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A muscular runt is humiliated by a muscle master

Muscle Master Brad reappears at BrutalTops to continue his vicious mistreatment of this feeble sub. The top lashes a mouth brace onto the runt before riding him around like a donkey. This humiliates the sub and he blanches as he’s thrashed by the merciless cane of the top. Riding over obstacles makes for more pain to the sub, who has an arse which is red raw from all the thrashing. Finally, Brad pisses into a dog bowl and the runt is ordered to drink the vile liquid and lick the bowl clean.

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Bathroom pig Connor Patricks worships Max Cameron’s huge cock

Also at Bound Gods, greedy bathroom pig Connor Patricks is perched in a grungy stall in the public bathroom anxiously awaiting more steaming golden showers when Max Cameron comes in, armed with a giant cock and an extra full bladder. Max drenches Connor, letting his fluids stream down the dirty slut’s body and into his steadily filling funnel gag before dragging his filthy new plaything out of the stall and throwing him to the floor.


After shoving his crotch in Connor’s face and throat fucking him with his thick hard cock, Max spanks and hand gags Connor while playing with his tight pink asshole, enjoying Connor’s screams as they echo throughout the bathroom. Connor is then tied up tightly and flogged mercilessly while gagging on Max’s dick, his own spit dribbling down his body as he struggles helplessly. Finally Max decides it’s time to give his captive his just desserts, and fucks him hard and fast against the urinals until Connor blows his load all over Max’s boots. After Connor has licked all of his cum off of Max’s boots, he sucks and worships Max’s cock until he’s rewarded with a huge thick load all over his face.


Models in this shoot: Connor Patricks, Max Cameron

Title of this shoot: Hung stud finds a dirty bathroom pig to worship his giant cock

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Prisoner gets locked in a pit and pissed on

Check out this one from IronLockUp.com:

gay bondage

In this scene Sir Pan locks his new piece of meat into the pit and pisses all over him. Sir Pan leaves the captive in complete darkness to cool off in his piss-soaked clothes. Feeling merciful, Sir Pan allows the prisoner a shower to warm up and works the prisoner over a little before returning him to his cell and thoughts …

gay bondage

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Things Change

By ty dehner

I found the dirt parking area off the wooded road and pulled off as I was instructed to. I sat for a few minutes to catch my breath and think about what I was about to do this afternoon. Alex and I had talked over time either via the internet or on the phone. We were both interested in gear and all the fun stuff one does in it. We also both got into very intense scenes that few would actually do. After viewing his Tumblr page I was surprised how far he wanted to go. I asked him about it, and he became very open and pushed for me to be where I am, parked on the side of a lonely road out in the woods. He also has me in my football uniform that I got from the local NFL team.

As I start to think what might happen, my cock stirs in the cup that is under the UA shorts and pads of my blue football pants. The socks and cleats match it all with my jersey tucked in. I am in a long-sleeved black UA shirt that is under my jersey and the full heavy lineman gloves. Alex is really into football gear, and he wanted me to start off in the right mindset. The only things missing are the full shoulder pads and helmet. But he knew that would be difficult to drive in.

Opening the door, my cleats step into the muddy ground as it rained earlier. He had instructed me to put my wallet and keys in a plastic bag and duct tape it to the back wheel well. It was a crazy move as I ripped a piece of tape and covered the plastic bag. As I reached into the back wheel well I heard a motorcycle. Looking up, I saw the hottest dude in full leathers and helmet ride by. I hope he hadn’t seen what I was doing. If he did he didn’t stop. He continued down the road.

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Roommate Tickle Wager: Craps You Lose

By Jack

My roommate Zack and I, just before he moved back to the midwest to a different college, used to hang in the living room, drinking sherry (of all things) and shooting craps. We were way into it, and would have some fierce, marathon games, sometimes lasting until dawn. We sorta played by Hoyle, but some rules we made up as we went along. We were very competitive, really rubbed it in when the other guy lost. Zack was especially sadistic when I lost, calling me a wuss and a loser and stuff. We played with stacks of nickels, and the game was over when one guy won all the other guy’s nickels.

Now, Zack is very ticklish, but only his armpits. He is a muscular, wiry guy, 5’8″, 150#’s, smooth, clean-shaven, real handsome, with several tats. Very tough, hot, macho little 24 y.o. dude. Smooth, muscular chest, light wisps of blond hair in his armpits. Hated being tickled. No, I mean really HATED it. Used to tell me horror stories about his baby-sitter tying him up with electrical cord and tickling him until he pissed himself. Also, about his mother and older sister pinning him down with his arms over his head and tickling his armpits until he was screaming and crying. I listened to his stories with mock dread, and always seemed to feel sorry for him. So, yeah, I knew he was ticklish. And I knew he hated it.

But I also knew what a prick he was when I lost to him at craps.

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Pictures: Chained in the wet room


The prisoner sits, chained to the cold wet room floor, his breath slowed by the gas mask as Sir warms up his balls with the toe of his boot. As the prisoner begins to jack off, Sir fills the gas mask hose, narrowing the air passage and filling the prisoner’s airway with the aroma. The prisoner masturbates furiously as Sir crushes his balls with his boot.

full_09 full_10


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