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Update: slave dildofag sizequeen is STILL locked in chastity after all these years

The metal device pictured here is the HOTTEST-looking chastity device I have seen! It’s worn by “slave dildofag sizequeen,” who was pictured on the Metalbond site several years back wearing a different metal device (click here to see that previous posting).


“Yes, I am still locked in chastity by Master B,” slave dildofag sizequeen writes. He’s NOW locked in a new device from Steelwerks Extreme. Also check out his new “FAG” crotch tattoo!

Thanks, slave dildofag sizequeen, for the pitures and update! Fucking hot if you ask me!


By Rubrpig

Sean sighed in relief as it was finally the end of the day after a very trying day at work. Since it was Friday he would have a couple of days to relax, have some fun at the Eagle and enjoy himself. Things were getting tense at work with the rumours of an impending take-over and the resulting downsizing that always occurred when companies merged.

After getting his Dainese jacket from the lockers provided by the company along with his boots, helmet and gloves he walked out to the parking lot and got on his BMW 1200. Looking forward to the evening at the Eagle he headed home to his condo.

After having dinner, showering and deciding since it was Gear Night at the Eagle he would wear his racing leathers and boots. Taking his black, blue, and white Alpinestar Race Replica suit from the closet he climbed into it after putting on his compression gear. He would not wear the chest and back protectors as they might interfere with the fun he hoped he would have at the club. After putting on his Sidi Race boots he picked up his helmet and gloves, he tucked his ID, drivers licence, some cash and a credit card into wrist wallet and put that on. Heading down to the garage, he got on his bike, fired the engine and headed to the club.

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Bryan Cole gets crucified

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