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Serious indeed

Mark of Serious Male Bondage writes,

Metal spread-eagle bondage is a pleasure to experience, but when we add a stainless steel helmet we can take the experience over the top. Comfort combined with complete helplessness allows us time to fully experience our bizarre predicament. Then, like a surfer, we can ride the powerful feeling of adrenalin and sexual arousal which ignites our body and mind.

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Bolted down in rubber

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By PFC Pflege

I stood up, and looked at Vasquez. I liked what I saw. I had already gagged him before I tied his ankles, so there was little left to be done. It was nearly midnight, but the unair-conditioned barracks were very warm from Hawaii’s heat, and it never really cooled off, even after the sun set. Vasquez was lying face up on the foam rubber padding which I kept on my bed.

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