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What’s at stake

At Bad Boy Bondage, Ryann Rucker has found himself a new play toy, this time in the middle of an abandoned public park in broad daylight. Bound to the ground, this captive is made endure sadistic practices of Ryann’s game of fetish.

Keywords: Outdoors, rope restraints, CBT, tattoos, mask, gag, flogging, twinks

Features: Ryann Ruckers, Damien Rage

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Pictures and video: Noah is roped spread-eagle against a wall

Meanwhile at Roped Studs:

gay_bondage_roped_studs_metalbondnyc_01 gay_bondage_roped_studs_metalbondnyc_02

In this shoot, Noah remains roped spread-eagled against a cold, concrete wall, a steel ball and chain roped to the base of his cock and balls, keeping his cock engorged and purple. Rope man J.J. loves watching this prisoner squirm in pain, so he attaches some nasty clothespins to the his nips, then flogs the pins along with the captive’s cock and balls. What a sexy slave — so vulnerable, so well roped — tortured and displayed to perfection.

Here is a free video preview — and as always with Roped Studs be sure to click the button to watch this in full screen mode.


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Video: Locked in metal spread-eagle bondage with steel head cage

Metal spread-eagle bondage is a pleasure to experience, but when they add a stainless steel helmet they can take the experience over the top. Comfort combined with complete helplessness allows the prisoner time to fully experience his bizarre predicament. Then, like a surfer, he can ride the powerful feeling of adrenalin and sexual arousal that ignites his body and mind.


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