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Video: Backyard Bondage

I fucking LOVE this spread eagle shoot! Out in the backyard, Preston Lee brings out somewhat reluctant Dean Daniels. After oiling him up and taking off what little was covering his babymaker, Preston spread eagles him to four stakes and begins to play:


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Secure spread eagles

Bind writes,

“I made a new video, called ‘Ten Variations on Spread Eagles.’ I love the idea of being stretched out tight in a spread eagle. It is quite the helpless feeling. In this video I show ten different variations of spread eagles to beds. Humane Restraints, hoods, rope, straps, tape, and belts were used to make sure that the prisoners were not going to have the possibility of escape. In the final spread eagle I tied my willing victim down with three hundred feet of rope. The excess was not needed, but it sure was fun to just keep adding to his bondage.”

Men_In_Chains_Spread_Eagle_2 Men_In_Chains_Spread_Eagle_3 Men_In_Chains_Spread_Eagle_4 Men_In_Chains_Spread_Eagle_5 Men_In_Chains_Spread_Eagle_6


Thanks for the pictures and information, Bind!

You can see Bind’s video at his website, Men In Chains



Pictures and video: Outdoor electro torture

When Dean Daniels sees the electrodes come out, he starts to beg before it even starts. Undaunted, Preston Lee, lights up his nipples, cock and asshole. In between whimperings, his back is forced up from the current. Check out the video below (but don’t try it at home — see note at the end of this posting):


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Keywords: restraints, outdoors, twinks, bondage, tattoos, flogging, leather, electrodes, nipples, Preston Lee, Dean Daniels


Important note from Metalbond:

Guys, remember this is a fantasy porn shoot, not “real life.” It is not a good idea to apply electro above the waist. It’s OK to watch and beat off, but don’t try electro above the waist at home.