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The tables are turned

Handsome Master Lionel makes a welcome return to continue his vicious mistreatment of this pathetic sub. The top dominates the runt by lashing a dog collar to his neck and pulling him around. All the while threatening him with a severe beating, using his mean belt. The naked sub has to swallow Lionel’s spit before licking his boots and having his own dick harshly trampled on.

gay_bondage_humiliation_brutal_tops_01 gay_bondage_humiliation_brutal_tops_02 gay_bondage_humiliation_brutal_tops_03 gay_bondage_humiliation_brutal_tops_04 gay_bondage_humiliation_brutal_tops_05 gay_bondage_humiliation_brutal_tops_06 gay_bondage_humiliation_brutal_tops_07 gay_bondage_humiliation_brutal_tops_08 gay_bondage_humiliation_brutal_tops_09


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Pictures and Video: Alexei struggles against the ropes

At Roped Studs, Alexei struggles against the ropes

gay_bondage_metalbondnyc_01 gay_bondage_metalbondnyc_02

Young Russian Alexei struggles against the ropes binding him to the round tabletop, his arms and legs bent back, forcing his back into a seductive arch. His shirt has been ripped open and his cock yanked out of his undies and roped to his neck. Rope man J.J. plays with his balls, clips two clothespins to his nipples, then clamps five more to his taut ball sack – and a large, especially nasty one to the tip of his uncut cock. Alexei quivers in pain, begging “Please, please…” over and over. J.J. replies by painfully twisting the clips, then attacking the captive’s torso and balls with a flogger.

Here is a free video preview that looks great in full screen mode:


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Crushed nuts

I’ll file these under “severe testicle torture” … Check out these CBT devices available from Mr S:


Acrylic Ball Press: Turn the wingnuts tighter and tighter and watch his balls flatten and listen to him beg and plead for mercy!



Acrylic Ball Crusher: Once you lock this nut-trap on, you’ll begin to see that look in his eyes as you gently turn the dials and the nuts get even redder … just one more turn?



Captivator Electrical Ball Crusher: Two times the surface contact to ensure no area on his balls gets away from you. Lock him in and let it rip! This is a 2-channel electrical device, with 4 inputs for the wires coming from your power box.



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Jared puts his balls on the line

Arrogant stud Jared is chained on his back naked — and an unbelievable amount of weight is hung from his balls. At Dream Boy Bondage. See below for a free video preview clip — Do not do this at home.

Dream_Boy_Bondage_Jared_severe_testicle_torture_01 Dream_Boy_Bondage_Jared_severe_testicle_torture_02 Dream_Boy_Bondage_Jared_severe_testicle_torture_03 Dream_Boy_Bondage_Jared_severe_testicle_torture_04 Dream_Boy_Bondage_Jared_severe_testicle_torture_05


Many have asked when cocky, arrogant Jared will be punished. The time has come. He has, once again, gone too far, scarring and damaging beautiful, young Noah to the point that he will need weeks of recovery – and will not be able to be sold to one of our favorite slave-collectors who had expressed interest in buying the prisoner, but now says he doesn’t want “damaged goods.” So, today, Jared sits naked on a small torture table, cocky as ever. They are going to do more than torture him. They are going to torture his balls. Do not do this at home. Jared is a special man with an extremely high pain tolerance.

Dream_Boy_Bondage_Jared_severe_testicle_torture_06 Dream_Boy_Bondage_Jared_severe_testicle_torture_07 Dream_Boy_Bondage_Jared_severe_testicle_torture_08 Dream_Boy_Bondage_Jared_severe_testicle_torture_09



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Strapped down naked on the discipline bench

Big, manly, tattooed Kevin is strapped down naked on the discipline bench, and he can’t move an inch! His big meaty arse is pointed in the air with his fat cock and heavy nuts dangling between his powerful thighs. All fully exposed and vulnerable to whatever filthy things Dave and Adrian want to do to his body. Kevin’s hetero pride still makes him fight. He refused to worship the stiff cock stinking of piss that is presented in front of his face. Little does he realize how severely his balls are on the line! Dave pierces his scrotum with a safety pin, making the stupid cunt finally realize they are not fucking around!

Gay_Male_Bondage_breederfuckers_01 Gay_Male_Bondage_breederfuckers_02 Gay_Male_Bondage_breederfuckers_03


Kevin writhes on the bench in agony at having his precious balls now literally on a leash as his pieced scrotum is attached to his toes. Now he is pinned down, trapped in place, fearful of ripping the piercing out. The desperate straight man now begs to suck cock and takes each man’s girth in his mouth in turn. His mouth is filled with the sharp tang of men’s cocks. At the same time his arsehole is spread and impaled with a big fat dildo. The big tough guy is fucked at both ends, now utterly tamed and compliant. If he can’t suck properly, he’s going to be spanked and penetrated all the deeper. Dave fucks his big manly rump and sprays his seed all over his aching sloppy hole. Now they own this fucker’s body.

Gay_Male_Bondage_breederfuckers_04 Gay_Male_Bondage_breederfuckers_05 Gay_Male_Bondage_breederfuckers_06


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