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Serious indeed

Mark of Serious Male Bondage writes,

Metal spread-eagle bondage is a pleasure to experience, but when we add a stainless steel helmet we can take the experience over the top. Comfort combined with complete helplessness allows us time to fully experience our bizarre predicament. Then, like a surfer, we can ride the powerful feeling of adrenalin and sexual arousal which ignites our body and mind.

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Bolted down in rubber

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By PFC Pflege

I stood up, and looked at Vasquez. I liked what I saw. I had already gagged him before I tied his ankles, so there was little left to be done. It was nearly midnight, but the unair-conditioned barracks were very warm from Hawaii’s heat, and it never really cooled off, even after the sun set. Vasquez was lying face up on the foam rubber padding which I kept on my bed.

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Staked out

Here are some pictures from a reader, along with his story behind the pictures:

staked outstakeoutstakeout

Hey man.

Here is the story behind these pics:

There was this dude who I used to play with sometimes. He lived in the city but also had a house upstate with a lot of dungeon gear. He asked me if I wanted to come up and be kept tied up for a weekend — and I had never done anything like that so I said yes.

He also asked another dude he knew to come up for the weekend, and the two of them picked me up in his car in the city. They immediately made me strip off my shoes/socks/shirt, then cuffed me and drove me about 3 hours up to his place in the country. Once we arrived, they immediately stripped off my jeans and boxers, then marched me out back behind his house. It was a real country house and didn’t have any neighbors.

He already had the stakes all set out, and made me lay on the ground and stretched me out with ropes. After they had my ankles and wrists tied, he also tied a rope around my balls and stretched those down to another stake.

Then they told me that I was going to be left there until dark (it was only about 1pm at that point, so I was a little panicky — but couldn’t get loose). They went into the house for a while, so I was stuck outside alone — but every half hour or so, one of the guys would come out, stroke my cock with baby oil till I was hard and close to shooting, but wouldn’t let me shoot. When I got too close, they would just walk away and leave me alone again. They would also take a long thin branch and whip my feet and my balls at different points. This lasted for about 5 hours or so — and by the time it was beginning to get dark, I was really trying to get loose and begging — but they still wouldn’t untie me. It was a pretty intense scene.