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Max is turned into a bound cocksucker

Here’s another one from BreederFuckers.com. In this episode, paperboy Max is a right nasty little fucker. He swears viciously now that he’s tied him down to an upturned chair for discipline. Dave delivers bare-handed spanking, making Max moan beneath his gag. They are going to turn him into proper cock sucking whore with a loose sloppy arsehole if it means they have to beat his angry bum until it’s red fucking raw!

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Frat Boy’s Bitch Boy – Part 14

By Greg Alexander

After the ordeal with the itching gel, in fact, as I have explained, I finally began to quickly get most of the feet in the frat down my heart. I lay there, pinned down to the spanking bench, more and more piss flowing through the tube, through my piss gag, and into my mouth as the night wore on.

The screen on my laptop was never inactive for long. Through the grainy video feed, I could see guy after guy after guy after guy take his place in front of the urinal. As the hours passed, and as the beer kept flowing, they started staggering into the bathroom more visibly drunk, their stride more and more lopsided, their every movement more and more inebriated, but still they kept coming. And coming. And coming.

They were mostly frat guys, jocks, athletes, guys with popped collars, guys with backward baseball hats and sun glasses inexplicably still on, even though it was night and indoors . . . the types you’d expect to find at your typical frat party on our campus. I was sure there were plenty of girls, but of course, thanks to the signage the frat boys had left outside the bathroom, none of them were coming in.

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Video: Tough guys challenge each other with pain in the gym

Here’s another one from Daddy’s Bondage Boys. See below for a free video clip

Musclegod Colin Steele decides to train sexy Jessie Balboa in his torturous routine. After a bit of jockeying, they get to the first setup — a string of clothespins on each of them. The opponent decides where the biting clothespins go.

Here is a free video preview:


Title of this shoot: Gym Training Torment: Part 1

Models in this shoot: Colin Steele, Jessie Balboa

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Under the boot of Jared

Here’s another update from Dream Boy Bondage — scroll below the pictures and description for a video clip:

Jared orders his whipping boy to get down on his knees. After hours of torture, Matie is broken. He knows he must suck this man’s cock and pleasure him. But first he must suffer some more. “Lie down on your stomach!” Jared orders. He stomps the captive’s back wounds with his boots and sprays them with alcohol. Matie’s screams get Jared hard inside his jeans. “Back on you knees!” he commands, whipping out his erect cock and grabbing the prisoner’s hair. “Suck it!” he demands, pushing his encouraged cock deep down Matie’s throat. He fucks the stud’s mouth for 15 minutes then spews a huge load of cum all over the whip scars on his chest. Matie hopes against hope that he now will be released. But Jared’s lust is not sated. An ass like Matie’s must be beaten even harder.

Here is a video preview:


Title of this shoot: Matie – Whipping Boy – Part 9

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Russian Army soldier gets a cruel back whipping

Check out these pictures from the men of Rus Straight Guys Spanking:

Sanechek is a Russian Army soldier getting a cruel back whipping. The Russian Army has many ways of torturing a soldier, and back whipping is the hardest way. His hands are bound to the wall so that he will not have a way to escape and to avoid the torture. Master and his assistant are using the long whip for the soldier’s back. Despite his cries, exclamations and tears, the soldier accepts the searing layers of pain that wrack him wave after wave. The standing position delivers him more pain, with his back muscles tense. He’s in agony while the tormentors are in the process of scarring his back.

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A prisoner gets pummeled into the ground before blowing his load

Kaden Alexander submits to Sebastian Keys at 30 Minutes of Torment

Kaden Alexander has a body made for torment. He is warmed up on the wall with fast slaps, paddling and punches that get his big hard cock bouncing around as he bucks and writhes. Gagged an drooling all over himself in the pit, he is flogged mercilessly and deprived of air until he collapses to the ground, struggling and screaming under the barrage of harsh flogging. In the chair Kaden’s nipples, cock and balls are covered in unforgiving clothespins, with ropes binding him tightly in place as he is caned and tormented to his limits. Once he is free of his bondage this hot stud blows a huge load all over the dungeon and eats his cum like the filthy pain pig he is.

Models in this shoot: Kaden Alexander and Sebastian Keys

Title: Hot boy next door beaten into the ground!

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Video: Dumb jock in bondage

Here is another free hi-def video preview from the men of Dream Boy Bondage. This is what they say about this one:

“There is something about a straight jock that brings out the sadist in us. It’s not so much that Neill is cocky or arrogant. It’s not just that he has a rocking body. It’s his pure maleness, his bulging muscles and lack of brainpower, like he’s nothing but a primitive sex machine. We have to hurt him, treat him like a side of beef. Jared delights not only in turning up the voltage flowing into Neill’s pecs, but also savors announcing it in advance. The look of fear on that dumb but gorgeous face is priceless. Neill takes the abuse, like a kicked dog, and then takes some more. Jared plays with the stud’s cock and strokes his body like he owns it. Then, when he gets bored shocking the stud, Jared bolts him into a steel ankle and wrist bar, his naked ass up in the air just begging to be fucked. So he fucks it.”

Check him out. And be sure to view in full screen!


Title of this shoot: Neill – Dumb Jock – Part 2

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