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The Sacrificial Cum Whore

MetalbondNYC_dot_com_01_10139_p_07 MetalbondNYC_dot_com_02_10139_p_08 MetalbondNYC_dot_com_03_10139_p_11 MetalbondNYC_dot_com_04_10139_p_06Studly Shane Frost gets tied up in the sling and fucked in front of 50 horny guests at Bound in Public, a site featuring high-def videos of gay sluts trained, tied up and ruthlessly fucked in front of an audience.

MetalbondNYC_dot_com_05_10139_p_09 MetalbondNYC_dot_com_06_10139_p_04 MetalbondNYC_dot_com_07_10139_p_10In the Halloween spirit, 50 guests are invited to witness the sacrifice of Shane Frost. He has a bit of an attitude and that fuels the horny, angry crowd. The doms are flogging him and jam their cocks in his mouthy hole. They pour wax all over his body as the crowd goes wild. Shane is beaten to submission and willingly services the guests’ cocks. Tossed in the sling, Shane gets fucked by all the doms and receives cum from everyone.

MetalbondNYC_dot_com_08_10139_p_13 MetalbondNYC_dot_com_09_10139_p_14

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He gets heavily fucked missionary before the soldier turns him around to take him doggy-style

These shots are from “Correction of a Thief 4” at Gay War Games:

correction_of_a_thief_i4 01 correction_of_a_thief_i4 02 correction_of_a_thief_i4 09

Jan is tied to the table. He gets heavily fucked missionary before the soldier turns him around to take him doggy-style. To complete the act of humiliation, the poor guy has to jerk while he gets face-slapped again and again.


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Neoprene cocksucker hood and straitjacket

Check out these neoprene restraints available from Mr S:


CSHJood_NEO523-3Cv2 CSHood_NEO523-3a CSHoodNEO523-3B

This hood will take away his sight — leaving him just a mouth for you to use however you want. He’ll have no choice but to get down and service you!



SJ_NeopreneSJ_01 SJ_NEO505-57 SJ_NEO505-1

All the same aspects of the Mr. S Deluxe Leather Straitjacket have been put into this neoprene one. In fact even more, as neoprene has to be reinforced everywhere compared to leather in order to withstand the struggling and pulling that you’re going to do when you’re strapped tightly into this piece. This truly is a deluxe piece … it’s strong but stretchy.



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Christopher Daniels is taken to a clothing store in the Castro, where he’s stuffed full of cock and covered in cum

Check out this one from Bound In Public:

!35340_16In the heart of the Castro in San Francisco, Trenton Ducati walks his bound and blindfolded captive, Christopher Daniels, down Market Street. They find a local clothing store and head on inside with Christopher on display up front. Trenton asks the manager if it’s alright for them to have some fun in the store and tape it for their home movies. With the manager’s approval, Trenton whores out his bound stud to the crowd, bending him over as they each line up to eat out his ass. Christopher is dragged around the store to service everyone anyway they see fit. As the greedy whore licks their boots and swallows their cocks, the crowd bends him over and takes turns fucking his slutty hole. After stuffing him full of cock, the guys line up and reward Christopher with load after load of cum dripping down his eager face.


Free video previews here and here.

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Fucked up the ass by his boss at Gangsterfuck

… and face fucked, too! Check out these scenes from “A part time job 4” at Gangsterfuck:


Hard times for a barman. After his boss undressed, punished, humiliated and tortured the unlucky guy, he again starts to fuck him. A high price for just a broken glass. But what can he do. He tries to endure the procedure as good as he can. And indeed there seems to be hope. The madman who calls himself “boss” is about to shoot his load.


A_part_time_job_i4-09 A_part_time_job_i4-15 A_part_time_job_i4-18

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Suspended, the bound slave endures another intense flogging before receiving his Master’s hard cock up his ass

Here’s another one from Bound Gods:

!34788_12In the dungeons of the castle, slave #316 (Sebastian Keys) awaits with crop in hand as New Dom of the House (Aleks Buldocek) approaches. Mr. Buldocek orders 316 to work, worshipping his leather before beating him red and suspending him in the air for a flogging. Strapped down with electrical tape, 316 stares at the burning candles dangling above him as Aleks torments him with wax all over his body and face. 316 screams in pain so Mr Buldocek shuts him up with his hard cock down his throat.

