you control the vibrations from any distance from your apple or android device. Control it yourself, or have someone else control it for you. Great for discreet public play but also works for long-distance partners as well.

Like other Bluetooth products, this plug works up to 30 feet away from your connected device. Or, connect with a partner and they have access to control your plug through the internet!

Click for Bluetooth Remote Controlled Butt Plug