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Officer Maguire uses and abuses a new punk Brendon Scott

Also at Bound Gods, a new punk endures crazy bondage and gets face fucked by Officer Maguire


Officer Connor Maguire has just caught perp Brendon Scott and quickly cuffs his hands behind his back. The muscled officer torments the prisoner’s nipples before giving Brendon’s big cock a beating with the crop. Bound in rope, Brendon is then tormented with the flogger before he is made to swallow the officer’s rock hard cock. Officer Maguire rams his cock deep inside Brendon’s tight ass while suspended in mid-air. After receiving a load of cum on his face, Brendon is brought down to the ground with a nightstick shoved up his ass until Officer Maguire milks a load out of the captive’s cock

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Free video preview from BadBoyBondage: ‘Latin Punishment Part 2’

After the flogging, Master Devon decides to get some pleasure out of his slaveboy. Joseph Rowland can barely get his mouth around the Master’s enormous cock, but once inside, Master Devon starts face fucking away.


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The Motivator – Part 4

By MetalbondNYC

A quick recap: It all started a few years back when I signed up for a personal training program. On just the second day when I worked out with Bryan, I was at the gym for more than four hours, and the workout not only included the actual workout, but being used sexually as well. In the locker room after the personal training session, that first week, I was subjected to bondage, forced nudity, discipline and humiliation — plus a very cruel and painful form of chastity. As I said, that was just the first week. Things got even worse from there. It was sort of like slipping down a rabbit hole. Or, as my buddy Mark would say, getting caught in quicksand.

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Tom is groaning with the musky taste of dick coating his mouth

Meanwhile at BreederFuckers, Tom mouths off at every opportunity he gets, but Dave teaches him to cherish every breath that he allows Tom to take. This is the only way this straight fucker can learn proper obedience and deference to the men who now own his body.


After the rope pulls insistently at his neck, Tom is left gasping, red-faced and grateful for any relief. He splutters and coughs while Dave enjoys the tight hairy crevice of his arse, pulling his fleshy cheeks apart to tease his hetero arsehole. His cock and plump balls are roped and fixed with a weight. His foreskin is clamped and attached by rope to his toes so that every time he strains in resistance he tugs painfully at the fleshy cowl of his cock. Bound by the most sensitive vulnerable parts of his body, Tom is rendered completely powerless while Dave slides his finger inside his arse first and then fills his hole with a fat fucking dildo.

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Trenton Ducati brutally fucks Joseph Rough


Trenton Ducati walks up to Joseph Rough, who is chained to the wall awaiting his master. Mr. Ducati torments the Joseph’s uncut cock and his tender nipples before shoving Joseph’s head down to swallow cock. Bound on stilts, Joseph is punished with the flogger as he struggles to keep his balance before clothespins pinch all down his torso. With his feet up in the air, Joseph presents his ass for Trenton as his giant hard cock plunges deep into Joseph’s hole. After making him eat his own cum, Mr. Ducati rewards Joseph with more cum all over his face.

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Meanwhile at Men At Play, XL hung straight stud Ronnie Bonanova has a brand new catch for his rough and twisted sex games — 25-year-old, blue-eyed Malek Tobias. But as you will see Ronnie doesn’t play the regular way, instead he prefers to tie up his men and fuck them in the back of his van. With Malek all tied up, Ronnie can be dominate completely and make him do whatever he likes — firstly he fucks his mouth with his massive 10-inch uncut cock until Malek gags from the sheer size of it. And when he’s had enough he will tear open his suit and fuck his tight hole like the straight thug that he is.



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