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Jimmy’s Vacation – Part 5

By lostouteast

John sipped from his large mug of coffee and looked away from his book at the monitor he had installed in his living room. John had made a token effort to read over the last hour, but had met with minimal success. After all, there was something far more interesting demanding John’s attention, namely the green tinged video feed showing a smooth boy struggling futilely in the dark against unforgiving restraints enforcing a stressful strappado position.

The sound of heavy breathing pulsed out of the baby monitor punctuated by the rattling of chains and low pitched groans. John silently noted that the chains had rattled more frequently in the last 15 minutes and that the pitiful moans of pain that followed had increased markedly in urgency. It wouldn’t be long now…

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Josh gets abducted

At BreederFuckers, Josh hangs out in the street smoking and cloaked in his sweats. Everything about this fit young man says he’s dangerous and unapproachable. Josh needs looking after and taking care of – along with a lesson about manners. He’s snatched and taken down.


When he comes around he’s just as nasty as before so he’s pinned down and his arms bound behind his back. His mouth is spread open with a gag. His sweet pink lips are rubbed all over with a cock so he’s going to taste penis and smell a man’s sex in his chin whiskers for days. That big erect cock is thrust down his throat for a lesson in how to deep throat. When he bucks back trying to stop it Dave administers harsh sharp slaps to his big bare bottom.

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Josh’s round bum is shut so tight Dave has to ram his finger in hard to open up his sphincter. When he’s opened him wide enough he plunges his cock into this virgin territory and fucks him hard while Adrian continues to face fuck him. Just a short time ago this straight fucker owned the streets and now he’s in a filthy basement being pummeled at both ends. The guys take turns sliding their dicks up that big warm arse of his. Josh is shocked when he feels a warm spray of cum cover his face. Soon after his sore spanked bum is covered in semen as well. This wrecked hetero never saw this coming.


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10 Days in Detention – Part 13

By socalbd

I’m not sure how long I was asleep. I woke up suddenly to the sound of banging on the cage bars. It was loud and irritating and immediately took me out of my slumber.

When my eyes adjusted I saw Dan standing outside the cage with a thick wooden dowel in his hand. He was using it to bang on the bars.

“Wake up slave. Your service is far from complete. Get on your knees,” Dan commanded. I managed to roll over so that I was on my knees and facing the end of the cage.

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