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Joey receives OTK discipline


Joey is a 26-year-old straight guy, a recent transplant, unemployed and looking to make some money. He’s a real ladies man, even has an implant in his cock to enhance a woman’s pleasure. But this day Rich stripped him of his manly pride. Taking him OTK and using a paddle and hairbrush, he had him filling the room with his high pitched wailing and hollering, glad that no young women were present to witness his punishment.

Then, Rich gets Joey tied face down to a bar stool, his beefy ass in the air and his cock and balls hanging visibly beneath him, in an exposed and vulnerable position, looking scared and worried. He continues the punishment with a whip and rawhide cane, the stinging bite of these two instruments has the muscular straight guy crying out in pain, writhing and cursing with every blow.

MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_spanking_Joey_02 MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_spanking_Joey_03


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Kevin takes a beating

Meanwhile over at Reluctant Young Men, they have another brave young lad willing to take corporal punishment:

Reluctant Young Men Kevin takes a beatingKevin is 29 years old, straight, an unemployed house painter, tough and strong, with a body made muscular through hard work. But he came before asking for permission in a teasing video, and now he will pay. Rich strips him down and takes his belt to Kevin’s muscular ass and has him yelling, twitching and dancing in pain.

kevin-206 kevin-208 kevin-213 kevin-215


Later, Rich has Kevin tied to a stool and lays into him with a riding crop and rawhide whip. Poor Kevin writhes and struggles in his bonds as he screams, cries and whimpers in pain, his muscular body straining as he pulls against the ropes trying to free himself. Its what happens at Reluctant Young Men:



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John II at Reluctant Young Men


Meanwhile over at Reluctant Young Men, John is back after a three-year absence looking more built and sexier than ever, and Rich proves he can still make this straight guy disgrace himself and carry on like a bitch. Rich takes him OTK and spanks him by hand, with a belt and a bath brush and once again John can’t take the pain as he writhes and cries in pain as Rich breaks the proud young man.

In Part 2, John has his cock and balls securely locked in the hard, cold steel of the genital stocks and his feet in shackles. Unable to move even slightly without causing himself pain, John struggles to stand completely still as Rich begins a beating with a leather paddle. He cries out in pain but doesn’t dare move an inch as Rich punishes his poor ass.

In Part 3 John is tied to the spanking bench with his ass spread wide and in the air. He’s helpless to defend himself as Rich approaches with a cane.  His body jerks and he gasps and cries out in pain with every stinging blow.  Then Rich switches to a riding crop and John’s breathing becomes quick, loud and labored, his cries are a high pitched whimpering  as the crop stripes his muscular, vulnerable ass.

RYM_02 RYM_05 RYM_06


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Spanked Athletes – Scott

Scott_01Scott is a HOT blond college wrestler with a hunky body who gets tied down in the locker room and spanked. He’s tied to a bench and spanked by hand and with leather paddles to warm him up. Then he’s tied to a stool and his ass is beaten with a wooden paddle while his cock and balls are pulled behind him to hold him in place. This has him screaming out in pain and struggling on his little stool while showing off his big cock and balls and his tight hole. Finally he’s strung up from the rafters and he gets a severe workout with the riding crop that breaks him. He’s crying out in pain, cursing and dancing as each blow of the crop cuts into his firm beefy buns.

Scott_02 Scott_03 Scott04

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Paul On The Rack

paul-102Rich has this 20-year-old straight man, a new father, tied to a rack, and proceeds to administer a hard, relentless whipping. Poor Paul quickly becomes short of breath, gasping, panting and moaning in response to the steady drum beat of Rich’s whip as his tight, sexy ass turns bright red and his facial expression goes from calm, to pain, rage and finally fear as the ass pounding goes on steadily without letup.

paul-213 paul-214Rich now takes a leather strap to Paul’s ass and things start to get intense. Paul takes this time to inform Rich of his “severe anger problem,” which he fears might be triggered by a hard spanking, but Rich ignores him. You can tell that he’s on the verge of a rage as he struggles to cope with the pain, his body is trembling, his breathing is loud and labored, he grits his teeth and at times his eyes actually roll back into his read. But Rich just spanks on, making the angry straight boy submit to his punishment.

paul-307Tied to a spanking bench, his ass in the air, his balls visible and vulnerable, Paul gets a warm up hand spanking from Rich. Then, when his cheeks are rosy red, Rich switches to a riding crop. Soon poor Paul is trembling, his breathing is fast, loud and labored, his body is tense, and his teeth are clenched. This is clearly a young man who hates every minute of the punishment he’s agreed to take.


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