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Paul On The Rack

paul-102Rich has this 20-year-old straight man, a new father, tied to a rack, and proceeds to administer a hard, relentless whipping. Poor Paul quickly becomes short of breath, gasping, panting and moaning in response to the steady drum beat of Rich’s whip as his tight, sexy ass turns bright red and his facial expression goes from calm, to pain, rage and finally fear as the ass pounding goes on steadily without letup.

paul-213 paul-214Rich now takes a leather strap to Paul’s ass and things start to get intense. Paul takes this time to inform Rich of his “severe anger problem,” which he fears might be triggered by a hard spanking, but Rich ignores him. You can tell that he’s on the verge of a rage as he struggles to cope with the pain, his body is trembling, his breathing is loud and labored, he grits his teeth and at times his eyes actually roll back into his read. But Rich just spanks on, making the angry straight boy submit to his punishment.

paul-307Tied to a spanking bench, his ass in the air, his balls visible and vulnerable, Paul gets a warm up hand spanking from Rich. Then, when his cheeks are rosy red, Rich switches to a riding crop. Soon poor Paul is trembling, his breathing is fast, loud and labored, his body is tense, and his teeth are clenched. This is clearly a young man who hates every minute of the punishment he’s agreed to take.


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gay bondage

Mike Bound and Spanked

Check out these shots of Mike Bound and Spanked, one of the many updates at Reluctant Young Men:

gay bondage Mike_Bound_Spanked_-109

In Part 1 the straight, sexy, long-legged college athlete finds himself bound and taken to the dungeon by a mysterious masked man who administers a blistering beating with a frat paddle that has him kicking those sexy legs and howling and screaming in pain.

gay bondage Mike_Bound_Spanked_-207

In Part 2 the young college athlete is restrained on his back with his ankles bound to ropes hanging from the ceiling, his long sexy legs and big feet displayed to full advantage as he writhes and screams in agony as his feet are relentlessly whipped with a cane.

gay bondage

In Part 3 he’s tied securely to the spanking bench, with his buff ass in the air, his tight ass hole facing the camera, his cock and balls clearly visible as he bounces and struggles, the straight, college athlete screams in pain and agony as his ass is ruthlessly beaten with a hairbrush, paddle and riding crop.

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