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A prisoner gets pummeled into the ground before blowing his load

Kaden Alexander submits to Sebastian Keys at 30 Minutes of Torment

Kaden Alexander has a body made for torment. He is warmed up on the wall with fast slaps, paddling and punches that get his big hard cock bouncing around as he bucks and writhes. Gagged an drooling all over himself in the pit, he is flogged mercilessly and deprived of air until he collapses to the ground, struggling and screaming under the barrage of harsh flogging. In the chair Kaden’s nipples, cock and balls are covered in unforgiving clothespins, with ropes binding him tightly in place as he is caned and tormented to his limits. Once he is free of his bondage this hot stud blows a huge load all over the dungeon and eats his cum like the filthy pain pig he is.

Models in this shoot: Kaden Alexander and Sebastian Keys

Title: Hot boy next door beaten into the ground!

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Video: Dumb jock in bondage

Here is another free hi-def video preview from the men of Dream Boy Bondage. This is what they say about this one:

“There is something about a straight jock that brings out the sadist in us. It’s not so much that Neill is cocky or arrogant. It’s not just that he has a rocking body. It’s his pure maleness, his bulging muscles and lack of brainpower, like he’s nothing but a primitive sex machine. We have to hurt him, treat him like a side of beef. Jared delights not only in turning up the voltage flowing into Neill’s pecs, but also savors announcing it in advance. The look of fear on that dumb but gorgeous face is priceless. Neill takes the abuse, like a kicked dog, and then takes some more. Jared plays with the stud’s cock and strokes his body like he owns it. Then, when he gets bored shocking the stud, Jared bolts him into a steel ankle and wrist bar, his naked ass up in the air just begging to be fucked. So he fucks it.”

Check him out. And be sure to view in full screen!


Title of this shoot: Neill – Dumb Jock – Part 2

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A prisoner gets used as a human punching bag

Check out what happens at Russian Captured Boys:

In order to use the prison facilities of the torture center at Russian Captured Boys as best as possible, they began to keep especially dangerous criminals in it. The day routine of such dangerous prisoners entirely consists of torture. They do not know exactly what crime this offender committed, but they know the task precisely. Do not give him a single minute without suffering. They even hired a former Military Diversionist, who gladly agreed to their proposal. It is noteworthy, that after the confessions he cannot go back.


Title of this shoot: Especially Dangerous Criminal. Part I

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To Defile

By Bikermike

Defile (transitive verb) to befoul; to pollute or corrupt; to violate (Chambers 20th Century Dictionary 1983 edition)

I walked round, assessing what needed to be done. How long would it take? What instruments would I need?

I gave a few prods and punches to the object hanging there in the middle of the room. I suppose it could be described as a perfect specimen of masculinity, secured by chains from its wrists to an electric winch attached to a beam across the ceiling. It was naked except for a tiny pair of red lycra shorts that left very little to one’s imagination: if its penis became erect the shorts would be of little use as far as modesty was concerned.

This boy (for that’s what he was) was, I suppose about twenty five, six feet four with a swarthy complexion, zero crop hair and with about a week’s beard growth on his face. He also looked as though he had spent every day for the last eight years in the gym.

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Frat Boy’s Bitch Boy – Part 06

By Greg Alexander

By the time they got back, I was a mess.

The vibrations in my cock cage had caused me to involuntarily squeeze my muscles to pump my cock harder for god knows how many hours, despite the worsening ache in my dick that it caused. Unable to reach my cock, my pelvis was doing small involuntary thrusts to try to get relief. So much pre-cum had dripped onto the floor that it actually looked like I had taken a major piss. And all the while, I was compelled to bite down on Trevor’s salty flip-flop which served only to make the ache in my dick worse. Meanwhile, my entire torso began to ache, as my body strained helplessly, unsupported by anything, yet unable to even sag toward the ground, given how tightly stretched I was.

When at last the door opened, Trevor and Collin came in. One of them was carrying three six packs of coronas, and the other was carrying a bag of chips and a box I couldn’t see what was in the box. They set their supplies down next to the chairs, and then came over to examine me.

Trevor’s eyes immediately feel to the floor. “God! You’re dripping like a leaky faucet. What a fucking mess,” he exclaimed.

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Liam is tied up and turned into a personal fuck toy

At BreederFuckers, miserable moaner Liam is helpless to stop them from gobbing and pissing straight into his precious straight rectum. On his knees, Liam humiliatingly begs for his freedom. But they are only getting started! This hetero is going to learn how to become a desperate cocksucker. Dave presents his erection in front of his face, and he better keep his lips around it or his genitals will get a sharp cruel shock. If only Liam’s hard mates could see him now eagerly going down on a man’s shaft! Dave angrily pumps his face till Liam’s stomach contracts and he gags till he’s sick. A fresh load of sperm is shot in his mouth so his tongue is coated in cum and bile. After all that work, his arse has built up such pressure when the butt plug is removed a huge fountain of piss shoots out! Now he’s clean and loose for his fucking. Liam howls in pain as his arse is pummelled and truly ruined. The snivelling straight man has the honour of being their personal fuck toy.


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