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Video: Bradley is shaved and tortured on the rack

At Dream Boy Bondage, Bradley has been flipped over onto his back and strapped to the hinged wooden rack, his back arched and his lean abs sucked in seductively. The man behind the captive’s ordeal is obsessed not only with his beauty and huge cock but also his youth and innocence. He instructs Jared to shave off all the hair from Bradley’s torso – including his pubes. Jared eagerly complies – then sprays the resulting razor burns with alcohol! Bradley looks on in horror as he’s shaved clean – he knows this can’t be good! – and gasps in pain when Jared sprays his raw arm pits and pubic area with alcohol then smacks them with the crop. Still, he quietly absorbs this pain and humiliation, hoping, naively, that these men won’t hurt him too badly.

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Title of this shoot: Bradley – Dreams Come True – Part 4

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Video: Nikolai on the cross

As this episode begins, Nikolai has hung on the cross for seven hours. He is covered in sweat and clearly in pain, but he is such a fine specimen, has such athletic strength and stamina, he still manages to hold himself upright and breathe freely. Most fit, young men are near total collapse by this point. Some even need medical attention to avoid going into shock. Nikolai, by contrast, is in agony but still has full command of his body. He has seven more hours to endure – and you get to witness all of it, his remaining terrible, brutal, yet beautiful ordeal. Every fadeout represents the passage of an hour or more. I especially love watching this young wrestler during his last few hours crucified, as he sags in agony but manages to rally for a few moments. The cross, however, always wins.

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Video: Draven Torres and Matt Stevens in a bondage fuck

Here’s another one from Daddy’s Bondage Boys. Looking to stick this pig with something other than his nightstick, Draven Torres enters Officer Matt Stevens. The cop is not in a position to do anything but squeal, so the assailant pounds away until his needs are satisfied in a huge cumshot.


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Title: Breaking and Entering: Part 5

Keywords: Restraints, tattoos, hairy, fucking, cum shot

Models in this shoot: Draven Torres, Matt Stevens

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Video: RubCop in heavy rubber bondage

Check out this video from the men of Serious Male Bondage


This is the classic arms-down spread eagle bondage position with the added excitement of a heavy rubber suit. The guy in the rubber is RubCop from Recon, and he’s fully enclosed in his own diving dry suit. Normally his face would be the only part of his body exposed, but he is also wearing a nose-only heavy rubber anatomical hood. So as a result, the only parts of his body exposed are his nostrils! This is complete nirvana for any rubber guy, but with the addition of institutional restraints and a vibrator, this scene is over the top. Hot!



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