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Free gay bondage video: Wesley and Jared at Dream Boy Bondage

Scroll below for a free, hi-res video preview of this shoot from the men of Dream Boy Bondage. This one is called ‘Wesley – Willing Slave – Part 9’

MetalbondNYC_Dream_Boy_Bondage_Jared_01 MetalbondNYC_Dream_Boy_Bondage_Jared_02 MetalbondNYC_Dream_Boy_Bondage_Jared_03

Despite having greatly pleased his master by sucking his cock and jerking him off like a perfect, obedient slave, Wesley must continue to suffer. His young master, Jared, is an insatiable sadist, the more turned on he is, the more pleased he feels, the more pain he must inflict on the object of his desire. Wesley has been strung up on his feet, his boyish but muscular body lacerated with dozens of welts from the single-tail whip. He is so exhausted, he sways back and forth, but his master wants more. Jared flogs his captive brutally, then strokes his cock and gets him rock hard, then flogs him some more. Will it ever end?

Here is a free video preview — and be sure to click to watch this in full screen mode!


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Pictures and video: A jail cell blowjob

full_01 full_06 full_08

At Iron Lockup, Sir visits the prisoner in his cell, giving us a rare close-up of Sir pissing. The inmate greets him with the customary blowjob. When Sir is getting ready to cum, he permits the captive to lick his balls until Sir blows his load in a long, enthusiastic shower.


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Sadistic Master Joseph humiliates and dominates

At Brutal Tops. With a riding crop in hand, the psycho straight guy orders the naked sub to lick his shoes before removing his trainers so that elliott can rub his tongue all over the top’s filthy, sweaty feet. With a massive dildo, the vicious Master then damages the fag’s throat as he pumps the dildo in and out. This excites the top who flops out his fat dick and pisses into the sub’s mouth – ordering him to swallow the filthy, smelly liquid.


Then the Master’s dick starts to get hard and he orders the sub to gobble it down. This makes elliott ream as Joseph’s dick is so big. The powerfully built young top forcibly humps the whimpering sub’s mouth and this sadistic pleasure urges him on to ever harsher punishments to follow.



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