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Video: Thomas in ‘Four Years Later Part 2’

Check out what happen to Thomas at DreamBoyBondage — and be sure to click to see this high-quality video clip in full-screen mode:


Muscular frat boy Thomas is spread-eagled on a horizontal X-cross. His sucked-in abs and well-defined chest are brutally flogged, then beaten with a hard-rubber truncheon. Then, in an extra bit of nastiness, they clamp the captive’s huge cock and dangling balls with two spring-loaded glue clamps.


See it all at Dream Boy Bondage


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Flip Fuck – Part One

A muscle stud endures brutal suspension bondage in sharp twines in this vintage shoot at Bound Gods:


Alpha slaves Leo Forte and Jason Miller are alone in the house as their Master is away. While Jason does the chores like a good slave, Leo decides to dress in leather and have some fun. He ties Jason up, gets his cock sucked, and flogs the stud’s chest. Next Jason endures one of the most painful suspensions one can as he’s wrapped in twine. The thin strands cut into him like razors as he is made to stand on an electrified grate. Leo laughs as he makes the captive dance between twine bondage and the electricity at his feet. Jason’s huge balls endure the electric ball crusher as Leo milks the stud. A hard ass and foot caning earn Jason a fuck in the hanging bondage swing as well as the rogue slave Leo’s load. Jason is exhausted, but he’s ready to take his turn as Leo’s dom …

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To see more, visit Bound Gods

Crushed nuts

I’ll file these under “severe testicle torture” … Check out these CBT devices available from Mr S:


Acrylic Ball Press: Turn the wingnuts tighter and tighter and watch his balls flatten and listen to him beg and plead for mercy!



Acrylic Ball Crusher: Once you lock this nut-trap on, you’ll begin to see that look in his eyes as you gently turn the dials and the nuts get even redder … just one more turn?



Captivator Electrical Ball Crusher: Two times the surface contact to ensure no area on his balls gets away from you. Lock him in and let it rip! This is a 2-channel electrical device, with 4 inputs for the wires coming from your power box.



You can find more like this at Mr S