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Shock Collar Thugs

Check out these vintage pictures from “Shock Collar Thugs” at Brutal Tops:


His arse bright red from a recent thrashing, painpig is dragged in to be fucked hard by Master Darren. The young builder sticks his rampant tool up the bottom’s sore arse and begins happily thrusting away. The squealing sod can barely speak as Darren plows deep and fast into his arse. But Dave makes him describe his humiliation by giving him nasty slaps to the head.

Dave whips out his cock and demands to be serviced by the bottom’s slobbering mouth. This BJ rapidly turns into a throat fuck.

 Darren goes first, depositing tasty gobs of fresh sperm into the wretched bottom’s mouth. Ordered to swallow Darren’s mess, his mouth then receives another present, this time from the soldier Dave.

gay_bondage_Metalbond_01 gay_bondage_Metalbond_02 gay_bondage_Metalbond_03

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Cock Worship


Adam Russo gets tied up and worships CJ Madison’s massive cock in this vintage shoot at Bound Gods.


After some good old masturbation to a bondage novel, Adam Russo dozes off and ends up in a dark dungeon. Adam realizes that he’s tied up and rock hard. He can see a giant master stroking his monster cock in the distance. CJ Madison walks slowly toward the whimpering prisoner. He waves his massive cock near the dude’s mouth and hears him begging to worship his cock. With total domination, CJ got Adam in complete control. CJ beats the man for his pleasure and tosses him on the bed for a hard bondage fuck.

Adam_Russo_and_CJ_Madison_gay_bondage_03a Adam_Russo_and_CJ_Madison_gay_bondage_04 Adam_Russo_and_CJ_Madison_gay_bondage_05 Adam_Russo_and_CJ_Madison_gay_bondage_06 Adam_Russo_and_CJ_Madison_gay_bondage_07 Adam_Russo_and_CJ_Madison_gay_bondage_08 Adam_Russo_and_CJ_Madison_gay_bondage_09

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The heady stink of men’s genitals fills his nostrils

At BreederFuckers, Will was recently such a proud hetero dude and now look what he’s been reduced to! A submissive slut on his knees wearing only a tight little jock strap that can barely control his bulging cock and balls. Two cocks are presented in front of his face, and he must service them both. His innocent pink lips rub over the men’s purple helmets, the bum fluff on his chin gently teasing their shafts. Adrian and Dave demand more and more sucking and make him go deeper. The heady stink of men’s genitals fills his nostrils. Will is overwhelmed till his saliva is dripping down the men’s erections. They ram both their dicks into his gob, stretching his lips wide open.

Gay_Male_Bondage_breederfuckers_01 Gay_Male_Bondage_breederfuckers_02


This pathetic man’s oral skills aren’t up to scratch. He’s pushed on his back and strung up to the ceiling. Will is silenced as a ball gag is stuffed in his mouth. That perfect tight arsehole is so temptingly presented between the straps of his jock. He’s given an old-fashioned caning, making his perfect pale bum cheeks glow with red stripes. The tender soles of his feet are whacked, making him squirm in agony. Dave delivers a vicious blow, flogging his arse, making him nearly bite through his gag. With his arse being fully done over, his sphincter has closed up so tightly! Now this captive’s pristine hole make such a tight fuck as Adrian plunges his cock into him. Will’s proud heavy balls are secured in a humbler so tightly they bulge red and purple.

Gay_Male_Bondage_breederfuckers_03 Gay_Male_Bondage_breederfuckers_04


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Taken out of his cage to service cock

Here are shots from “Pack Attack 5: Shane Frost” at Hot House. Free video preview here.


The men stand around jacking off, teasing Shane Frost, who pounds on the bars of his cage; he wants to be in the middle of the pack sucking dick. Spencer Reed drags the horny pup (complete with a dog-tail buttplug) out of his cage and the men shove their hard cocks down his throat. Like a good dog, Shane works his way around the circle of meat, slobbering as he swallows every cock to the base. In a virtual feeding-frenzy, Shane greedily sucks two dicks at a time while the pack smacks his rosy ass cheeks, preparing him for what lies ahead.

MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_hot_house_02 MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_hot_house_03


Models in this shoot: Shane Frost, Spencer Reed, Trevor Knight, Cole Streets, Shay Michaels

Key words: Group Sex, Jockstrap, Leather Fetish, Oral Sex, Role Play, Tattoos

Free video preview of this scene here.

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Two slaves endure a grueling BDSM obstacle course

Who will win a face full of Christian Wilde’s jizz? Bound Gods proudly presents the Kink Olympics hosted by Van and Christian Wilde! Broadcast live, the Kink Olympics pits Slave #002 against #735 in a series of brutal and humiliating challenges. The slave with the most devotion and discipline gets the grand prize: A face full of Mr. Wilde’s hot cum

Christian_Wilde_Dylan_Knight_Scotty_Zee_gay_bondage_01 Christian_Wilde_Dylan_Knight_Scotty_Zee_gay_bondage_02 Christian_Wilde_Dylan_Knight_Scotty_Zee_gay_bondage_03

For the first challenge, the slaves must escape ropes around their wrists and ankles — and then undress while blindfolded. Next, they have to hold tight to an overhead bar as they take a vicious torrent of hits from the flogger. The slaves take turns sucking off Mr. Wilde, seeing which slut can bring him to the edge faster. Mr. Darkholme and Mr. Wilde take the slaves to a knotted rope and make them straddle it and move to and fro on the line. Each knot knocks their balls as they fight rope burns to make the best time. During an intermission, Mr. Darkholme fits each slave with an ice lock connecting their sack to a bowling ball. The slaves race again, this time circling the main platform on their knees dragging the bowling balls behind them — with a bucket in clenched in their teeth. After the race, the slaves must melt the ice locks — hands free — with mounted hair driers. The hosts take a tally of the points earned by the slaves, with #735 holding a slight lead. In return, he gets fucked by Mr. Wilde, who has #002’s loser face strapped to his ass. The slaves move to a row of a sybians and face one last challenge. With the scores close, whoever blows first while riding the sybian at full power wins it all and gets anointed by Mr. Wilde’s load.

Christian_Wilde_Dylan_Knight_Scotty_Zee_gay_bondage_04 Christian_Wilde_Dylan_Knight_Scotty_Zee_gay_bondage_05


Models in this shoot: Christian Wilde, Dylan Knight, Scotty Zee

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