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10 Days in Detention – Part 19

By socalbd

The scream echoed through the cell. Even from behind the muzzle it was loud or at least I thought it was. As I was in a dark cell, isolated with hard walls where the sound bounced around, anything that had a level of volume to it seemed louder. Then again, the pain I was in so quickly from this compression position was more than intense.

At first the immediate concern was breathing. John and Dan did a first-rate job of making sure my knees were as tight against my chest as they possibly could be with the ankles pulled in just as tight. My ability for lung expansion was labored, at best. Being in complete darkness didn’t help. Without sight the head can only focus on touch and the other senses. They become magnified. Like the scream, the sound of air inhaling and exhaling when it’s the entire focus of your existence takes on a completely higher status.

Being chained off and head held up also meant little to no body movement of any kind along with the compression position. Muscles throughout my body were aching quickly.

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In a Romanian Insane Asylum – Part 1

By Mister-X/Spartan

The stories she told were chilling. I was a budding investigative reporter, hoping to find a story to make my mark in the world. My boss knew this, and invited me to hear this woman’s stories. She lived in Romania, and was visiting in this country. She was telling us about how their ruler, Ceaucescu, would use insane asylums to house meddlesome dissidents, and the terrible things they would do to such people.

I was young, still in college. My parents had emigrated to the U.S. from Romania, and they spoke Romanian at home, so I was fluent in the language. I would be a natural for the job of doing a report from inside one of these hell holes. But it would obviously be a very dangerous assignment. The lady said that if I could get into Romania, she could get me the necessary papers as a resident student. My boss left the decision up to me as to whether to do this assignment.

I thought about it, thought about the stories the lady told, and decided I would do it. The paper would back me. I had to start planning everything quickly. The lady would be returning home in a week. She knew the people there who were leading the opposition to the ruler, and would put me in touch with them when I arrived in the country.

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Bryan Cole gets crucified

Check out what happens to sexhibitionist Bryan Cole at Dream Boy Bondage:

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Pictures and Video: Alexei struggles against the ropes

At Roped Studs, Alexei struggles against the ropes

gay_bondage_metalbondnyc_01 gay_bondage_metalbondnyc_02

Young Russian Alexei struggles against the ropes binding him to the round tabletop, his arms and legs bent back, forcing his back into a seductive arch. His shirt has been ripped open and his cock yanked out of his undies and roped to his neck. Rope man J.J. plays with his balls, clips two clothespins to his nipples, then clamps five more to his taut ball sack – and a large, especially nasty one to the tip of his uncut cock. Alexei quivers in pain, begging “Please, please…” over and over. J.J. replies by painfully twisting the clips, then attacking the captive’s torso and balls with a flogger.

Here is a free video preview that looks great in full screen mode:


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Pictures and video: Noah is roped spread-eagle against a wall

Meanwhile at Roped Studs:

gay_bondage_roped_studs_metalbondnyc_01 gay_bondage_roped_studs_metalbondnyc_02

In this shoot, Noah remains roped spread-eagled against a cold, concrete wall, a steel ball and chain roped to the base of his cock and balls, keeping his cock engorged and purple. Rope man J.J. loves watching this prisoner squirm in pain, so he attaches some nasty clothespins to the his nips, then flogs the pins along with the captive’s cock and balls. What a sexy slave — so vulnerable, so well roped — tortured and displayed to perfection.

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