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Torture Twink

See below for one more video clip from Dream Boy Bondage

Jared is getting cocky, again, satisfying his horniness by seducing a random twink he sees at the mall. Curtis was excited when a tall, muscular, strikingly handsome man sits down next to him in the food court and strikes up a casual conversation. He can’t believe his luck when the guy offers to give him a ride home. Once in the car, Curtis agrees to go home with the guy for “a drink.” Then things get murky. Curtis remembers feeling dizzy and confused after a few sips of his Captain and Coke, then feeling his clothes being removed. Now he’s bolted to a concrete wall, blindfolded and gagged, naked but for his briefs. He’s alone, in total darkness. Then he feels a hand on his body. Days of torture and sexual exploitation have just begun.

Here is a free video preview:


Title of this shoot: Curtis – Torture Twink – Part 1

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Trained to please his master

Here’s another scene from Dream Boy Bondage — see below for a free video preview!

Dirk Wakefield is a classic kept boy, spoiled, arrogant and free-loading. Today, all that changes. He has been sent to us to be trained, to be turned into a true slave. This young man will learn that he exists to please his master, that he is an object of desire, a sex toy, and nothing more. He is strung-up and stripped naked. Then his days of torment are described in full detail. He argues and complains until he is gagged. Then he is stripped naked and receives 100 lashes, first with the flogger, then with the single-tail whip. One-hundred lashes. And, trust us, this is just the beginning.

Here is a free video clip:


Title of this shoot: Dirk Wakefield – Kept Boy – Part 1

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Pictures and video: Strapped to a steel ladder wearing ass-less briefs

Check out this recent scene from the men of Dream Boy Bondage — with a free video preview below:

Matie has been turned around and re-strapped to the steel ladder. He is still naked but for his tiny, assless briefs, which frame his butt-cheeks beautifully. His ass is a true dancer’s ass, so taut and firm the cheeks barely touch, two globes sculpted by a thousand hours of training. His shoulders are broad and his waist narrow and tight. In other words, he must be whipped. Jared, stripped to the waist, with a simple but sexy leather harness framing his powerful chest, is more than happy to provide the whipping such a back and ass demand. He starts out slowly, methodically, and then speeds up, leaving Matie gasping and trembling, almost hysterical. Jared then applies the violet wand to the fresh wounds and cuts the briefs away, leaving the boy completely naked and shaking in pain and fear. Jared is just getting warmed up.

Here is a free video preview:


Title of this shoot: Matie – The Whipping Boy – Part 3

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Jared puts his balls on the line

Arrogant stud Jared is chained on his back naked — and an unbelievable amount of weight is hung from his balls. At Dream Boy Bondage. See below for a free video preview clip — Do not do this at home.

Dream_Boy_Bondage_Jared_severe_testicle_torture_01 Dream_Boy_Bondage_Jared_severe_testicle_torture_02 Dream_Boy_Bondage_Jared_severe_testicle_torture_03 Dream_Boy_Bondage_Jared_severe_testicle_torture_04 Dream_Boy_Bondage_Jared_severe_testicle_torture_05


Many have asked when cocky, arrogant Jared will be punished. The time has come. He has, once again, gone too far, scarring and damaging beautiful, young Noah to the point that he will need weeks of recovery – and will not be able to be sold to one of our favorite slave-collectors who had expressed interest in buying the prisoner, but now says he doesn’t want “damaged goods.” So, today, Jared sits naked on a small torture table, cocky as ever. They are going to do more than torture him. They are going to torture his balls. Do not do this at home. Jared is a special man with an extremely high pain tolerance.

Dream_Boy_Bondage_Jared_severe_testicle_torture_06 Dream_Boy_Bondage_Jared_severe_testicle_torture_07 Dream_Boy_Bondage_Jared_severe_testicle_torture_08 Dream_Boy_Bondage_Jared_severe_testicle_torture_09



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New ‘Loose Wrists’ video by Cazwell features a hot guy tied to the bed

And he’s gagged too. This catchy tune is the latest from Cazwell. The bed bondage starts at approximately 1:40:

“We have a president that wants to take us off of the census and a vice president that believes shock therapy will cure gayness,” The rapper told towleroad.com. “At the end of last year, I vowed to be as gay as possible with my music and videos.”

Article here.