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Cum Dumping Foot Tormentors

At BrutalTops, Master Mike and Master Nick have cruel sadistic fun with their sub, who they’ve trussed up like a turkey.


They hand gag the naked sub, dildo fuck him, torment his cock and nipples, cane his feet, make him lick their big heavy balls and feed him their spunk. These handsome strong tops command their sub at every second and verbally demean him while sexually controlling him.

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Jimmy Durano and Morgan Black play with a metal head cage


Jimmy Durano has Morgan Black in restraints with his head in a steel cage, making him the ultimate cocksucking machine. He force-feeds Black his thick Latin dick through the mouth of the cage, barely allowing the enslaved cock-pig to breathe. As soon as he’s free, Black bends over so Durano can lick his tight hole — he wants to get fucked! Durano throws Black on his back and fucks him hard until he gets distracted by Black’s big dick. Durano goes down on Black, but before you know it he’s got him on all fours and fucking him up the ass again. This time they both shoot their loads and Durano drags Black back to his restraints, where he waits for the next session.


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Extreme Deep Throat Fucking

At Brutal Tops, cage fighter Jon has a bout scheduled for later in the week and is training on the punch bag with Master Mo. A college dude has turned up after cruising outside a cinema earlier that day, looking for men’s cocks to suck on:


His luck was in, and Master Mo invited him to visit. Now here he is looking at not one but TWO hard tops whom he hopes will work him over. Mo takes the belt and wraps it tightly around fag’s throat, making his head go beet red. He must then use his teeth to pull down Master Jon’s shorts. Maurice then pulls his mouth open while Jon fucks his throat, causing college dude to choke and gag painfully, but the tops continue regardless.

The cocksucker’s throat is pummeled so much that he PUKES!

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‘Time for you to learn your lesson, punk!’

At Bound Gods, a hot but obnoxious punk gets taken down in the wood shop, where he’s beaten and fucked in bondage:

35558_0Christian Wilde is working his new job at the wood shop when his co-worker, Leo Sweetwood, comes strolling in, pestering Christian while he’s just trying to work. When he’s had enough, Christian takes the dude down to the ground and quickly ties his hands up. He begins to teach the little punk a lesson by pulling on his balls as Leo screams for mercy. Christian then stands his captive up and beats him with the flogger before having him suspended in mid-air. Dangling in the air, Leo takes his captor’s huge cock up his ass before receiving a face full of cum. With the drill-do, Christian fucks his Leo’s ass once more as he milks all the cum out of aching cock.

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Sam Truitt is held captive by Adam Herst and turned into a sex slave

At Bound Gods, leather dom Adam Herst walks into the bathroom to take a piss at the stall, when the dude next to him, Sam Truitt, notices his leather:

35095_15After examining Sam, the muscled dom decides to take him prisoner. With a chain around his neck, Sam awaits with his hands cuffed as Mr Herst comes in with the crop and orders him to get his cock hard. Adam gets a good taste of Sam’s huge cock before pulling him to his knees. The fag’s mouth is pried open as Adam shoves his hard, throbbing cock down Sam’s throat. Suspended in the air, the poor captive is mercilessly fucked by his captor before he’s brought to his feet for an intense flogging, his cock swinging in the air as his master beats him to a pulp. Mr Herst gives his leather prisoner one final fuck before giving him a face full of cum.

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