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Training the Sergeant – Part 9

By lthr_jock

The next day, Davis had a day off work but he still started off early with a heavy two-hour session at the gym and an eight-mile run. As he towelled off after his shower, he looked at his reflection in his bathroom mirror. The gym was definitely working on him – he now had some serious definition on his abs under his pelt of hair, and when he did a double bicep pose his arms swelled impressively. His legs were similarly growing, and his arse was definitely getting tighter. His new high and tight haircut looked good against his craggy face, and removing the beard and moustache had taken 10 years off him. He grabbed his electric razor and shaved, remembering to run it around his head to preserve the effect of the haircut.

He padded naked through to his bedroom and opened up his wardrobe to decide what to wear today. The card he had been given the night before had an address on one side and the words “Cohiba Esplendidos” on the other side. The address was close to a local shopping centre, so he decided to drive there. He grabbed some clothes and started to put them on.

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Up Your Alley: The Next Year – Part 1

By ty dehner

The single tail whip snapped as it struck my naked backside. This was the 18th strike as I was ordered to keep count when the last lock on the steel wrist restraining was put upon me and connected to the steel St. Andrews Cross that stood in the middle of 10th Street. I was stark naked held fast in steel wrist and ankle restrains locked to the steel cross. My cock has been in its heavy metal chastity belt for a week with a metal plug up my ass and a metal helmet on my head to scream into.

I’ve been on this cross for over an hour and Master Kevin has allowed various leather men to use their floggers, whips and crops on me to show me the power and control he has over his object. This is far different from last year when I was here in full leather. Then I could never had thought I would be owned by Master Kevin and be in his service. But here I am as the next strike really stings and I scream and try to break free of the steel, knowing that I can’t. I feel a leather glove on my back and it gently sooths my burning skin.

“Pig you know how many Facebook and Tumblr feeds you are going to appear in tonight! They don’t know that under that helmet you are sweating in that full leather hood and your mouth is stuffed with the inflatable gag. But they know you are suffering for me and I’m so close to pulling that plug out and fucking you right here on the street!”

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The Examination – Part 4

By Slavebladeboi

The gates opened automatically as I drove up to them and then proceeded slowly down the drive. I knew this was the good end of the city but I had never bothered to come here before. The house looked like a small Hollywood style mansion, ornate and sitting in a decent sized plot hidden by hedges and trees. It oozed money.

By the time I got to the top step the front door opened, again automatically as I thought until I saw the boy standing next to it. I stared at him, he was a David lookalike, same colouring, same tight firm body, just a bit taller and possibly older. He kept his face towards the floor but I saw the same glorious eye lashes as I had seen the day before at “my office.”

“Ah, Mr Saunders” a voice sounded from the depths of the dark hallway, “welcome.”

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Frat Boy’s Bitch Boy – Part 09

By Greg Alexander

With the mud rides finally over, I was hauled back into the frat house after being thoroughly rinsed off, like a dirty piece of livestock, by a high pressure hose in the yard.

By this point, I had accomplished the truly remarkable task of accumulating no fewer than 273 demerits, all marked down in tidy bunches of five on the big white board. I wondered what exactly the consequence of having so many demerits would be.   It wouldn’t take me too long to find out.

It was late, and most of the pledges and frat boys were drunk enough and tired enough that they were finally through abusing me, at least for the night. As the large crowd of frat boys dispersed, Trevor and Bryce came over and picked me up on either end of my body. Of course, needless to say, I was still bound and tied up from head to toe.

“Hey,” Trevor said in a deep voice. He was talking to Shane, the pledge ring leader. “You wanna come do this with us?”

“Sure!” Shane’s voice was eager.

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10 Days in Detention – Part 19

By socalbd

The scream echoed through the cell. Even from behind the muzzle it was loud or at least I thought it was. As I was in a dark cell, isolated with hard walls where the sound bounced around, anything that had a level of volume to it seemed louder. Then again, the pain I was in so quickly from this compression position was more than intense.

At first the immediate concern was breathing. John and Dan did a first-rate job of making sure my knees were as tight against my chest as they possibly could be with the ankles pulled in just as tight. My ability for lung expansion was labored, at best. Being in complete darkness didn’t help. Without sight the head can only focus on touch and the other senses. They become magnified. Like the scream, the sound of air inhaling and exhaling when it’s the entire focus of your existence takes on a completely higher status.

Being chained off and head held up also meant little to no body movement of any kind along with the compression position. Muscles throughout my body were aching quickly.

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