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Metalbond A to Z: Metalbond Q&A

At long last, the Metalbond A to Z postings continue with the letter Q. It took me a while to think of something for this letter, and then I realized the answer was staring me right in the face! The Metalbond Q&A section, of course. Every once in a while I get to interview a key gay bondage personality:


Pictured above, subjects have included Dirk Caber, Sebastian Keys, Kristofer Weston, Christopher Miers from Steelwerks Extreme — and Jared of Dream Boy Bondage.

Click their pictures above to go directly to their respective Q&As — or to read them all click here.

Chgoguy78 gets a new cock cage from Steelwerks



Chgoguy78 writes,

Dear Metal,

Here is a pic of my device from Steelwerks. It is a “Classic Supreme.” It has a locking PA barbell, which can be switched out to a urethral tube. It has removable discipline screws in the cap. It has a removable scrotal cuff to keep my balls nice and low. It is a combination of titanium and steel, and all pieces lock with the “s” screws.


Thanks, Chgoguy78, for the picture and information!

The official Steelwerks website site is here.

Metalbond Q&A with the business owner is here.