34788_0 34788_1Free video previews here and here.

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Garrotting rugby thug


After finishing a rough, hard game on the rugby field, Master Mike enters the locker room to discover a lowly sub tied to the wall with his eyes blinded by thick dark tape. The sadistic top gets off on viciously taunting and abusing the naked captive man. Confident and full of cum, he face fucks the sub. Master then makes him rim his sweaty muscular ass. The big angry man canes and flogs his sub. Master Mike gets out all his manly aggression by using the whimpering tied man for his own selfish pleasure. Master Lee enters soon after, and both dominant men demand to have their big hard cocks sucked.

003 010 017 018

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Horny crowd gathers in a dance hall bathroom as DJ Billy Santoro gets his ass tied to the toilet


After gang fucking DJ Billy Santoro on the dance floor, the horny crowd carries the bound stud off to the bathroom. They pass him around and have their way with him before tying him down to the toilet, everyone gathering on top of each other to watch Billy take a ramming up his ass. The guys line their cocks up and take turns blasting the muscled stud with a face full of cum and having him suck their cocks clean. He’s then taken back to the main stage, his arms and legs spread apart as the guys pour candle wax all over him. Even after enduring the hot wax, Billy’s cock stands rock hard, aching to cum. They jack the bound stud off and feed his cum right back to him.


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Check out Derek Pain, Adam Herst, Liam Harkmoore, Connor Maguire, Connor Patricks, Alex Adams, Christian Wilde and Randall O’Reilly at Bound Gods

Check out these recent updates over at Bound Gods:

Adam Herst and Liam Harkmoore


House dom Adam Herst awaits on his throne as slave #860 crawls toward him. Mr. Herst inspects the captive and reveals his cock and balls locked in chastity. 860 has his ass cropped before having the metal hook shoved up his hole. The muscled dom orders his slave to worship his leather, starting from his boot all the way up to his cock. After swallowing Mr. Herst’s cock, 860 takes his master’s cock from behind with the ass hook still in place. On the impaler, 860 endures the flogger before he’s taken to his master’s dungeon bed. Suspended over the bed, 860 has his hole plugged and his cock tormented with the zapper. Mr Herst removes the captive’s chastity and plug and gives him one more fuck before giving 860 a face full of cum and ordering him to cum on his boot.

34594_10 34594_19


Free video previews of Adam Herst and Liam Harkmoore at Bound Gods available here and here.



Derek Pain in Connorligula – Roman Gladiator Live Show – Part Two


Three slaves are punished for their crimes against Rome in Connorligula – Roman Gladiator Live Show – Part Two. When judgment time comes for slave 200, Connorligula halts Genghis Van and informs him of a new slave that must be punished for attempting to set Rome on fire. Slave 300 is bound between two columns as Genghis Van and Connorligula dual flog him. His nipples are clamped down hard as 200 and slave 100 are ordered to suck cock. All three slaves are bound to the cross as their punishment continues. 300 has weights clamped onto his nipples as Genghis Van torments him with a caning. Connorligula ties 100′s legs up so his ass is open wide for his hard cock. 100 dangles in the air as he’s relentlessly fucked before he and 200 are brought to their knees to worship Connorligula’s feet. They blow their loads all over his toes before receiving a face full of Connorligula’s cum.

35026_3 35026_5


Free video previews of Connorligula – Roman Gladiator Live Show – Part Two, featuring Derek Pain at Bound Gods available here and here.


Christian Wilde and Randall O’Reilly


House dom Christian Wilde sits on his throne as Randall O’Reilly approaches, locked in chastity and ready to serve. He’s ordered to his knees as Mr Wilde begins spanking and cropping his ass red before ordering his sub to worship his leather. The feeling of the captive’s tongue through his leather gets Christian rock hard as he shoves Randall’s head down on his cock, balls deep. Bound between two pillars with a gag in his mouth, Randall endures the flogger before Mr Wilde bends him over and rams his cock up the stud’s ass. He handgags Randall’s mouth to muffle his screams before having him suspended horizontally in the center of the room. Hanging in the air, Randall has hot wax poured all over his body before Christian gives him another fuck and a load of cum on his face.

34592_1 34592_12


Free video previews of Christian Wilde and Randall O’Reilly at Bound Gods available here and here.


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