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Busman’s Holiday – Part 14

By lthr_jock

Clark settled the leather uniform cap on his head and looked at himself in the mirror. The 8-sided cap was a leather version of the one he wore at work, and it settled snugly onto his head, pressing his gelled hair tightly against his scalp. His torso was covered with a tailored white leather shirt, complete with breast pockets, epaulettes and a name embroidered on the left chest. The black leather tie snugged it in place around his neck. His legs were in gleaming black combat trousers that clung to his muscles and showed off his thick thighs and heavy calves. His feet were in highly glossed combat boots that peeped out from under the leather trousers. Holding the trousers in place was a thick duty belt complete with baton, pepper spray and handcuffs.

Clark pulled on the final items – a pair of thin leather gloves that completed the ensemble. Three weeks ago when he had asked what kind of uniform he would be wearing, he had never imagined it would be one quite like this – an almost exact leather copy of what he wore to work.  He checked the cap was properly in place and then headed back out into the studio. Waiting for him was Greg and Carl and their photographer, Michael. By now, Clark knew what was expected of him so he walked with confidence into the brightly lit area and waited for the instructions from the three men.

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The Wooden Pole – Part 1

By Mister-X/Spartan

It was bedtime. Ike got the wooden pole. It was a duplicate of the one that was in his closet that he hung his hangers on. It was about 7 feet long, as the one in his closet was. That was what had gotten Ike the original idea. He liked it so much that he finally got a duplicate at Home Depot so he didn’t have to keep removing his clothes that were on hangers, then putting them back when he was finished.

Ike lay it down on the floor alongside the leather straps, the blindfold and the ball gag. He already had put his cock in his chastity device. Otherwise, he was naked. He lay down on his stomach and lay out the leather straps, then put the pole behind him. He had to sit up to put the strap around the pole and his ankles, having the pole go next to his body. After the ankle strap was tightened and buckled, he lay down again and positioned the pole. Next was the strap around his legs above his knees and the pole. Then the stomach, keeping this one as loose as required.

Then the neck strap. Then the ball gag. He got the handcuffs and ratcheted one side closed on his left wrist after making sure that his fingers would have access to the keyholes. He also made sure that the keys were at their usual accessible place. He put his blindfold on, stretched his hands down under the stomach strap, which now was covering his arms almost to the elbow, put his left hand next to the pole, reached under the pole for the right hand cuff with his right hand and pulled it to the other side after wrapping it around the pole, used his left hand to ratchet it on his right wrist, and checked to make sure he’d done everything. Satisfied, he rolled over onto his back. He tested to make sure he couldn’t move, attached to the pole he was resting on, and prepared to drop off to sleep.

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