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Strapped down naked on the discipline bench

Big, manly, tattooed Kevin is strapped down naked on the discipline bench, and he can’t move an inch! His big meaty arse is pointed in the air with his fat cock and heavy nuts dangling between his powerful thighs. All fully exposed and vulnerable to whatever filthy things Dave and Adrian want to do to his body. Kevin’s hetero pride still makes him fight. He refused to worship the stiff cock stinking of piss that is presented in front of his face. Little does he realize how severely his balls are on the line! Dave pierces his scrotum with a safety pin, making the stupid cunt finally realize they are not fucking around!

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Kevin writhes on the bench in agony at having his precious balls now literally on a leash as his pieced scrotum is attached to his toes. Now he is pinned down, trapped in place, fearful of ripping the piercing out. The desperate straight man now begs to suck cock and takes each man’s girth in his mouth in turn. His mouth is filled with the sharp tang of men’s cocks. At the same time his arsehole is spread and impaled with a big fat dildo. The big tough guy is fucked at both ends, now utterly tamed and compliant. If he can’t suck properly, he’s going to be spanked and penetrated all the deeper. Dave fucks his big manly rump and sprays his seed all over his aching sloppy hole. Now they own this fucker’s body.

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Master in the Chair

By FirefighterSir

One hand darted across the keyboard, tapping out orders as fast as the fingers could find the buttons. The slave waited for the instructions to appear on the screen but already knew what was to happen. Some of the items were already jumbled on the floor around the base of the chair.

The typing stopped, the Master was breathing heavily, staring at the slave.

Justin got down on his knees and began rummaging through the items on the floor, and then opened a box next to the chair. Inside were many black leather restraints. Justin glanced up at the tablet to make sure he was pulling the right items. He strapped the wrist restraints on, the leather collar around his neck with the slave dog tags. He pulled out a leather ball stretcher strap and sat back in front of the Master’s chair spreading his legs. The Master’s fingers tapped at the keyboard:

“Punch your balls.”

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Tied by the balls

It’s a straight man’s worst nightmare at BreederFuckers.com. In his hazy barely conscious state, Yuris believes for a moment that he’s safe in his warm bed. The reality of his situation hits him when he’s rudely awoken with a splash of icy water in his face. Yuris wakes to discover he’s stark naked with his tied legs spread and his nuts are bound to his feet. Every time he kicks against the perverted men that are holding him captive, his balls are painfully tugged. There’s nothing he can do to cover his vulnerable asshole, which is spread for the men to use as they please. His hairy, manly body is prone to their perverted punishment.

MetalbondNYC_gay_bondage_BreederFuckers_gag_the_fag_02 MetalbondNYC_gay_bondage_BreederFuckers_gag_the_fag_03 MetalbondNYC_gay_bondage_BreederFuckers_gag_the_fag_04

Yuris’ feet are tickled so that he can’t help jerking his legs and thrashing out, making the stupid bastard agonizingly yank his own genitals. Dave orders him to suck the big fat dildo, which will soon be going in his ass. He gags on the fat cock being shoved down his throat. Now that it’s slicked up with his own saliva the dildo is inserted up his tight ass. The machine pounds him incessantly mashing up this straight cunt’s insides and stretching his delicate sphincter to breaking point. The glans of his penis are held in a noose and suspended in the air by a rope that’s connected to the ceiling. There’s nothing Yuris can do to return to his dream state where he’s happily tucked in with his girlfriend. The truth is that he’s now these men’s permanent fuck toy and their sadistic desire is truly relentless.

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Hey Pig! – Part 2 (The Other Pig)

By Kevin’s Path




Fluffypuff was supremely irritated. I could distinctly hear her little cat paws scratching at the bottom of the closet door. I could hear her pushing her front paws under the door and trying to stretch them out into the hallway, as if she entertained a desperate hope to somehow squeeze the rest of her fat fluffy body out through the crack. I could hear her pause, completely silent, pressing her face and her sensitive ears into the crack under the door to hear some sign. Fluffypuff desperately wanted to be free of the closet, where she had been locked away. I was powerless to help or comfort her, but I completely understood how she must feel being locked here in the closet all day with me. Cats don’t cope well with captivity.

Another stream-of-consciousness monologue begins inside my head. This helps me to keep my mind active. And, it is saying, “Fluffypuff was supremely irritated…”

Me? I’ve been locked in this closet for – I don’t know exactly – but the air had turned cold for a while, then damp and humid, then muggy, now just dry. The last specific day that I can identify was in February 2014 when I lost a Superbowl bet. I have ever since been confined here, and I know that was a long time ago. I am locked in a box with my head sticking out of a hole in the top of it. There is a thick padded collar around my neck where it comes out of the hole. The padded collar supports my head and neck all around and keeps my chin up.

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