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What I like about Jared

For those of you who follow the Metalbond site, you will no doubt recognize Jared of Dream Boy Bondage, who is one of the most sadistic tormentors there. But this guy can also TAKE IT, as well. Check out this video clip:


See more of Jared, and the prisoners he works over when he is in control, by clicking through to Dream Boy Bondage – a site that has TWO new updates every Friday! Fuck fuck fuck! Gay bondage porn does not get any better than this, if you ask me.

Mr. Kristofer finds himself in a bit of a pinch

At Iron Lockup, Mr. Kristofer finds himself in a bit of a pinch. His nipples at least are.

NOTE: This is an “encore” posting featuring the one-and-only Mr Kristofer, when he visited Sir Pan at Iron Lockup a while back. Scroll down for more pictures and a free video preview. The Iron Lockup site has not been updated in a while, but I am told that Sir Pan will be adding more content in the future. Meanwhile, all the existing content is still there, including about a dozen videos of Mr Kristofer and many other models. So please show them some love and subscribe if you can. You might consider it your own personal contribution to keeping the gay bondage porn industry going. And if you click through to Iron Lockup from the Metalbond site, you get 40 percent off your first month.

Mr_Kristofer_gay_bondage_01 Mr_Kristofer_gay_bondage_02

Kris moans furiously as Sir rubs the nipple clamps off and reattaches them. Of course, he isn’t moving enough, so Sir starts to spank him HARD and all the extra movement is putting quite a bit of strain on those nipple clamps.

Here’s a free video preview of this particular shoot:


Keywords: Steel bondage, sensory deprivation, mask, nipple play, nipply clamps, predicament bondage

Models in this shoot: Sir Pan, Mr. Kristofer

For more of this shoot at Iron Lockup, click here

Mr Kristofer’s personal website is here

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Fun with rope

Check out this information about rope bondage starter pack 1 and the rope bondage starter pack 2 available from Mr S:


Once you have that rope, you can tie up a guy (a bonus if your guy is as hot as Jon Shield!):


And be sure to take care of your rope too!


See the large selection of rope available at Mr S by clicking here.




Video: A cop overpowers a cocky assailant and ties him up

See below for a free video clip. This is what happens in ‘Breaking and Entering’ at Daddy’s Bondage Boys:

In this series of events, cop Matt Stevens prevails over assailant Draven Torres, and he decides to deliver a little “street justice” to the intruder. He starts with something simple: clothespins. And something to hit them with. Here’s a free video clip:


Title of this shoot: Breaking and Entering: Part 6

Models in this shoot: Draven Torres, Matt Stevens

See more of this shoot here

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