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What happens at Str8Hell

Jan Bavor is gagged and shackled, with his hot chest bared as Ondra Vidim approaches from behind. Ondra reaches round and plays with Jan’s nipples. He feels Jan’s huge muscles before moving to the front and running his hands all over that sexy chest. He leans down and licks Jan’s nipples as he gropes him. He opens Jan’s jeans and then begins hitting on his belly. Pulling on the nipples, Ondra then applies clothespins to one, and then the other. He continues to attach pins to Jan’s hot body. Then he attaches nipple clamps and pulls on them before using his whip on Jan’s hot body. He reaches inside the jeans to free Jan’s cock and balls. Then he drop down and takes the cock in his mouth. Jan’s cock gets very hard as Ondra sucks on it. Then Ondra releases Jan and they start to kiss each other. Jan drops to his knees and sucks on Ondra’s big, fat, cock. He takes the fat dick in his mouth working it well. Ondra wants more though and has Jan bend over so that he can fuck his hot ass. The fat cock slides deep into Jan’s tight hole and fucks him deep. Jan enjoys the deep fucking and turns over to get more fucking. He wanks himself as Ondra pounds his tight hole. Jan keeps wanking hard and soon dumps his hot cum onto his thigh as Ondra’s dick is deep in his ass. Jan milks all the cream from his cock as Ondra keeps fucking him. Then Jan, drops down and wanks that big, fat, cock until Ondra’s cum is released too.

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Brad Barnes tickles Braden Charron

At My Friends Feet, Brad Barnes loves having the opportunity to tickle torture his best buddy Braden Charron. Both are big, muscular, sexy men. Braden is taken down to his birthday suit in order to get at his very ticklish balls. Braden is so big and therefore, has so much muscle mass to tickle. Brad certainly had a great time driving Braden around the bend with laughter. What a blast!


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Training the Sergeant – Part 6

By lthr_jock

Fletcher grinned to himself as he led Sergeant Davis down to the garage level. The Sarge was clearly having trouble keeping up due to the transport chains, and his shuffling walk only made the chains clank more loudly. Fletcher made sure to keep his pace fast so that Davis had to work to keep up – all the more difficult as Davis couldn’t see out of the headbag.

Fletcher led Davis to the backdoor of a transport van and helped Davis inside. There, he secured the transport chains to a ring in the floor and locked Davis inside the van before clambering into the driving seat. As he drove across town, he fondled his growing cock as he thought about what was in store for Davis.

The journey took about 20 minutes – but to Davis it seemed like hours. He couldn’t see anything, and the back of the van was uncomfortable and noisy. Finally it stopped and he heard the sound of boots on gravel as Fletcher walked around to the back of the van. He heard the low rumble of voices outside the van, though he couldn’t make out what they were saying. Suddenly, the door of the van was opened, his chains were unlocked from the bolt in the floor and he was being pulled outside. There were multiple hands on him – three men at least – and from the feel of them they were strong and clearly used to dealing with restrained people. They grabbed him around the arms and started to march him off. He tried to keep up by hobbling along, but they were moving too fast and he soon tripped. The hands held him upright but did not stop – they just dragged him along until he struggled back onto his feet.

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Sean Zevran and Alex Mecum in ‘Skuff: Rough Trade 2’

Let’s file this shoot from Hot House under muscle and leather sex. Hairy-chested Alex Mecum, clad in red and black leather, presses his ripped body against Sean Zevran. Sean, wearing all black, kisses Alex passionately. Their beefy muscles and bulging jockstraps prove that these two studs are intent on intense, connected sex.

Getting down on his knees, Alex rips the codpiece off Sean’s jock and inhales Sean’s hard, stiff cock. The oral worship gets Sean in the mood to reciprocate, and he expertly tongues the tip of Alex’s swollen mushroom head. Bending Sean over, Alex shoves his scruffy face into the crack of Sean’s perfect bubble butt, coating it with thick spit. With Sean’s ass slick and slippery, Alex drives his cock deep into Sean’s prepped hole. Sean takes Alex’s cock doggy style, and the muscles in his body flex as he submits to Alex’s drilling. Sweat glistens on their ripped bodies as they pick up speed and intensity. After getting his hole stretched, Sean trades places with Alex for round two. Resting on his back, Alex throws his right leg over Sean’s shoulder, opening himself up to maximum penetration from Sean’s powerful dick. Sean moves to sit down and Alex stands over him as they both work their cocks. Sean shoots first, spewing thick, white cum onto his ripped abs. The sight of Sean’s load pushes Alex over the edge, and he jerks out a gushing stream of cum that splatters across Sean’s muscled torso.

Models in this scene: Sean Zevran, Alex Mecum

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A muscular runt is humiliated by a muscle master

Muscle Master Brad reappears at BrutalTops to continue his vicious mistreatment of this feeble sub. The top lashes a mouth brace onto the runt before riding him around like a donkey. This humiliates the sub and he blanches as he’s thrashed by the merciless cane of the top. Riding over obstacles makes for more pain to the sub, who has an arse which is red raw from all the thrashing. Finally, Brad pisses into a dog bowl and the runt is ordered to drink the vile liquid and lick the bowl clean.

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