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Hard cop dick down the throat

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In this shoot, Draven Torres the perp needs to learn how to respect the badge, and nothing accomplishes that more than a hard cop dick down the throat. The cop uses his nightstick to encourage a deeper face fuck. It works.

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Title of this shoot: Breaking and Entering: Part 10

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Under the boot of Jared

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Jared orders his whipping boy to get down on his knees. After hours of torture, Matie is broken. He knows he must suck this man’s cock and pleasure him. But first he must suffer some more. “Lie down on your stomach!” Jared orders. He stomps the captive’s back wounds with his boots and sprays them with alcohol. Matie’s screams get Jared hard inside his jeans. “Back on you knees!” he commands, whipping out his erect cock and grabbing the prisoner’s hair. “Suck it!” he demands, pushing his encouraged cock deep down Matie’s throat. He fucks the stud’s mouth for 15 minutes then spews a huge load of cum all over the whip scars on his chest. Matie hopes against hope that he now will be released. But Jared’s lust is not sated. An ass like Matie’s must be beaten even harder.

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Title of this shoot: Matie – Whipping Boy – Part 9

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Chained to the wall for sexual use

At Brutal Tops, horny young Master Max discovers his completely naked sub chained to the wall like the lonely dog he is. The psychotic top barks orders at the runt to lick clean his shoes and then his bare feet as he beats him harshly with his belt.

The chavvy top rams a massive dildo into the sub’s mouth before pumping his arse hard with a mechanically driven dildo. This causes considerable pain and embarrassment to the sub, who is then ordered to drink the top’s piss and suck Max’s impressive dick.

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Liam gets tied in a humiliating position to suck cock

When the men of BreederFuckers first met Liam he was full of so much attitude and swagger. He’s humbled now! Tied down naked with his pert bum sticking up, he’s begging for forgiveness and still thinks he can cut a deal. There are no bargains made here! His continuous pain and humiliation gets them so hard. It’s not enough that Liam will be sexually enslaved for the rest of his life. They want him to show gratitude for every breath he takes. Adrian strings a rope around his neck and ties it to his ankles. Yanking his legs down makes him gag and struggle for breath. Next he clips his sensitive foreskin and ties it to his toes. Now Liam can’t move without causing himself considerable pain or twist away from Adrian aggressively plunging into his arsehole. When Dave gives Liam a big erection to suck it presents a dilemma. He has to strain forward to obediently go down on him but he constricts his throat in the process. Liam is totally overwhelmed being rammed from both ends while he must strain for every breath. Adrian wrenches his mouth open so Dave can plunge in deep and Liam can’t do anything to stop it. Liam gets a mouthful of fresh sperm. His tongue pathetically struggles to clean Dave’s piss hole. Adrian bathes him in piss. Now this hetero cunt is truly ruined!

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Busman’s Holiday – Part 18

By lthr_jock

Clark stood outside Vickers’ house and swore under his breath. He looked at his open top jeep and then down at himself. The boiler suit was gaping open, revealing his shaved chest and harness to the world. He tried to pull it closer but the suit was clearly too small for him and nothing he did made it any better. He thought about hammering on Vickers’ door but after the way Vickers had been acting, Clark was sure that the door would not be opened. After a couple of minutes of indecision, Clark got into the driving seat. He winced as he sat down and the cock cuff caught in the material of the boiler suit and he reached down to try and make it comfortable. He soon discovered that it couldn’t be fully comfortable and decided to drive off after he looked up and saw one of Vickers’ neighbours peering at him between their curtains.

Clark turned the key in the ignition and to his surprise the normally efficient engine turned over a few times and then coughed, spluttered and died. He tried again with much the same result. Clark groaned – he would hate to have to call the RAC dressed like this. He tried again and this time the engine caught, although as he started to pull away the jeep lurched strangely. Clark headed for home concentrating on nursing his vehicle back to his garage.

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Craig gets strapped down

Craig is stark naked and strapped down arse up on a discipline bench. His mouth and arse have been left unused his whole life. He needs assertive instructions about how to go down on a man’s eager dick. When he clamps his jaw shut and jerks his head away, Dave corrects Craig by grabbing his ears hard and pushing his head down on Adrian’s erection. He thrusts in so deep Craig is gagging and feels he can barely breathe.

gay_bondage_metalbondnyc_01 gay_bondage_metalbondnyc_02

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