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Pictures and Video: Alexei struggles against the ropes

At Roped Studs, Alexei struggles against the ropes

gay_bondage_metalbondnyc_01 gay_bondage_metalbondnyc_02

Young Russian Alexei struggles against the ropes binding him to the round tabletop, his arms and legs bent back, forcing his back into a seductive arch. His shirt has been ripped open and his cock yanked out of his undies and roped to his neck. Rope man J.J. plays with his balls, clips two clothespins to his nipples, then clamps five more to his taut ball sack – and a large, especially nasty one to the tip of his uncut cock. Alexei quivers in pain, begging “Please, please…” over and over. J.J. replies by painfully twisting the clips, then attacking the captive’s torso and balls with a flogger.

Here is a free video preview that looks great in full screen mode:


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Pictures and video: Noah is roped spread-eagle against a wall

Meanwhile at Roped Studs:

gay_bondage_roped_studs_metalbondnyc_01 gay_bondage_roped_studs_metalbondnyc_02

In this shoot, Noah remains roped spread-eagled against a cold, concrete wall, a steel ball and chain roped to the base of his cock and balls, keeping his cock engorged and purple. Rope man J.J. loves watching this prisoner squirm in pain, so he attaches some nasty clothespins to the his nips, then flogs the pins along with the captive’s cock and balls. What a sexy slave — so vulnerable, so well roped — tortured and displayed to perfection.

Here is a free video preview — and as always with Roped Studs be sure to click the button to watch this in full screen mode.


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Pictures and video: Aiden is roped to the bondage chair

Check out Aiden at Roped Studs — and see below for a free, high-def video clip.

gay_bondage_roped_studs_aidan_01 gay_bondage_roped_studs_aidan_02 gay_bondage_roped_studs_aidan_03


Aiden is roped to the bondage chair, naked and helpless, when rope man J.J. enters with his flogger, first yanking on the cotton-rope noose stretching the captive’s cock and balls, then whipping his cock and balls with the flogger. Aiden moans and screams as his cock and balls are tortured. J.J. keeps Aiden roped tight against the bondage chair, but finally lets him work that huge cock until it triples in size and pumps out a huge load of cum, all while Aiden remains roped tight. What an amazing stud and an even more amazing cock.


Here is a free video clip — and be sure to click the button to watch this in high-res:


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Pictures and video: Lean, well-built Logan is tied and edged

Check out what happens to Logan at Roped Studs — and see below for a free, hi-def video clip.

gay_bondage_roped_studs_logan_01 gay_bondage_roped_studs_logan_02 gay_bondage_roped_studs_logan_03


Talk about a roped stud fantasy: Lean, well-built Logan, covered with whip marks, is roped beautifully to the bondage frame, his massive cock rock hard. When his dick starts to sag just a bit, rope man J.J. gives it a few strokes and it stiffens immediately. Then J.J. gets out his electric wand, using it to torture the roped man’s cock, balls and nipples, making his eyes literally roll back into his head. But no matter what, Logan stays hard – even after J.J. milks him dry, again.

Here is a free video clip — and be sure to click to watch this clip in hi-def:


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Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

By Bondagekid94

Everything has been discussed – we are aware of limits and what each other enjoys, but I do not know the finer details of what is to come. We have only chatted online, and this will be the first time that we meet in person.

The intercom buzzes, signifying your arrival. It is early. I’m still groggy as I’ve not long woken up. All my gear and toys are laid out as requested, and I go and open the front door. No time for niceties, I am taken into my bedroom and ordered to strip.

I am ordered to put myself in my rubber, first shorts, then socks and gloves, then full catsuit. Once this is all on, it’s padlocked closed. This is followed by a gas mask and then I am led to the sleepsack, which is waiting, open, for my rubber-clad body to be sealed inside. As the zips tighten up my body and my arms slip into the internal sleeves, I am now helpless. There is no escape.

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Pictures and video: A gay slave gets his asshole pounded

At Roped Studs. See below for a free video preview clip.


Logan moans and gasps as a massive, veined dildo fucks his tight ass rhythmically. The hot man is roped to the four corners of the bed, his body covered with sexy lash marks. “Oh yeah!” he moans as rope man J.J. smacks his ass while fucking him. Logan is hurting – but oh so good. Then J.J.’s dildo-fucking gets rapid-fire – and he whips the captive while fucking him.

Roped_Studs_gay_bondage_Logan_dildo_02 Roped_Studs_gay_bondage_Logan_dildo_03



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Busman’s Holiday – Part 08

By lthr_jock

Clark stared straight ahead at the clock – not that he had much choice. The collar of the helmet was rigidly locked in place, and the helmet was so tight around his head that he couldn’t move inside it. Vickers had left the room in darkness except for the spotlight on the box and a smaller one illuminating a clock face opposite Clark. Apart from closing his eyes, Clark had no choice but to watch the clock slowly counting down the minutes.

The hands of the clock seemed to move like someone wading through tar. By the time Clark had been in there for 15 minutes, it felt like far longer. Already he knew he was in trouble. With his arms locked behind him, his muscles were cramping painfully. His heavy biceps and shoulders worked against him and made the bondage more secure. He tried to move, but he could do little but twitch inside the box. The chains restraining his chest and waist were heavy and solid, and he couldn’t move them an inch. His legs were locked securely in place, and their positioning meant that his back and arse were forced further into the rubber of the chair. He couldn’t even wiggle his arse, as the rubber tube that had been pushed up inside him was also solidly in place.

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