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What’s at stake

At Bad Boy Bondage, Ryann Rucker has found himself a new play toy, this time in the middle of an abandoned public park in broad daylight. Bound to the ground, this captive is made endure sadistic practices of Ryann’s game of fetish.

Keywords: Outdoors, rope restraints, CBT, tattoos, mask, gag, flogging, twinks

Features: Ryann Ruckers, Damien Rage

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Turned into a dog by a dominant twink

Brutal Tops introduces horny new Master Aiden, who appears to viciously damage this pathetic sub.

gay_bondage_brutaltops_01 gay_bondage_brutaltops_02 gay_bondage_brutaltops_03 gay_bondage_brutaltops_04 gay_bondage_brutaltops_05

Slim, psychotic Aiden orders his sub to strip before tying him up and then lashing him like a dog and pulling him around. The worthless runt is defenceless to stop the mistreatment as Aiden rides on top of him and shackles a mouth gag onto his complaining gob. Then the Master tramples on the captive’s pathetic dick before pushing a dog-tail butt plug up his rear and riding him around again. Finally, the runt has to deeply suck the Master’s impressive dick – reaming on it as it jams into the back of his throat.



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Bound to a pole outdoors

At Bad Boy Bondage, Damien Rage is bound by lust! His new buddies want to satisfy their fetish for helpless sexy young men. After a night of heavy drinking, Damien finds himself in the most uncompromising position, bound to a light pole in a vacant park, He is more than freaked out…

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New site: Daddys Bondage Boys

Check out these images from Daddys Bondage Boys — a new site where daddy takes control!


Ty seems to have some cash — among other things — that doesn’t belong to him, and Master Vin has been given the task to get them back. It will take some persuading, but Vin is confident that he can hurt the information out of his new victim.

daddys_bondage_boys_02 daddys_bondage_boys_03


Title of this shoot: Start Talking Part 1

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Sebastian Keys dominates Kyler Ash

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In this shoot from Bound Gods:

On his knees, Kyler Ash (Slave #359) awaits his master’s command as the smacking of the riding crop fills the dungeon. #359 is ordered to strip down to his underwear before being bound to the wall. A barrage of punches wears the captive down as his giant cock swings back and forth. Mr Keys then breaks out the flogger before making his subject swallow hard cock. The hung slave finds himself dangling in mid-air as Mr Keys pushes him to the limit with another brutal flogging. With tight rope around his balls, #359 squirms in his bondage as a series of weights are added to the rope, tugging on his junk with every movement. After enduring relentless torment, #359 is rewarded with cock deep in his ass before receiving a mouthful of cum.

sebastian_keys_dominates_kyler_ash_02 sebastian_keys_dominates_kyler_ash_03 sebastian_keys_dominates_kyler_ash_04 sebastian_keys_dominates_kyler_ash_05 sebastian_keys_dominates_kyler_ash_06 sebastian_keys_dominates_kyler_ash_08 sebastian_keys_dominates_kyler_ash_09 sebastian_keys_dominates_kyler_ash_10


Title of this shoot: Slave boy with a giant cock submits to the whims of Mr Keys

Models in this shoot: Sebastian Keys, Kyler Ash

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