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Tom is groaning with the musky taste of dick coating his mouth

Meanwhile at BreederFuckers, Tom mouths off at every opportunity he gets, but Dave teaches him to cherish every breath that he allows Tom to take. This is the only way this straight fucker can learn proper obedience and deference to the men who now own his body.


After the rope pulls insistently at his neck, Tom is left gasping, red-faced and grateful for any relief. He splutters and coughs while Dave enjoys the tight hairy crevice of his arse, pulling his fleshy cheeks apart to tease his hetero arsehole. His cock and plump balls are roped and fixed with a weight. His foreskin is clamped and attached by rope to his toes so that every time he strains in resistance he tugs painfully at the fleshy cowl of his cock. Bound by the most sensitive vulnerable parts of his body, Tom is rendered completely powerless while Dave slides his finger inside his arse first and then fills his hole with a fat fucking dildo.

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Trenton Ducati brutally fucks Joseph Rough


Trenton Ducati walks up to Joseph Rough, who is chained to the wall awaiting his master. Mr. Ducati torments the Joseph’s uncut cock and his tender nipples before shoving Joseph’s head down to swallow cock. Bound on stilts, Joseph is punished with the flogger as he struggles to keep his balance before clothespins pinch all down his torso. With his feet up in the air, Joseph presents his ass for Trenton as his giant hard cock plunges deep into Joseph’s hole. After making him eat his own cum, Mr. Ducati rewards Joseph with more cum all over his face.

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Meanwhile at Men At Play, XL hung straight stud Ronnie Bonanova has a brand new catch for his rough and twisted sex games — 25-year-old, blue-eyed Malek Tobias. But as you will see Ronnie doesn’t play the regular way, instead he prefers to tie up his men and fuck them in the back of his van. With Malek all tied up, Ronnie can be dominate completely and make him do whatever he likes — firstly he fucks his mouth with his massive 10-inch uncut cock until Malek gags from the sheer size of it. And when he’s had enough he will tear open his suit and fuck his tight hole like the straight thug that he is.



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Bobby would do anything to stop more lashing – even suck a stiff prick

At BreederFuckers.com, labourer Bobby is bound with his hands tied behind his back and his blue jeans pulled down enticingly to show off a horny taste of builder’s arse crack.


It only takes a slight tug to the waistband to reveal his cheeks and the tight puckered hole. Bobby moans his objections through the ball gag fixed over his mouth. Sliding them down further reveal his dangling meaty cock and big full balls. Bent over in this crouched position his head goes bright red. Every facial expression is on show while his arsehole, cock and balls are all on full display. His arse is caned to raise a crisscross of red stripes on those peachy cheeks. The jeans tugged down around his knees restrict his movement, but he still lashes out with his body after each lick from the cane. He’s desperate to rub his sore bottom, and it’s agony to be unable to soothe himself.

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Shock collared

Brutal Tops:


Masters Dave and Darren use a canine electric shock collar to control their pain pig. If the bottom fails to perform as demanded he receives a sharp shock in addition to Master Dave’s forceful and expert whipping of his bare body. The bottom must swallow Darren’s cock down to his balls with Dave forcing the pain pig’s face into the man’s crotch.

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