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Lucky is tied up in white Calvins and tickled

This is one of my favorite things ever. Lucky gets tied up and tickled by Dev in these pictures from My Friends Feet

Competitive_endurance_tickling_Lucky_01 Competitive_endurance_tickling_Lucky_03 Competitive_endurance_tickling_Lucky_04 Competitive_endurance_tickling_Lucky_05 Competitive_endurance_tickling_Lucky_07


There are many more pictures, plus a video, available at My Friends Feet. In the video there are two ticklers who are completely clothed.

I am really into this Lucky guy, whoever he is. I love the way he fills out those white briefs.

If anyone has any more information about Lucky, whether he appeared in any other shoots, please let me know!

Story writer needed

I have an idea for a gay bondage story, if someone wants to try their hand at writing something new for the Metalbond Prison Library. It’s based on something that has been in the news recently. If you are interested in hearing my idea and you are genuinely interested in writing, get in touch with me privately. It’s helpful if you are familiar with VR technology such as Oculus Rift and online communities such as Second Life.

Pictures: White Academy Chair

Mark from Serious Male Bondage is looking for the White Academy Chair pictured below.

Mark writes,

“There were a number of Academy chairs made, so far I have counted four. I have the metal chair in my possession. There is another stained wood chair in circulation, along with the white chair, which I am trying to track down. Although the white chair appears to be made of metal, most of it is wood. I got these photos from the StationHouse website.”

AcademyChair-1 AcademyChair-2 AcademyChair-3 AcademyChair-4-1 AcademyChair-4-2 AcademyChair-5


Can anyone help Mark find the current owner of the chair? Mark’s e-mail address is mark@seriousbondage.com.