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The prisoner awaits Sir with a rock-hard erection


At Iron Lockup. Kneeling on the wetroom floor, mostly naked except for boots, a hood and his chains, the prisoner awaits Sir with a rock hard erection. Sir taunts the sub with a little cock and ball torture but what he really wants is to ram his cock deep inside the prisoner’s throat and make him choke on it. The prisoner only gets hornier and begins to eat Sir’s cock with hungry enthusiasm.

Here is a video clip:


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Alexander Gustavo’s Nightmare

At Bound Gods, Alexander Gustavo has been locked in a chest for days, but that’s a much safer predicament than what awaits: tasers, whipping and cattle prods.


Christian Wilde just finished a long graveyard shift, and now he needs to unwind. Lucky for Christian, he has a plaything awaiting him in his dingy apartment — Alexander Gustavo, locked in a chest. Christian wrests the abducted stud out from the chest and binds him to a cabinet. Alexander tries to resist the torment as Christian torments his vulnerable body. Christian painfully twists his prey’s nipples and crushes his balls with work boots before bringing out a taser, zapping Alexander’s pecs and balls. After a deep face fucking, Christian tears Alexander’s nerves to shreds as he traces a cattle prod around his balls before delivering a cruel shock of electricity.

37894_0 37894_2

Next, Christian ties Alexander over his bed posts where he takes brutal whipping and flogging. Christian then ravages Alexander with a fucksaw, pulling the trigger to full power. Now with Alexander’s hole prepared for Christian’s massive cock, Alexander takes a mean fucking over a web of ropes.

37894_8 37894_15



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Turning the tables on the teacher


At BrutalTops, sadistic schoolboy Master Lucas is being taught a boring school lesson by wormy sub and teacher elliott. The boredom of the class gets too much for Master Lucas, and he can’t resist the urge to inflict some damage on the idiot teacher. The handsome pupil grabs the teacher’s cane and orders him to strip. The feeble sub complies and is soon on all fours on the ground with the dominant Master leering over him and thrashing his ass.


The Master strips to show an impressive dick and skinny, lean body. He shackles the sub’s hands together and rams a massive dildo deep into the teacher’s mouth, which makes him ream. Then he restrains the teacher’s legs and connects the dildo onto a long pole, with which he proceeds to forcibly pump up and down into the cringing sub’s embattled hole. The sub looks defeated and very embarrassed and, when still lashed down and unable to move, the sub is sat on by the menacing young Master. Lucas rams his dick deep into his mouth and makes the sub splutter with a mouthful of pre-cum.



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